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From a post left on this website from 2020: "All I've ever wanted to know, but was afraid to ask".

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Our school has a rich history of videotapes and audio cassettes, recorded over a long period of time beginning in the late 1970's, and continuing until this present day. Added to this are the literally dozens upon dozens of audio recordings made by the Co-Founder of the Institute, Dr. Carl F. Gross, beginning in the late 1950's, and continuing through the 1970's. In the process of digital audio enhancement we here at the Pasadena class have restored many of the lectures of Dr. Henry C. Kinley, the Institute's Founder.
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We have hundreds of taped lectures going back to 1980, and many of these have been digitized onto our Youtube Channel.


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A second Video Channel by the Pasadena Class can be found here.


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