Pasadena’s Charts Through The Years

The Migratory Chart, also known as the Moses Chart, has been in continuous use in the Pasadena class since the school first opened on Jan. 1st, 1978. 


Here is Dr. Glenn W. Kinley in front of this chart from 1978, which Dr. Kinley himself had painted circa 1975-’77.


Here is the Pasadena class choir from 1979. Note the Migratory or “Bird’s Eye View” chart at left, and the Pasadena long chart behind. 


Top of the Pasadena Long Chart showing the Days of Creation. This chart originally painted by Dr. Glenn Kinley was a shorter version of the 40 – Plate Chart which hangs to this day in the Los Angeles class. Dr. Glenn Kinley had rolled it out at the Founder’s feet in 1975 and got his permission to go ahead with painting it. The only correction that Henry C. Kinley asked Glenn to make was the addition of a black line below the Days of Creation, to differentiate between them and the tops of plates painted below. This black line extends to the left of the chart underneath where Moses is depicted atop Mt. Sinai with a break showing the everpresence of Yahweh Elohim with the Children of Israel. 


The break can be seen in this photograph of the chart at 811 E. Earlham St. in Pasadena from the mid-’80’s. 


Here you can see the black line more clearly as well as the break, in this section of the chart showing the Descent of Adam and Eve out of the Garden (a descent trek), the building of, entrance into, and the lamb sacrifice carried out by Noah and his sons after, the Ark settled on Ha-Arath (an ascent trek). At right is where the break takes place where you see both Moses and the 70 Elders seeing Yahweh Elohim in Incorporeal Shape and Form atop Mt. Sinai. 

Class members of the Pasadena Choir standing at right of the Crucifixion Chart. At center left is Juan Lamonte (Monty) Kinley, one of R.P. Kinley’s sons, playing drums.


This picture was taken at the Ramada Inn sometime in 1981 or ’82.


The Institution and Fulfillment Chart, also known as the Crucifixion Chart, was originally painted by Dr. Robert Stemmer and gifted to the Pasadena class in 1978.  


In 1980 the Pasadena class visited Brand Park in Glendale, CA to hold an open-air class. At top left is the Man Made In The Image of Elohim by the Pattern of the Tabernacle chart. 


This chart, originally painted by Dr. Carl F. Gross, was also painted by Dr. Glenn Kinley c. 1976-’77.


Above: a picture from 1980 showing Dr.’s Glenn and Lupe Kinley at 1633 E. Washington Blvd. in Pasadena. The chart shown behind them is the Mystery of Iniquity as it operates through the Ages and Dispensations. At right is the old Ages and Dispensations chart, showing the chronologies and genealogies as recorded in the King James Bible


Above: at 811 E. Earlham St. in Pasadena. For a time (c. 1981-’83) the class used the garage as a meeting place, and you can see the Pasadena Long Chart hanging there above some paneling behind. 


Class members at 811 E. Earlham with the old Ages and Dispensations chart behind. 


Dr. Glenn Kinley in front of the Pasadena Long Chart during a visit by Los Angeles IDMR visitors at 811 E. Earlham, 1985, in the newly opened (as of Jan. 1st 1984) main class building. 


Dr. Donald Kinley, one of Dr. Henry C. Kinley’s grandsons, at the Earlham class in about 1985.


Dr. Roger Jackson of the Los Angeles class during a visit in 1985-’86.


Dr. Rachel Kinley in the Earlham classroom, about 1985. Behind her is the newly painted Ages and Dispensations chart.


Pasadena’s Charts At Various Assemblies And Vacations

Pasadena IDMR class in the Giant Forest, Sequoia Nat’l Park, 1980. Dr. Kinley is standing in front of the Migratory Chart.


 Sequoia Nat’l Park. These two pictures were taken during the first class there. Summer 1980.


An Oakland IDMR class member during the PIDMR Assembly and Vacation in Rosarito Beach, Mexico in 1981. Behind her are two of the Pasadena class charts.


Rosarito Beach, 1981. Dr. Renard Vine in front of three of the Pasadena class charts.


Dr. Glenn Kinley at the Lazy River Lodge in Kernville/Lake Isabella CA, summer 1984.


Dr. Barry Ward at the Pasadena Assembly and Vacation in Kernville 1984.


Dr. Roger Babin 1984 moderating, with the Migratory and Crucifixion Charts behind.


Pasadena class visit to the San Diego Branch of IDMR, 1984.


Dr. Lupe Kinley at the San Diego class 1984.


Dr. Glenn Kinley at Puddingstone Lake Reservoir 1985.


Dr. Glenn Kinley during the PIDMR Assembly and Vacation in Big Bear Lake, CA 1985. 


Dr. Glenn Kinley at the 135 N. Rosemead Blvd. class 1990.


The Pasadena IDMR Long Chart Pictures

Fig.1: Showing the descent of Adam and Eve in the Garden, to the Flood and Abrahamic Promise, to the flight of Moses out of Egypt and the appearance of Yahweh Elohim to him at the Bush that Burned With Fire, to the Panoramic Vision and Revelation given to Moses and the Seventy Elders in 2510 A.M.


Fig. 2: Showing the Exodus out of Egypt in 2510 A.M. (1490 years from the Crucifixion of Messiah), to the building of the Tabernacle with all of it’s furnishings compared at right with the Tabernacle of Man, to the Supernal Nature plate, to the Conception and eventual sojourn of the young Messiah into Egypt and the vision given to Yōsef of Herod the Great’s death while there.


Fig. 3: Showing the road back out of Egypt to the Immersion of Messiah on the bank of the Yordan River, to the Fulfillment Ministry of Yahshua the Messiah, to the Death, Burial, Raising Up as a Quickening Spirit and Ascension of Yahshua, and the Outpouring of His Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost in 4000A.M. as well as the persecution that followed.


Fig. 4: Showing the persecution of the Sons to the Death, Burial and Resurrection of Yahshua reconfirmed with Simon Kepha, to the Mystery of Iniquity plate.


Fig. 5: Showing the Carnal Ordinances Restored and Mystery Babylon to the  Death, Burial and Resurrection of Messiah reconfirmed with Saul the Apostle, to his Ministry amongst the Gentiles, to the Universal appearing of Elohim and the dissolution of this current creation and it’s return back into Elohim (the High Priest).


The Original Moses Chart Also Known As The ‘Bird’s Eye View’ Chart

This chart was painted by Dr. R.P. Kinley, son of Dr. Henry C. Kinley, in the early 1950’s. “Shortly after the Forty Plate Chart was finished, the same year, while still living at the same address, Dr. Kinley said to R.P.: “There ought to be a way to make a chart that would give a “bird’s eye” view of the purpose of YAHWEH manifested in sacred history, as it correlates the Vision of the Creation given to Moses; the events that took place by the Patriarchs; and the Revelation given to John to confirm Moses and the Prophets.” One night, soon thereafter, R.P. went to bed with what his Dad had talked to him about, and had a dream as to how to do this chart. The next morning, R.P. took a piece of canvas that was left over from the Forty Plate Chart, and drew and painted the First Moses Chart. When Dr. Kinley came home from work that evening, R.P. laid the chart out on the dining room table and showed it to him and asked, “Is this what you were talking about?” Dr. Kinley, with a very pleased look on his face again, as he looked at the chart said, “Yes R.P., that’s it!” This Chart was painted on a relatively small piece of canvas, but Dr. Kinley used it in the classes he taught” (taken from the Biography Of Dr. Henry C. Kinley Founder and Universal Dean of the Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research, Inc. written by Dr. Glenn Kinley and Students of the Pasadena PIDMR © 1994). 


By 1959 the Moses Chart had lettering added to it, as the original one pictured above had none. (Taken from the same work quoted above, to be found in the Links 1 section of this site IDMR – PIDMR Documents). Dr. Kinley had drawn inspiration from the Apostles who had charts (called in Greek chartes) to assist them in teaching people (2Tim 4:13: “Bring the cloak that I left with Carpus at Troas when you come—and the books, especially the parchments”). Parchments is the word that the KJV Bible translators used to render chartes, and this word was used only once in the entirety of that version. Anciently chartes could be used to describe any lambskin, goatskin, deer-hide or cow-hide which had been tanned. Typically these were used in the creation of the large rolls or scrolls used to write out sections of the Law, Prophets and various Writings (i.e. Psalms, Proverbs, Songs of Solomon). Above image ibid. Biography.


The original Man Made In The Image Of God By The Pattern Of The Tabernacle chart, painted by Dr. Carl F. Gross. “This Chart was also done by Dr. Carl F. Gross. During these times, classes kept growing in number and class members in Springfield would gather at the home of Dr. Kinley, to convoy to classes in whatever city they were being held in. This Chart, like the others, was to illustrate the things that Dr. Kinley taught by showing how the Tabernacle, built by Moses, and the vessels therein, correlate to the Tabernacle of Man and the organs therein. It was suggested by Dr. Glenn W. Kinley to Dr. Carl F. Gross, that on this Chart, he paint the parts of the body overlaying the vessels of the Tabernacle, that it demonstrate and prove unerringly that Man is created in the Image and Likeness of YAHWEH-ELOHIM. Dr. Gross did as was suggested, and this Chart was the fifth one that was used to teach classes. After a few years of constantly teaching, even in his home, Dr. Kinley announced that he wanted members of the School to, as he put it, “begin to get your feet wet by starting to teach classes.” He went on to quote the words of the Apostle Paul, “Every man ought to be able to give a reasonable answer of his faith in YAHWEH” (ibid. Biography).



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