The October 7th Attacks Within Israel By The Controlled-Opposition Group “Hamas”

Above image appeared in the immediate hours after attacks by Hamas had commenced within Israel. However this disappeared the same day and was replaced by the phrase ‘terror attacks’ across all platforms within the mainstream news media because of Israel’s links to the original 9/11 attacks in NYC, which have been well-documented in the alternative news for years. For that information refer to American Empire 2 on this website. 

Bitchute Video: “NETANYAHU IS ON THE RECORD SAYING THAT 9-11 WAS “GOOD” FOR ISRAEL”. Posted 10-26-2023 by killuminati13420. This was originally aired in the immediate days after attacks on the two Towers in NYC, with Netanyahu (head of the Likud party at the time), stating that “your enemies are our enemies”. Whereas it was a U.S. Govt-Mossad operation to frame mostly fictitious Muslims with remote-controlled jet aircraft painted grey that were sent into the towers on 9/11 with no passengers in them. So I guess what this moron was saying is that the U.S. Govt and Mossad were our actual true enemies? Seems correct…

Youtube Video: “Mossad Could Stage False Flag Attack On US” – Said US Army One Day Before 9-11″. Posted 11-14-2023 by The Jimmy Dore Show. In this video Jimmy breaks down a report authored by US military. A must watch as not one day later the Mossad was involved in the pre-planned destruction of the Twin Towers which at the time were owned by the Jewish man Larry Silverstein.

From Educate Yourself: Former Italy President: “9-11 Was CIA/Mossad Operation”. Article published on or about 4-15-2009. ” [Editor’s Note: April 15, 2009. Thankfully, there are a few political figures of international repute –in Europe at least– who are willing to tell the truth about the monstrous act of betrayal that took place on September 11, 2001 in New York City and Washington DC. I stated that 911 was an Inside Job in the early morning hours of September 12, 2001 in a series of back and forth e-mails with Jeff Rense and posted a statement to that effect on September 23, 2001 on my NWO Overview page. It was completely obvious to anyone who still possessed a brain and was aware of the NWO agenda and of the fifth columnists within our government who are helping to install that agenda.


In the months and years following Sept. 11, 2001 it became clear through diligent research who exactly was responsible for the “terror attacks” conducted on that date. More in Amer Emp2 on this site.

Video: “New American Century”. From 2007. Deals with the rise of the mostly Jewish “Neo-Cons” and other elements of the Bush administration, and the blame placed on Osama Bin Laden often without any evidence given.   This film goes in detail through the untold history of The Project for the New American Century with tons of archival footage and connects it right into the present. This film exposes how every major war in US history was based on a complete fraud with video of insiders themselves admitting it. This film shows how the first film theaters in the US were used over a hundred years ago to broadcast propaganda to rile the American people into the Spanish-American War. This film shows the white papers of the oil company Unocal which called for the creation of a pipeline through Afghanistan and how their exact needs were fulfilled through the US invasion of Afghanistan.

From Ryan Dawson: Ryan Dawson 911, Iraq, PNAC , All roads lead to Israel -the short version. Article published 2005 or so. A must read article, Ryan has done his homework on the 9/11 attacks.

From Real Jew News: THE MOSSAD’S INFILTRATION OF AMERICA By Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright 2008-2010. “THE MOSSAD PRIDES ITSELF ON DEEP infiltration & penetration into every ‘Muslim’ militant group in the world. Thus any media-hyped ‘terrorist’ attack reported by the Jewish occupied press is doubtless a Mossad operation.  All of the Mossad-engineered ‘terrorist’ attacks benefit the Jews since it galvanizes the Western world into making Israel’s enemies their own – and gives Israel a free hand in dealing with the Palestinians who are looked upon as enemies of the world. The infiltration of the Mossad into the US political & military infrastructure had its greatest impetus in the 1980’s during the Reagan & Bush Sr administrations. 3 Zionist Jews with close ties to the Mossad held influential offices in the Pentagon during this period”.

Above from

Bitchute Video: “STOP BEING A SHEEP & WAKE UP ISRAEL IS LYING ABOUT EVERYTHING”. Posted 10-18-2023 by World Orders Review. More on the hoax of 9/11 and what it lead to. 

Bitchute Video: “The Five Dancing Israelis 9-11-2001 Our Purpose Was To Document The Event”. Posted 9-9-2023 by philosophers stone. Yes these Mossad operatives were observing the pre-planned destruction of the twin towers.

Bitchute Video: “The Man Who Solved 9/11 – Christopher Bollyn”. Posted 4-24-2023 by Media Giant. An interview of Christopher by Adam Green of Know More News (

A cartoon by Brazilian artist Aroeira published in January 2019 in the O Dia newspaper, featuring Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (L) and Brazil’s president, Jair Bolsonaro, in a hug with their arms held in the shape of a swastika. (Facebook via JTA). This was not hype, as even the Brazil press saw through the Nazified antics of Netanyahu back then. 

Breaking Developments

From INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTICE. Press Release No. 2023/77. 29 December 2023. The Republic of South Africa institutes proceedings against the State of Israel and requests the Court to indicate provisional measures. “THE HAGUE, 29 December 2023. South Africa today filed an application instituting proceedings against Israel before the International Court of Justice (ICJ), the principal judicial organ of the United Nations, concerning alleged violations by Israel of its obligations under the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (the “Genocide Convention”) in relation to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip”.

Youtube Video: “Genocidal intent: the case against Israel”. Posted 12-31-2023 by The Grayzone. The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate address the basis for South Africa’s invocation of the Genocide Convention against the state of Israel, and discuss the clear evidence of genocidal intent expressed by Israeli military leadership.

Full 84 page petition to the ICJ: APPLICATION INSTITUTING PROCEEDINGS. To the Registrar of the International Court of Justice, the undersigned, being duly authorised by the Government of the Republic of South Africa, state as follows.

Bitchute Video: “Israel Gaza War ICJ Court Horrifying Reality of Gaza’s Catastrophe Revealed in Court Testimony”. Posted 1-13-2024 by Kim Iversen. Watch the full opening remarks.

Youtube Video: “BREAKING: ICJ rules in favour of South Africa on Israel GENOCIDE”. Posted 1-26-2024 by DoubleDown News. The International Court of Justice rules 15-2 in favour of South Africa. This is the World’s Most Documented Genocide & the world is watching. Carried out by the fake-ass democracy called “Yisrael”.    

Bitchute Video: The Myth Of Israel’s Democracy”. Posted 1-5-2024 by The Chris Hedges Report. With Ilan Pappé.

   Video: “The Jewish Murder Machine”. Posted 12-2023 by The Real Jew News. “We all knew as kids that Israel was a military dictatorship, not a Democracy. Talmudic through and through”. Brother Nathanael knows his people well – too well in fact. This was the first time we’d ever heard of “Netanyahu takes his orders from the Generals”.    

So Why Did Israel Attack The Gaza Strip Recently? Why Would The Racist Apartheid State Of Israel Risk Being Exposed For The Murderous Regime That They Really Are With Worldwide Condemnation For Their Attacks On Gaza? It Has To Do With Billions Of Dollars Of Oil And Natural Gas Being Discovered Off The Coast Of Israel-Gaza. This Is A Good Place To Start – Always Follow The Money Trail…

The UNCTAD in 2019 released a study which identified “sizeable reservoirs” of oil and natural gas in Gaza and offshore. This is from Middle East Eye. “The conflict has effectively frozen plans to revive a $1.4bn natural gas project that could have been a win-win for Israel and the Palestinians”. Article published 11-15-2023 by Seyed Hossein Mousavian.

Also here:

2019 UNCTAD Report: The unrealized potential of Palestinian oil and gas reserves. 8-28-2019.

Youtube Video: “Roger Waters & Abby Martin On Gaza Genocide”. Posted 11-12-2023 by Empire Files. Roger gets into the subject of oil and gas being found offshore in Gaza. The Israelis being accused of genocide? It’s NOT the first time. The reality here is that the modern-day Israeli military have become the “New Nazis” employing the same ethnic-cleansing schemes that Germany was accused of in the 1940’s.

Youtube Video: “U.K. Prime Minister’s Family Raking In BILLIONS From Gaza Oil”. Posted 11-2023 by The Jimmy Dore Show. Details a deal made by the current PM of Great Britain’s father to make $$ off of Gaza oil, even before it’s drilled and extracted.

The Zionist Support For The “Terror Group” Hamas Or, Controlled-Opposition In Israel

*Note: as is the case with many modern governments there is usually a mainstream party and an opposition party. The mainstream is often painted as “good” while those in an opposition party are painted as “bad”. Both parties go onstage in front of the media and act like they are against each other but then afterwards dine at the same restaurants and hang out in the same clubs. Israel is no different. Hamas was created and financed by the Israeli state in 1987 to be an opposition party to counter the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), with its leaders being treated in Israeli hospitals. Until that time and afterwards to 2006, it was the PLO’s “role” to be the opposition to Israel, and it’s leader Yasser Arafat became rich because of it (his wife living in a luxury home in Switzerland and in Cyprus). Since 2006 Hamas is now the official ‘opposition’ to Israel.  

Banned Video: “Zionist Support For Hamas”. Posted 11-12-2023 by Greg Reese. This is a good primer into the subject of Israel’s financing of Hamas.   

Bitchute Video: “Ron Paul Israel created Hamas 01-09-09”. Posted 10-10-2023 by Trooper Buddy. A C-SPAN video of Ron Paul in the Senate.

From The Intercept: BLOWBACK: HOW ISRAEL WENT FROM HELPING CREATE HAMAS TO BOMBING IT. Hamas wants to destroy Israel, right? But as Mehdi Hasan shows in a new video on blowback, Israeli officials admit they helped start the group. Article published 2-19-2018 by Mehdi Hassan and Dina Sayedahmed.

Bitchute Video: “Max Igan True Satanic Evil in Plain Fucking Sight! [7-11-23]”. Posted 7-11-2023 by Kim Osbol Copenhagen Denmark.  

Bitchute Video: “WWIII Israel Hamas False Flag Attack (Freudian Slip)”. Posted 10-9-2023 by Demon Hunter. This video delves into the subject with some detail about Hamas’ role as ‘opposition’ to the Israeli state.

Bitchute Video: “HAMAS IS CONTROLLED OPPOSITION”. Posted 10-11-2023 by World Orders Review.

Bitchute Video: “The definition of terrorism is Israel, they create and control every terrorist group you see”. Posted 10-13-2023 by Zionist Global ft. Jimmy Dore.

Bitchute Video: “ISRAEL KNEW Operation ‘Jericho Wall’ Document Detailed Hamas Attack OVER 1 YEAR IN ADVANCE!!”. Posted 12-4-2023 by Press 4 Truth. Serious charges against the Israeli militaristic state.

Bitchute Video: “The Mystery Of Israel – SOLVED By David Sorensen”. Posted 10-18-2023 by Jim Fetzer. Explains why the Israeli military “stood down” on Oct. 7th and allowed the attacks to happen.    

Youtube Video: “YES They Actually Created & Funded Their Enemy”. Posted 10-20-2023 by The Jimmy Dore Show. Jimmy breaks down why the Israelis created Hamas.

Bitchute Video: “Hamas are the ultimate ‘controlled opposition'”. Posted 11-2-2023 by philosophers stone. Features Ismael Haniyeh.

  Youtube Video: “BOMBSHELL: Israel Intelligence Chief Says The Quiet Part Out Loud!” Posted 12-21-2023 by The Jimmy Dore Show. Ami Ayalon former head of Israel’s Shin Bet secret service, spilling the beans on what is really going on in the ‘Unholy Land’ with Hamas.

The “Supernova Music Rave Party” Massacre 10-7 Through 10-8-2023

What was broadcast by Main Stream Media (afterwards to be called the MSM) was that Hamas terrorists shot up festival goers and their cars trying to flee the event on 10-7-2023. This was broadcast by every MSM outlet from CNN to CBS and etc. In some cases actual footage from reporters embedded WITHIN Hamas captured the shootings, reporters from AP, the NY Times and others who had advance knowledge of the attacks and accompanied the terrorists during them. If you are wondering HOW these reporters were able to send their footage out of Israel/Gaza which has a heavy internet embargo going on, they used satellite phones and satellite dishes similar to those used by militaries. *Note: recently the Israelis have admitted that “20%” of the casualties of the festival and from surrounding kibbutzim were from ‘friendly fire’. The ACTUAL TALLY from both video footage and eyewitness testimony is much greater, approximately 65-70% of Israeli civilians were killed by the IDF. Scott Ritter believes that 80% of those killed on Oct. 7th were killed by the Israelis:

Youtube Video: “Scott Ritter: 5,000 IDF permanently disabled, Israel flees Gaza in fear”. Posted 12-31-2023 by Gacha Gaming.

Bitchute Video: “NWO media – 260 bodies found dead at music festival site after Hamas attack”. Posted 11-9-2023 by AntiNWO. A section of CNN’s video taken in the hours after dark on 10-7 and 10-8-2023.

Youtube Video: “How the Supernova massacre unfolded, according to analysis of eyewitness and terrorist video”. Posted 11-2023 by NBC News. This was footage from the rave party from Oct. 7th. “Just after dawn on Oct. 7, Hamas militants attacked the Supernova music festival in southern Israel, murdering at least 260 festivalgoers and taking an unknown number of hostages. NBC News has compiled testimonials from survivors, detailed satellite imagery of the aftermath and video from the attack itself to piece together a comprehensive timeline of the deadly assault”. This was before it was revealed what really happened that day, so this report is pro-Israel propaganda.

Bitchute Video: “Israel Music festival hoax crisis actor duping delight”. Posted 11-10-2023 by Zionist Global. Make no mistake, Hamas DID shoot up this festival, but in this Fox News segment we see an actor clearly showing signs of “Duper’s Delight” where they smile and even giggle at lying to people. Whether this person was actually at the festival is unknown. CNN is notorious for this kind of thing. 

CNN video of crisis actor David Hogg practicing his lines. This was in the immediate aftermath of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting on 2-14-2018. Hogg originally lied saying he was at the school but afterwards revealed that he actually wasn’t:

Bitchute Video: “Fox News Caught Using Crisis Actor as a Palestinian ‘Militant’ Supposedly Coming into Israel”. Posted 12-2023 by Pirate Pete. More Fake News coming out of Israel. The fellow ‘captured’ at the border is afterwards seen to be changing out of the clothes he was wearing…

So then, was Hamas solely responsible for the 260 fatalities at this rave party? The answer will shock you. The Grayzone was one of the first in the US to expose what really happened between 10-7 and 10-8-2023, they getting their information from the Hebrew publication Ha-aretz which was one of the outlets that broke the story first. What followed after was an avalanche of information exposing the Israeli military as being largely responsible for the deaths at the Supernova rave festival. Hamas fighters were apparently on WhatsApp during the attacks and were told not to flee when the Israelis began flying over the crowds trying to disperse from the event as it would make them “stand out” as terrorists. What about the hundreds of Israeli civilians who fled and were subsequently cut down/blown up by IDF helicopters? Of the “1000” dead Israelis from the first two days of the attacks, how many were killed by indiscriminate shooting by the IDF?

Bitchute Video: “Israel Killed Its Own Citizens On October 7th”. Posted 11-7-2023 by Earth Newspaper. The Israeli military was ordered to go into areas where Hamas militants were known to have infiltrated and kill everybody.  

Bitchute Video: “Israel False Flag – Apache Helicopter Footage From Supernova Music Festival”. Posted 11-8-2023 by Banned Youtube Videos. In this footage released to the world’s media, we see what are US-made Boeing AH64 ‘Apache’ helicopters targeting any and all people at the Supernova festival, many of whom were desperately running or driving away from the rave party, indiscriminately firing without even TRYING to determine whether those that they were shooting at were terrorists or concert-goers. One thing that was made abundantly clear from this released footage is that the numerous blown-up and burned cars and SUV’s found at the exits to the festival were destroyed by missiles fired from these Apache helicopters, which makes the Israeli military accessories to the murder of it’s own civilians.

Aftermath of the gunning down of Israeli citizens by their own military in Israel. Compare this to the February 26–27, 1991 attacks by coalition military forces on Iraqis leaving Kuwait in what the media called a ‘highway of death’, also shot up by aircraft and AH64 Apaches (below): 

Youtube Video: “BREAKING Crucial Evidence Israel Shot Its Own Civilians On Oct. 7th, RFK Sounds Like NeoCon”. Posted 11-10-2023 by The Convo Couch. More on the shootings of civilians and possibly some terrorists from the event.


Video: “VIDEO Graphic new footage shows aftermath of music festival massacre by Hamas militants and IDF”. Posted 10-7-2023. IDF soldier as he advanced through a Coca Cola pavilion on the afternoon/evening of Oct. 7th. Dialogue in Hebrew.    

Bitchute Video: “AFTERMATH OF THE SUPERNOVA MUSIC FESTIVAL MASSACRE-2”. Posted 10-9-2023 by Dramdan. Shows the wreckage of vehicles that were shot up/blown up by IDF helicopters. It appears that at this point a bulldozer or some such had cleared the road of wrecks by simply pushing them out of the way.

Banned Video: “Hostage Reveals Israelis Were Murdered By IDF, Not Hamas”. Posted 10-16-2023 by The American Journal. More on Israeli fratricide of their fellow countrymen.   

Youtube Video: “More Evidence Israel Shot At Own Civilians w Ryan Cristian & Don Debar”. Posted 11-11-2023 by The Convo Couch.

Youtube Video: “IDF Engaged In ‘Friendly Fire’ On Oct. 7th”. Posted by The Grayzone. 

Youtube Video: “Grayzone reporting on Oct. 7th vindicated”. Posted by the Grayzone. More on the killings of Israeli civilians by the IDF. 

Youtube Video: “Israel BURYING Burned Cars They Attacked On Oct 7th!” Posted 12-2-2023 by The Jimmy Dore Show. Just like what the US did after demolishing the Twin Towers in NYC, shipping the rubble to China to be melted down.

Bitchute Video: “Israel False Flag IDF attack helicopter shooting at Israeli citizens”. Posted 12-15-2023 by AntiNWO. An Uncaptured Media video with two soldiers trying to act as aid workers during the assault on kibbutzes.

Youtube Video: “Israeli General killed Israelis on Oct. 7 and then lied about it, with Ali Abunimah. Posted 1-6-2024 by The Electronic Intifada.  

Youtube Video: “Oct 7 Music Festival Attendees SUING Israeli Military For Failing To Protect Them”. Posted 1-7-2024 by The Jimmy Dore Show. The myth of “Israeli Invincibility” on full display, especially when your own government LET IT HAPPEN. Sad indeed…

In response to the ICJ’s acceptance of a case of Genocide being leveled at the Zionist state of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu has authorized a website to be put up on the Internet called “HAMAS MASSACRE” which intends to show pictures and video from the attacks of Oct. 7th and 8th which Israel is using to justify it’s murderous rampage across the Gaza Strip.


Youtube Video: “Blockbuster Israeli report exposes Oct 7 friendly fire orders”. Posted 1-22-2024 by The Grayzone. Features the above website.

Of particular interest to this section is a part of the website called Music Festival in Re’im:

Hamas Massacre Music Festival in Re’im.

You will notice that the photographs taken were after the attacks had ceased, mostly at night of Oct. 7th – 8th 2023. You will also notice that Jewish dead are wrapped in body bags to be buried and the Palestinians were simply loaded on trailers. What you will ALSO NOTICE are the pictures of charred bodies and automobiles which could only have been burned up like they were from being fired upon by Hellfire missiles from AH-64 Apache helicopters. Clearly the deceitful Zionist gov’t of Israel is trying to infer that Hamas had blown these cars/bodies up, which is a LIE. At this festival the title page reads: Murdered 1200+  Injured 6000+. The question anybody can ask, is BY WHOM? Hamas who had mostly small arms during the invasion, or the IDF who had “shoot to kill” orders and this would have included their own civilians using any means necessary incl. Hellfire missiles.  

The Israelis have been using deception in their warmaking for 70+ years. One of the simplest tricks they have used: attack an enemy first and then blame the enemy for retaliating afterwards, as being the ‘instigator of the fight’. The Hebrew text is: ha mossaed merkazi le-modiin ule-tafkidim meyuhadim “The Institute for Intelligence and Special Tasks”. 

Bitchute Video: “Israel’s Hasbara State-Controlled Propaganda Machine”. Posted 10-10-2023. This video delves into the deceit and trickery employed by the state of Israel to portray itself favorably in a world that is increasingly waking up to it’s unrighteousness and intolerance. 

Bitchute Video: “By Way Of Deception (Victor Ostrovsky – Ex Mossad) Full Speech 1995”. Posted 10-30-2023 by Media Giant. The ex-Israeli agent spills the beans (as of the early 1990’s).

Book: By Way of Deception. Written by Victor Ostrovsky and Claire Hoy St. Martin’s Press
New York 1995.

Another Lie Spread By Israel & The World Media – 40 Dead Babies

After a couple of days had passed following the assault from Gaza into Israel, a story appeared and was soon debunked, about Gazan terrorists “beheading and burning babies”. A question should be asked right here: why would the Jewish government of Israel willingly LIE about events which have transpired within it’s own borders? The answer can be found in Biblical times with Yahshua the Mashiyach speaking to the a group of Jews: John 8:44: “You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature; for he is a liar, and the father of lies” (NASB). For this reason Yahweh had caused verses to be included in the Scriptures which deal with the issue of Jews specifically LYING. From Hosea 11:12: “Ephraim surrounds Me with lies, And the house of Israel with deceit; Judah is also unruly against God, Even against the Holy One who is faithful” (NASB). 

From CNN: Babies and toddlers were found with “heads decapitated” in Kfar Aza, Netanyahu spokesperson says. Article published 10-11-2023 by CNN’s Lauren Izso and Mostafa Salem. “Babies and toddlers were found with their “heads decapitated” in Kfar Aza in southern Israel after Hamas’ attacks in the kibbutz over the weekend, Tal Heinrich, a spokesperson for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said on Wednesday”.

Bitchute Video: “40 Babies Murdered In Israel By HAMAS!”. Posted 10-11-2023 by Papas Bar – The Deiter Knittel Show. This was the results of the lie spread by Israel that Hamas had murdered 40 babies in a settlement. This woman outright buys into the Fake News and repeats it without checking any of it for accuracy…another Jewish Hasbara propaganda piece.

This Israeli State Lie even caught Piers Morgan who afterward denied having reported it:

Bitchute Video: “Piers Morgan Busted Lying About 40 Beheaded Babies, Then Pretended He Never Said It”. Posted 10-19-2023 by EyesCatchLies. Piers lying to a man about the 40 babies then a clip of him saying it on air.

Bitchute Video: “Look How Israel Desperately Needs To Brainwash You”. Posted 11-25-2023 by EyesCatchLies. More on Israeli propaganda concerning 40 babies.

Youtube Video: “Ben Shapiro Tweets Out FAKE AI IMAGE As Proof Of Atrocity!”. Posted 10-20-2023 by The Jimmy Dore Show. Here Craig Jardula exposes a photoshopped image of a ‘dead baby’ posted online by the nutcase pro-Israel supporter Ben Shapiro. 

  Bitchute Video: “Looks all staged Don’t believe anything that comes out of Israel”. Posted 10-11-2023 by Zionist Global. The first part of this video deals with paragliders roaming into Israel, then the shot-up and burned-out vehicles destroyed by the Israeli military (supposedly done by AK-wielding terrorists), then goes to an i24 news reporter at the “scene” of an attack which “killed” 40 babies. Watch carefully as the narrator exposes the numerous anomalies in her reporting. A similar case of fake news can be found with the Sandy Hook school shooting with officers standing around, some with hands in pockets, doing next to nothing and showing no signs of grief. A classic “false flag” event.  

Here is the fellow who first told of 40 babies being beheaded and burned, meet the extremist Jewish settler David ben Tsyion, source of the i24 fake news report.  

Bitchute Video: “Biden LIED About Beheaded Babies, Personally Seeing Pictures Among Israeli Victims Report”. Posted 10-13-2023 by levtcs. This report was from The Hill who acknowledge that Biden never saw any pictures or video from the staged event, yet got up before the American public and lied about it.  

Bitchute Video: “33 years TO THE DAY since The Nayirah testimony we hear about the dead 40 beheaded Israeli babies”. Posted 10-17-2023 by Cloverfield. This was not a coincidence people.…-Cloverfield-2022-10-17-22-Bit.mp4?rlkey=4bac30tny79clasv7q3n5xenk&dl=0 

Bitchute Video: “HOW ZIONISTS ARE USING ATROCITY PROPAGANDA TO INFLUENCE YOU”. Posted 10-12-2023 by Anti-Disinformation. Stew Peters interview of Keith Woods.

Bitchute Video: “Joe Biden Invokes 40 Dead Baby Story From Israel”. Posted 10-13-2023 by Salty Cracker. This was from Salty’s Bitchute channel.

Bitchute Video: “How Media Purposefully Amplified Fake Stories To Start A War”. Posted 10-14-2023 by Anti-Disinformation. Very important video to watch as Israel repeatedly relies on dubious stories with no proof offered, to wage it’s demonic war on Gaza.

Bitchute Video: “Haaretz Debunks Horror Stories From Oct 7th”. Posted 12-2-2023 by The Jimmy Dore Show. The once “official narrative” of the 40 dead babies has been debunked by Israel’s major newspaper. Bet you won’t hear a peep out of the corrupt U.S. news media about it.…-jimmy-dore-12-2-23.mp4?rlkey=hbe1qivwhrsshyekql1p14itg&dl=0   

Because of Joe Biden’s failure to condemn the killing of Palestinians in this conflict, because of his constantly parroting Israeli talking points, because of his repeating the lies of the “260 dead concert goers” and the “40 dead babies”, and because of his failure to halt arms sales to the Israeli regime, Old Creaky Joe has picked up a new nickname – Genocide Joe. Biden’s approval ratings have been sinking all year, and plunged further because of this, recently down to 34%, putting him on-par with George W. ‘Baby Bush’ Bush and James Carter.     

Bitchute Video: “Genocide Joe label drags Biden down”. Posted 11-26-2023 by tailgunnerjim. The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate discuss Biden’s faltering poll numbers as his party base reacts with disgust to his full-throated support for Israel’s assault on Gaza. They also featured interviews with rabid pro-Israel people like Rep. Jamie Raskin D. Maryland.

Youtube Video: “Gaza Is Joe Biden’s War and this is Vietnam”. Posted 1-1-2024 by the Grayzone. Unlike Vietnam which was the sole creation of the ‘military industrial complex’ and then-President Lyndon B. Johnson, this modern day Vietnam is the results of Jews within the White House apparatus pushing a nearly senile Joe Biden into promoting the conflict at his own expense (and the US taxpayers).

Youtube Video: “Pro-Israel billionaires vs. academic freedom”. Posted 1-9-2024 by The Grayzone. Although this may seem like being off-topic, Jewish influencers at the Congressional level have wielded immense clout when dealing with current and past U.S. Presidents and the current “Resident” of the White House is no different. Both Biden and Donald Trump have legions of Jewish staffers working for them and this is reflected (especially with Creepy Joe) in their at-times bizarre, nonsensical and irrational policies which ANYONE can see are gross violations of human rights taking place right under their noses. 

Yet Another Lie Spread By The Israeli Gov’t: Mass Rapes Carried Out By Hamas On Oct. 7th

From the NY Times: ‘ Screams Without Wordsʼ: How Hamas Weaponized Sexual Violence on Oct. 7. A Times investigation uncovered new details showing a pattern of rape, mutilation and extreme brutality against women in the attacks on Israel. Article published 12-28-2023 by Jeffrey Gettleman, Anat Schwartz and Adam Sella. This hit-piece written by 3 Jewish authors, approved by the pro-Israel Jewish Ochs-Sulzberger family with Arthur Sulzberger as publisher and Mark Thomson as Editor-in-Chief, seeks to demonize the controlled opposition group Hamas for what the article said was “A two-month investigation by The Times uncovered painful new details, establishing that the attacks against women were not isolated events but part of a broader pattern of gender-based violence on Oct. 7″. However despite the dangerous anti-Palestinian rhetoric contained in this article, NO PROOF of any such thing as “mass rapes” occurred on Oct. 7th of last year, but is merely a rehashing of Israel’s government’s claims to date.

Youtube Video: “NY Times Oct 7th Hoax Exposed”. Posted 1-4-2024 by The Grayzone. More on the NY Times slander on Hamas. Yes Hamas did kill dozens upon dozens on that date but the Israelis have taken an opportunity to lie on them since.

Youtube Video: “NY Times weaponized Hamas rape story is a fraud, Ali Abunimah debunks it”. Posted 1-6-2024 by The Electronic Intifada. Ali breaks down the false claims put forth by the Zionist gov’t of Israel.

Youtube Video: “Israeli victims’ families denounce NY Times Hamas ‘rape report'”. Posted 1-8-2024 by The Grayzone. Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate discuss the latest blow to the credibility of the New York Times’ sensationalistic report alleging that Hamas systematically employed sexual violence as a weapon on October 7. This is not by accident, as the NY Times has been a ‘mouthpiece’ of the corrupt Zionist regime in Tel Aviv for decades.

Youtube Video: “NY Times LIED About Oct 7th Rape Story”. Posted 1-18-2024 by The Jimmy Dore Show.

Why Would Modern-Day Rabbinic Jews LIE SO MUCH? The answer can be found in the “Holy Books” they constantly refer to…namely the unrighteous and demonically inspired Babylonian Talmud.  

 Youtube Video: “THE OTHER ISRAEL”. Posted 9-25-2012. Original film by Ted Pike. Examines the various Talmudic doctrines which have shaped Judaism through the centuries.

From Rense: Talmud Encourages Jews To Deceive. By Rev. Ted Pike 10-11-2010. What kind of religion sanctions deception and immorality for the sake of political goals? Orthodox Talmudic Judaism. The Babylonian Talmud encourages Jews to cheat and deceive Gentiles whenever necessary!

From Real Jew News: Satanic Verses of The Jewish Talmud by Brother Nathanael Kapner. “The Talmud supercedes the Old Testament in authority for the Jews. And the Talmud is the most racist, hate-mongering , blasphemous book the world has ever known. The Talmud was written in Hebrew between the 3rd & 6th Centuries as a codification of the so-called Oral Law that the Jewish rabbis claim was handed down from Moses”. “The ‘goyim’ [Gentiles] are not humans. They are beasts.” (Baba Mezia 114b). “Sexual intercourse between the ‘goyim’ is like intercourse between animals.” (Sanhedrin 74b)…and this is why people like Harvey Weinstein (and countless others) have preyed upon Gentile women, for in their eyes they were nothing more than beasts (a shiksa in Hebrew).

The Talmud Unmasked: The Secret Rabbinical Teachings Concerning Christians By Rev. I. B. Pranaitis. A very eye-opening work on the Talmud and its secretive teachings on the Messiah and Christians. The author delves deep into texts that have been, since the 16th century, often amended, edited and abridged to hide Judaism’s real views on Yahshua. “Towards the end of the 16th century and at the beginning of the 17th, when many famous men undertook diligently to study the Talmud, the Jews, fearing for themselves, began to expunge parts of the Talmud which was published at Basle in 1578 has been mutilated in many places. And at Synod in Poland, in the year 1631, the Rabbis of Germany and many other countries declared that nothing which would annoy the Christians and cause persecution of Israel, should be printed. For this reason there are signs of many things missing in the Jewish books which were published in the following century and thereafter. The Rabbis explain from memory what these things mean, for they possess the genuine books which Christians rarely see”.

Bitchute Video: “AMALEK 10 MINUTES EXPLANATION By Jews To Destroy The White Race”. Posted 1-27-2024 by philosophers stone. This mixing of the Biblical narrative, Rabbinic false doctrine and hearsay requires some mental gymnastics to get through. The bottom line is that the White and Black races must die. Spoken by true White Supremacist Jews.

This is the answer to the above question of why Rabbinic Jews lie so much…when your whole religion is based upon the falsehood that the Messiah has not come yet, its all downhill from there descending into myth, fable and irrational doctrines which cause invented self-worth and delusions of grandeur.    

Israel’s Inherent Racism And Cultural/Religious Hatred Of Others

Bitchute Video: “Israhell On Earth” (original documentary). Posted 12-5-2023 by Defending Gibraltar. Film made back in 2006 – 2008 or so. This documentary will enrage you. It covers basically the history of the rise of a predominately European Ashkenazi Jewish state in Palestine and the ethnic cleansing which has resulted. Interviews several people who have been victimized by the Israeli apartheid system.

Banned Video: “Zionism and the Creation of Israel”. Posted 10-20-2023 by Greg Reese. Tracing the often sordid history of Zionism back to the days of Shabbethai Sebi (or Zevi) to today’s modern Israeli state is not hard to do…

From the Washington Post: Israel’s new justice minister considers all Palestinians to be ‘the enemy’. Article published 5-7-2015 by Ishaan Tharoor. “One of the terms of the alliance was that Netanyahu would tap Bennett’s de facto lieutenant, Ayelet Shaked, to be the next justice minister. This is a move not without controversy. Shaked is known for her strident (some would say extremist) views regarding Palestinians and the enfeebled Israeli left. In July, in a controversial post on Facebook, the then-member of the Knesset posted the text of an article by the late Israeli writer Uri Elitzur that referred to Palestinian children as “little snakes” and appeared to justify the mass punishment of Palestinians living under Israeli occupation. The post has since been deleted, but an archived version remains”.

From The Electronic Intifada: Israeli lawmaker’s call for genocide of Palestinians gets thousands of Facebook likes. Article by Ali Abunimah 5-8-2015. “It is a call for genocide because it declares that “the entire Palestinian people is the enemy” and justifies its destruction, “including its elderly and its women, its cities and its villages, its property and its infrastructure”.

From Fakebook (oops Facebook): AYALET SHAKED RANT ON FACEBOOK 7-1-2014. Text in Hebrew.   

Bitchute Video: “Serve The Jews Or Die In The Name Of Zion”. Posted 4-17-2020. What the Rabbis and others REALLY THINK of non-Jews. A very well put-together video. Demonstrates the satanic underbelly of Rabbinic Judaism.

Bitchute Video: “RABBI YOSEF MISRACHI 6 BILLION GOYIM DON’T DESERVE TO LIVE”. Posted originally by Demon Hunter 12-31-2022. 7-1-2023 by Sergeant Major. Another anti-humanity Jew who instead of being in a position of authority, should be in a mental asylum somewhere.

Bitchute Video: “ISRAEL IS A RACIST SUPREMACIST STATE”. Posted 10-13-2023 by Anti-Disinformation. What the title of this video fails to mention, is that the modern state of Israel is predominately Ashkenazi WHITE supremacist.

Bitchute Video: “Israeli IDF Reservist Instructing The Genocide Of All Palestinians”. Posted 10-14-2023 by Connect the Dots. A rabidly nasty Jewish man.

Bitchute Video: “Gaza Genocide The True Face Of Zionism”. Posted 10-17-2023 by The Last American Vagabond. Video starts with racist and murderous quotes from prominent Jews in Israel.  

From LIST OF INTRNATIONAL LAW VIOLATIONS BY THE STATE OF ISREAL. “The state of Israel has violated many international laws, including United Nations Resolutions and the Laws of War and Occupation as stated in the Fourth Geneva Convention. Below is a summary of some of those violations. Much of the fact sheet was taken from the Israeli Law Resource Center (ILRC). Related articles and laws by the ILRC are linked below”. No true assessment of Israel’s treatment of Muslims in it’s midst, and members of Christian religions, can be undertaken without examining the decades of Israel’s high-minded refusal to submit to international law.

From Palestine Online: Golda Meir: Mother of Israeli Apartheid, Children killer.  The Golda movie presents events and a perspective aligned with Israeli propaganda. Article published 9-16-2023 by PO. This is for a film due to be released in 2023. “One of Golda Meir’s famous quotes is, “Every morning, I wake up hoping not to find a single Palestinian child alive.”

Bitchute Video: “The World Is Beginning To See The True Face Of Zionism & Apparently The Collective West”. Posted 10-15-2023 by The Last American Vagabond. The hypocrisy and blatant war-mongering from both the Israelis and some governments in the West has reached epidemic levels, as people now see through the iniquitous Jewish regime of Israel.

Twitter Video: “Another footage of Israelis spitting on Christians in front of a church in the Old city of Jerusalem”. Posted 4-15-2023.

Bitchute Video: “Jewish Kabbalah Zohar 125b, Exterminate All Non Jews”. Posted 10-22-2023 by World Orders Review. An exposé of the Jewish Talmud and Zohar and the dangerous devious rhetoric contained within them.    

Bitchute Video: “Is Palestine one of the first ‘experiments’ for what the Globalists intend for the rest of us?” Posted 11-2-2023 by philosophers stone. I believe the answer is yes, and they are using Israel, China and Europe as models on how to proceed. It’s divide and conquer all over again, the old Roman motto divide et impera.

Bitchute Video: “Zionist to pro-Palestinian Jews – Hitler made a mistake, he should have put you in the gas chambers”. Posted 11-3-2023 by VOAT. Another example of a rabid anti-humanity Jew. 

No Mr. Chaim Richman, the Mashiyach of Yisrael Yahshua brought Salvation and an End to the Ceremonial Law of Moses and by His sacrifice ushered in this present Age of Grace. All that you and your kind have done is spread religious and cultural demonic iniquity amongst mankind, and conflict via endless wars. Above image from

Bitchute Video: “President Harry Truman – Zionist Jews did not want some of Palestinian lands, they wanted all of it”. Posted 11-16-2023 by philosophers stone. This demonstrates that Washington DC had a hand in creating the Israeli state.

Bitchute Video: “President Richard Nixon On The Jews”. Posted 2-11-2023 by Andkon’s Reich EarthNewspaper. This recording of Nixon tells the truth about how the US viewed them at the time, not like today.

Bitchute Video: “Jimmy Carter tells the truth about Palestine, Peace not Apartheid”. Posted 4-21-2021 by Earth Newspaper. From an interview conducted by MSNBC’s hardball.   

Bitchute Video: “Chief Rabbi of Israel Temple Movement Calls for Genocide of all Muslims and Christians”. Posted 11-20-2023 by Joseph Brunner. This is not all – they want members of any religion which does not follow their made-up “Noachide Laws” to be killed.

From The Jewish Virtual Library: Jewish Concepts: The Seven Noachide Laws. The Noachide Laws are seven laws considered by rabbinic tradition as the minimal moral duties required by the on all men. While Jews are obligated to observe the whole – 613 commandments, every non-Jew is considered a “son of the covenant of ” and he who accepts these obligations is considered a righteous person who is guaranteed a place in the world to come”. Did not Yahshua the Messiah make the following statement in Matt 15:3: And He answered and said to them, “And why do you yourselves transgress the commandment of God for the sake of your tradition?” (NASB). 

From the 1961 publishing of IDMR’s Textbook, we find the following:

From The IDMR: The Present Dispensational Peril of the Jew. Written by Dr. Henry C. Kinley.    

  Bitchute Video: “Chosen Israeli Kids Choir Sing For Genocide In Gaza”. Posted 11-21-2023 by Plazma. This is the notorious “Friendship Song 2023” released on 11-21-2023 by The Rosenbaum Communication. This was effected by using Israeli schoolgirls to sing about what they intend to do in Gaza – ‘within one year it will be empty’. What the hell ever possessed the Israelis to release something this egregiously bad at this time, defies logic. The fact that they produced such blatant propaganda using children makes this utterly disgusting. Shame on Rosenbaum Communication.

Odyssee Video: “Mia Khalifa & Abby Martin Confronting Israel’s Racism And Propaganda”. Posted 11-23-2023 by The Empire Files Abby Martin.

Bitchute Video: “Obama Advisor’s Insane Racist Tirade Caught On Video MULTIPLE Times”. Posted 11-23-2023 by The Jimmy Dore Show. Features video of the Jewish man Stuart Seldowitz, a former advisor to Obama, going around NYC harassing and spewing hate at various push-cart vendors. “Jews come get your boy ’cause he’s effing up everything right now”.

Bitchute Video: “Ex-Obama Advisor Stuart Seldowitz Arrested For Hate Crimes”. Posted 11-24-20 by Gil. Once arrested, Stuart doesn’t have much to say… 😄.…-Gil-11-24-23-Bit.mp4?rlkey=enrzaon2pa84eff019werahzn&dl=0

  Bitchute Video: “The Tantura Massacre”. Posted 12-6-2023 by Anti-Disinformation. This film, which actually won awards, exposes the hateful and demonic antics of IDF soldiers back in the late ’40’s to 1960’s as they BOAST about killing Arab Palestinians, raping their young daughters and women, expelling them from their ancestral lands and burning down their homes/farms. Absolutely disgusting behavior by the “patriots” of Jewish Zionism.

   Bitchute Video: “IDF Soldiers HATE Palestinian Children Gleefully Smashing Toys”. Posted 12-10-2023 by Demon Hunter. Also contains several quotes made by prominent Jewish heads of state and Rabbis concerning their hatred of Palestinians. A must-watch.

Bitchute Video: “Rabbi Mask Off Moment on Christians and Muslim Orchestrated Conflicts”. Posted 12-3-2023 by carsonclee. A confused Rabbi talks about Christian-Muslim conflict like he really knows what that is. 

Youtube Video: “German Abbot told to cover his cross by Israeli guard during Jerusalem tour”. Posted 1-6-2024 by MiddleEastEye.

Youtube Video: “Norman Finkelstein: Israel’s Genocide Defenders ‘Live In Jewish Supremacist Bubble”. Posted 1-6-2024 by Katie Halper.

 From Vimeo: “Flipping Out”. This film featured on the Vimeo platform, and available for purchase at $10.00, is a documentary of the literally thousands of ex-Israeli soldiers who have journeyed to the Himalayas in India to get away from their bad experiences in the Israeli army, though drugs and alcohol. There is some evidence that the Zionist government supports this, and when ex-soldiers arrive they are given drugs that are illegal elsewhere in India, including cocaine.

Some Of The War-Pigs Supporting Israel

Youtube Video: “My Job As Senator Is To Defend Israel! Says Chuck Schumer (w/ Dennis Kucinich)” Posted 2-7-2024. Here we see a War-Pig by the name of Charles “Chucky” Schumer at an appearance before AIPAC, date unknown. Chuck Schumer was voted CAGW War Pig of the year for 2016.

Bitchute Video: “Dumb Biden-Stein Supports Israel!” This was released on the same day as the Hamas attacks on Israel from Oct. 7th, 2023. A couple of War-Pigs at a White House press briefing, War-Pig in Chief Creepy Joe Biden and the Jewish seared-conscience Antony Blinken. 

Bitchute Video: “Confronting Pro-Israel Senators Ahead Of Israel Funding Vote”. Posted 2-8-2024 by Code Pink. The Genocide Enablers are out of the closet. Here are some more War-Pigs. Oink!

Youtube Video: “Black Sabbath – War Pigs [Lyrics] HQ”. Posted 2018. From 1970’s Paranoid album. Watch the lyrics onscreen, especially at the end.

A Video And Document Time-line Of Hamas’ Attacks Within Israel

The Month of October 2023

Bitchute Video: “Hamas INVADES Israel! Here’s What’s REALLY Going On!!”. Posted 10-7-2023 by Dr. Steve Turley.

Bitchute Video: “al-Aqsa Flood Hamas Attack Was NOT Unprovoked”. Posted 10-7-2023 by debess. The official name for these attacks within Israel were ‘Al-Aqsa Flood’.  

Bitchute Video: “Palestinians Have A Legal Right To Armed Resistance To Israeli Colonialism by Ben Norton”. Posted 10-9-2023 by Earth Newspaper.

Banned Video: “David Icke – what’s REALLY happening in Israel”. Posted 10-8-2023 by David Icke.

Bitchute Video: “Thirst For Genocide Israel BLOCKS Food, Water and Electricity to Millions Of Palestinian’s Gaza Homes”. Posted 10-9-2023 by Tim Truth. A short video showing the IDF cutting water off. 

Video: “Hamas militants kill Israeli soldiers in Gaza 22 locations”. Posted 10-9-2023. Footage of Hamas driving around with IDF soldiers which have been recently slain, more of them pulling an IDF tanker out of his tank, etc. This was taken on Oct. 7th on the first day of Hamas’ ground invasion. 

Bitchute Video: “AMERICAN TAX DOLLARS AT WORK IN ISRAEL, IF YOU SUPPORT THIS YOU SHOULD BE MADE TO LOOK AT THE RESULTS”. Posted 10-10-2023 by 99 Percent. A video of an airstrike in Gaza.

Bitchute Video: “JUST IN-Drone footage of Gaza city has been released by Bloomberg”. Posted 10-10-2023 by Wardo. Just days after the 10-7 attacks N. Gaza has been reduced to rubble.  

Bitchute Video: “World War IMMINENT Israel Declares War on Palestine as Washington Calls For Iran To Be Destroyed”. Posted 10-10-2023 by The Red Elephants – Vincent James.

Bitchute Video: “The Extremist Israeli Gov Has Been Waging War On Palestine For Decades & All Civilian Lives Matter”. Posted 10-10-2023 by The Last American Vagabond.

Bitchute Video: “Hamas openly thanked Ukraine for selling them weapons”. Posted 10-10-2023 by thebigawakeningQ. A video in Arabic.

Bitchute Video: “As Gaza Recovers From Real Attacks, CNN Stages Fake Ones”. Posted 10-10-2023 by debess. More of CNN’s stupidity.

  Bitchute Video: “Israel Continues To Genocide Muslims in Gaza, Blacking Out Area To Kill Many Press, Women and Children”. Posted 10-11-2023 by Tim Truth. More on the official Israeli gov’t destruction of Gaza and it’s inhabitants.

Bitchute Video: “What The Western Media Doesn’t Show You About Gaza”. Posted 10-11-2023 by Earth Newspaper ft. Abby Martin.

Bitchute Video: “Hezbullah released footage today of it’s attack against Israeli soldiers and assets in retaliation”. Posted 10-11-2023 by Liberum. Israel has also begun attacking S. Lebanon trying to keep a ‘two front’ war going.

From Rense: Sodom And Gaza Firestorm Derives From Sins Of The Israelis. Article published By Yoichi Shimatsu Exclusive To Rense 10-11-23. “Today’s Israel and the Jewish enclaves of California, New York and London are morally and ethically defiled wastelands of self-indulgence, petty greed and drug dependency…collapsing under their own moral lethargy and therefore no longer worth defending by Christian goyim. There is no longer a path to moral redemption from vice, only another step into the hellish inferno. It’s happened before, just open the Bible to Jeremiah and Isaiah, the prophets who condemned the Jews for being their own worst enemy, thereby opening the fiery gates to dispossession
and enslavement by the likes of the divinely-appointed Nebuchaznezzar, instigator of the Babylonian captivity; Shalmanezer the Fifth, the wolf of Assyria; and Emperor Titus, the liquidator of Jerusalem”.

From AA.Com: No single square-meter in Gaza is safe, warns Oxfam official. ‘It’s a collective punishment for 2.2 million Palestinians in Gaza,’ regional manager of Oxfam tells Anadolu on what’s happening in Gaza. Article published 10-12-2023 by Burak Bir. “In an interview with Anadolu, Mustafa Tamaizeh, Economic Justice Programme Manager at Oxfam, who is based in Ramallah, stressed that the deteriorating situation in the Gaza Strip has become “a real catastrophe”.

Bitchute Video: FURIOUS Israelis Shout Down Bibi LIVE On TV”. Posted 10-12-2023 by Breaking Points w/Krystal & Saagar. Features clips of angry Israelis going off on gov’t officials. Yes this kind of thing goes on but you’ll never see it on the propagandized US media.   

Bitchute Video: “FALSE FLAG WE JUST HAD ANOTHER 911 INSIDE JOB IN ISRAEL AND EVERYONE IS FALLING FOR IT AGAIN”. Posted 10-12-2023 by Anti-Disinformation. There are striking parallels between 9-11-2001 and 10-7-2023. 

Image of Gaza City in the days after Israel’s over-the-top retaliation. 

Bitchute Video: “What about the babies in incubators whose life support has been turned off”. Posted 10-13-2023. Interview with a looney-tune pro-Israel supporter. This Jewish man highlights the utter mental imbalances of modern day Israeli society, the near lunacy of it. These people belong in mental institutions.

Bitchute Video: “Israel-Palestine War First Plane With US Weapons Arrives in Israel”. Posted 10-13-2023 by levtcs, from a DNA-India video.

Video: “Israel uses white phosphorus in Gaza, Lebanon video”. Posted 10-13-2023. Some footage of WP (willy pete) fired as artillery shells into Gaza and Lebanon. This munition was used by the US in the First Gulf War in the early 1990’s.

Bitchute Video: “Killed In Gaza By Israeli Bombing 140 kids, 11 UN staff, 30 UN School Pupils & 4 Israeli Hostages”. Posted 10-13-2023 by The Last American Vagabond.

Bitchute Video: “The Extremist Israeli Gov Has Been Waging War On Palestinians For Decades & All Civilian Lives Matter”. Posted 10-13-2023 by The Last American Vagabond.  

From The Seattle Times: CIA Reports Contained General Warnings of Potential Gaza Flare-Up. Article published 10-13-2023.

From UN says it needs ‘more time’ to investigate Israel’s use of white phosphorus in Gaza. HRW says it verified videos showing multiple airbursts of artillery-fired white phosphorus over Gaza, Lebanon on Oct. 10-11. Article published 10-13-2023 by Beyza Binnur Donmez.

Video: “Palestinian man, son attending funeral procession shot dead in West Bank by Israeli settlers and soldiers”. Posted 10-13-2023 by USA Crime.

Video: “Colonial Israeli settler shoots Palestinian man in Masafer Yatta, south Al-Khalil”. Posted 10-13-2023 by USA Crime. That’s all these Zionist bastards can do, run around killing the defenseless.

Bitchute Video: “Israeli War Propaganda, Fulfilling Prophecy, & Hastening Moshiach”. Posted 10-14-2023 by Know More News w/ Adam Green. This video reveals how “Christian Zionists” are cheering for the destruction of the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem so that the “2nd Temple” (third, fourth, fifth, not even the Zionists know) can be built to usher in the Return of Christ. Notwithstanding that ALL of Israel’s neighbors have stated publicly that if any harm comes to Islam’s 3rd most holiest site that they all would attack Israel and “push it into the sea”.

Banned Video: “War-Mongering Israeli Politician Flees Public Event When Confronted By Angry Israelis”. Posted 10-16-2023 by The American Journal. Apparently the Israeli health official being rousted from in front of a hospital.   

Video: “Video shows Israeli army pouring cement in Palestinian water source (possibly West Bank)”. Posted 10-16-2023. An example of Israel’s hatred of Palestinians on display. Denying indigenous populations water is an international war crime.  

From Ha-Aretz: Analysis | Shock at Attack, Fury at Failure: How Netanyahu’s Approval Ratings Have Hit Rock Bottom in Israel. Article published 10-16-2023 by Dahlia Scheindlin. “New polls show Israelis believe the Hamas attack exposed a domestic ‘leadership debacle’; two-thirds prefer literally anyone but Netanyahu to be Israel’s next prime minister. But, like their government, Israelis’ vision for post-war Gaza are hazy”. Make no mistake – Israelis are furious at Netanyahu for his failures to keep the border secure on Oct. 7th, NOT for his war-mongering policies.    

Video: “Hamas militants break into Ofakim city and murder civilians”. Posted 10-16-2023 by USA Crime. This footage was from Oct. 7th. Hamas is at this point the official ‘muscle’ of the Israeli gov’t, whereas attacks against the IDF since Oct. 7th have been carried out by several armed groups not affiliated with Hamas.

Bitchute Video: “Gaza Civilians Trapped As Border Crossing Stays Shut”. Posted 10-17-2023 by RT. This situation follows the murderous IDF’s standard policy of striking a town killing some, then herding the rest elsewhere. The reason why this border crossing is closed is because the Egyptians have closed it. Most Palestinians are looked upon as the ‘hillbillies’ of Islam, not especially wanted outside of the homeland they grew up in. 

Bitchute Video: “US State Dept warned not to call for de-escalation in Gaza”. Posted 10-17-2023 by RT. The reason why this order was given is that the White House wants to sell more arms and bombs to this murderous Jewish government.

Bitchute Video: “UK, US, France reject Russia’s UNSC resolution calling for Gaza ceasefire”. Posted 10-17-2023 by RT. Here we see just WHO in this world wants peace, and who wants WAR.  

Bitchute Video: “ISRAEL WANTS WW3 NOW! Bombs Christian Hospital! MASSIVE False Flag Operation Continues!”. Posted 10-17-2023 by World Alternative Media.

Above from

Video: “Graphic aftermath video show several children killed following airstrike on Baptist hospital in central Gaza”. Posted 10-18-2023.  

Bitchute Video: “INTENTIONALLY TARGETED Palestinian Doctors Speak Out On Israel’s Bombing & Genocide Of Gaza”. Posted 10-18-2023 by Tim Truth. Features footage from the Al-Ahli hospital bombed by the Israelis (which is against International Law and thus a war crime), and comments by doctors on scene.

From CNN World: Israel-Hamas war rages as Biden arrives in Tel Aviv. Article published 10-18-2023 by various. It did not take long for the Israeli propaganda machine to get rolling on the story of the Al-Ahli hospital blast. In this piece creaky Joe Biden remarked: “…Biden said it appeared Tuesday’s deadly
blast at a Gaza hospital was “done by the other team, not you,” echoing Israeli assertions that the bombing was caused by an Islamic Jihad rocket. Palestinian officials have blamed Israel”. This is TYPICAL of the Israelis: strike first then blame the other guy for the strike.    

Youtube Video: “Footage Shows Moment of Gaza Hospital Blast, Officials Say 500 Killed”. Posted 5-18-2023 by WSJ News. This footage clearly shows a screaming missile striking the hospital, not an ‘errant’ rocket fired by Hamas as the Israelis have falsely claimed.

Youtube Video: “Israel citizens to carry guns now after restricting them”. Posted 10-20-2023 by Legally Armed America. In Israel there is no such thing as a Bill of Rights, and the Jewish state has long prohibited it’s people from being able to defend themselves, thus making them “sitting ducks” when anything happens. Beware of any calls to arm citizens – it will go just as it did in Ukraine last year when the gov’t there did a ‘photo op’ passing out fake Kalashnikovs and airsoft guns to people and then gathering them up afterwards.   

From Amnesty International: Damning evidence of war crimes as Israeli attacks wipe out entire families in Gaza. Article published 10-20-2023 by Amnesty International. “As Israeli forces continue to intensify their cataclysmic assault on the occupied Gaza Strip, Amnesty International has documented unlawful Israeli attacks, including indiscriminate attacks, which caused mass civilian casualties and must be investigated as war crimes”.

Youtube Video: “The Palestinians Had NO OTHER OPTION – Norman Finkelstein”. Posted 10-20-2023 by The Jimmy Dore Show. Here Prof. Finkelstein exposes the reasons why Palestinians rose up against the Israeli state. I am not 100% sure that the Prof. knows however that Hamas IS the Israeli state as a proxy.

Youtube Video: “The existence of the state of Israel is the main obstacle to peace”. Posted 10-20-2023 by Neturai Karta. At the UN in NYC. Hasidic Rabbis explain their positions, who can deny them as being correct? At least in this case.

Twitter Video: “Rabbis Fantasize About The Destruction Of America”. Uploaded to Twitter 2-10-2023 by Adam Green. Good grief these Rabbis don’t know anything about their own history. The “Edom” that they talk about was turned by Yahweh into a desert and brought to an end in Joel’s time: “Egypt will become a waste, And Edom will become a desolate wilderness, Because of the violence done to the sons of Judah, In whose land they have shed innocent blood” (Joel 3:19, NASB). The “Rome” they speak of was actually part of the Danielic prophecy regarding a HAMITIC line of kingdoms that started in Babylon (Babilu), then moved to Media and Persia, then Grecia (Hellas), then to Rome (Daniel 7) where that kingdom split. Imperial Rome became Papal which it is to this day. Israel’s enemy was Imperial Rome which brought the old Herodian Temple to an end in 70CE. After that you have the rise of the Trinity or Triad of evil kingdoms, Roman Catholic, Rabbinic Jewish and Protestant. The fact that a nation of Israel was established late in this Kingdom Age is because even Rabbinic Judaism must have a place in this world before eternal judgement is meted out upon it. The fact that modern-day Rabbis refer constantly to the Babylonian Talmud means that they are the inheritors of Babylonian iniquity, and thus Babylon itself. 

Also here:

Bitchute Video: “They’re Cutting Off Water To 1 Million Children In Gaza – Norman Finkelstein”. Posted 10-20-2023 by The Jimmy Dore Show on Bitchute. Prof. Finkelstein goes off on the Israeli state. 

Youtube Video: “Egypt’s border ATTACKED as the truth behind Israel’s Pearl Harbor moment EXPOSED”. Posted 10-20-2023 by Redacted.

Youtube Video: “Israeli President Herzog Blasts CNN for Accusing Israel of War Crime”. Posted 10-20-2023 by Breitbart News. In this clip Isaak Herzog repeats the claims that Israel is only defending itself, despite mountains of evidence that Israel openly helped Hamas in it’s Oct. 7th attacks. More Israeli propaganda straight from the horse’s mouth.

Youtube Video: “BREAKING NEWS Alan Dershowitz Excoriates Anti-Israel Bias In Academia ‘No Moral Compass'”. Posted 10-20-2023 by Forbes Breaking News. The “Mouth of Sauron” himself has spoken! As far as academia not having any ‘moral compass’ those words ring hollow from a man allegedly accused by many of pedophilia and who flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express’.

Youtube Video: “WATCH Palestinians Protest In Gaza After Israel Orders Over 1.1 Million Residents To Evacuate”. Posted 10-21-2023 by Forbes Breaking News.

Video: “Aftermath from an Israeli airstrike in Gaza”. Posted 10-22-2023 on an Arabic channel. The best way to demonstrate what the Israelis are doing in Gaza is to show the footage.

Video: “Palestinian baby killed by Israeli airstrike, placed in body bag”. Posted 10-24-2023 by USA Crime.

Some Online Sites To Visit:

Palestine Online:

Anadolu Ajansi (Turkish):

+972 Magazine – Independent Journalism From Israel-Palestine:

Al-Araby TV News. Tons of videos to watch, mostly in Arabic:

Middle East Eye. Videos mostly in English.

Aljaeera Mubasher. Videos of the conflict mostly with Arabic subtitles:

Bitchute Video: “An Israeli Veteran Explains The Oct 7th False Flag”. Posted 10-30-2023 by Media Giant. At this time in Israel the news hadn’t got out yet about the IDF being largely responsible for the 1000 deaths.

Bitchute Video: “ISRAEL’S MASS DISPLACEMENT AGENDA! – Leaked Documents Expose Great Reset PLAN!” Posted 10-31-2023 by World Alternative Media. Josh Sigurdson reports on the latest in the World War 3 saga as leaked documents expose Israel and the United States’s plan to move EVERYONE out of Gaza, take it over entirely and house refugees in tents in Egypt’s Sinai region. This is an ethnic cleansing and one all based on the Greater Israel Project. This is all part of an agenda to build an occult 3rd temple in Israel, murder all non-Talmudic people, force us into a world religion of statism, bring in technocracy, use the climate, war and famine as an excuse and roll out a new CBDC. This couldn’t be more obvious. Every player in this game has been propped up by the United States in the first place. Now Turkey is threatening a ground invasion in Israel. Things are about to get much crazier.

Bitchute Video: “Jabalia Refugee Camp Massacre 15 Houses, a Mosque and a Bakery Bombed With Many Families Inside”. Posted 10-31-2023 by Tim Truth. Israel doesn’t target civilians? They are lying to you!

Bitchute Video: “What Israel Doesn’t Want You To See Mega Murder Of Innocent People As World Is Blinded To GENOCIDE”. Posted 10-31-2023 by Tim Truth. The Gazan genocide continues. More clips from there. This will go down in history as a shit-stain on the nation of Israel.  

Bitchute Video: “Child Slaughter Israel’s Maniacal Genocide Of Innocent Gazans Intensifies As World Watches Helpless”. Posted 10-31-2023 by Tim Truth. “The Devil Goes To Gaza”. More from Tim’s Twitter account, and various clips.

Bitchute Video: ISRAEL is TORTURING Palestinian political prisoners in the West Bank ISRAEL = ISIS”. Posted 10-31-2023 by Wardo Rants. Footage taken from somewhere in the West Bank, possibly around Jenin.

The Month of November 2023

Bitchute Video: “LEAKED! Israel’s Plan To PURGE Palestinians From Gaza”. Posted 11-1-2023 by The Jimmy Dore Show.

Video: “Two Palestinian kids playing with scooter shot by Israeli forces in West Bank”. Posted 11-2-2023. This sort of thing happens more frequently than people think. At any rate the deliberate targeting of children is against the Geneva Convention and in most countries would be punishable by death. More of Zionism at work…

Bitchute Video: “Albert Einstein Called Zionists ‘Criminals'”. Posted 11-2-2023 by The Jimmy Dore Show.

Bitchute Video: “Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem VIOLENTLY ASSAULTED for calling for a ceasefire in Gaza!”. Posted 11-2-2023 by Voat.

Bitchute Video: “USING BOMBS BULLETS OR BIOLOGICAL CHEMICAL WEAPONS TO KILL CHILDREN WARRANTS THE DEATH PENALTY”. Posted 11-2-2023 by philosophers stone. More footage of a couple of dead children from Gaza.

Bitchute Video: “You need to sit down for this”. Posted 11-2-2023 by philosophers stone. A list of children killed in the Gaza strip since Oct.….-philosophers-stone-kids-killed-in-gaza-11-2-23-Bit.mp4?rlkey=1aceyt39lv7pp7echt08lpn2h&dl=0

Bitchute Video: “If you are a Zionist, you are not a Christian! You cannot be both”. Posted 11-3-2023 by Jim Crenshaw.

Video: “Israeli airstrike on ambulance near hospital kills, injures dozens video Al-Shifa hospital 15 killed, 50 wounded”. Posted 11-3-2023. 

Youtube Video: ““That Stupid Smirk On Your Face!” – Israel Apologist SMACKED DOWN By Norman Finkelstein!”. Posted 11-2023 by The Jimmy Dore Show. During a recent segment on Rick Sanchez’s RT show, guest Steve Malzberg suggested that there must be something inherently wrong with the Palestinian people if other Arab countries wouldn’t take them in as refugees. In response, fellow guest Norman Finkelstein offered up a withering takedown of Malzberg and his not-so-thinly-veiled racism toward the Palestinian people. Jimmy and his co-hosting duo of The Convo Couch’s Craig Jardula and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss Finkelstein’s takedown and Malzberg’s pathetic response.

Youtube Video: “Israel On The Brink Of Civil War”. Posted 11-3-2023 by The Jimmy Dore Show. Jimmy breaks down what is going on currently in Israel.

Youtube Video: ““We Need To DESTROY Gaza” – Fmr Israeli Ambassador To Italy”. Posted 11-2023 by The Jimmy Dore Show. That Israel is knowingly and intentionally committing war crimes in Gaza is becoming increasingly clear to pretty much everyone. Especially when individuals like former Israeli ambassador to Italy Dror Eydar go on television and say “We need to destroy Gaza.” Which is precisely what Eydar did. Watch for yourself! Jimmy, along with The Convo Couch host Craig Jardula and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger, discusses the mask of Israeli intentions for ethnic cleansing of Gaza coming off.

Bitchute Video: “Chosen By ‘God’ To Rule FF Ep235”. Posted 11-4-2023 by Red Ice TV. When your ‘Chosen-ness drives you insane’.

“Israeli ‘iron dome’ failing and hitting citizens instead”. Posted 11-6-2023 by Liberum Arbitrium. During the one-of-many nighttime attacks by Hamas we see a rocket falling on a dwelling/business.  

Video: “Video shows Al Qassam attacks against Israeli armored vehicles in Gaza”. Posted 11-6-2023 by USA Crime. Al-Shati camp Sheikh Radwan district.

Video: “SauvezGaza 2-18-2009“. Video shows primarily children killed by the Israelis.  

Video: “Two Palestinian boys shot, one killed by Israeli troops in West Bank near Jenin”. Posted 11-2023. The deliberate killing of children constitutes a war crime punishable by death.

Bitchute Video: “Scott Ritter – Why Israel Is LOSING This War! Netanyahu Is Finished!”. Posted 11-9-2023 by XAndrewX. “The Israelis are the biggest mass murderers in modern history”. As far as Netanyahu being finished, he WON’T BE until Yahweh intervenes to stop his murderous gov’t. 

Bitchute Video: “Injuries reported in Gaza’s Indonesian Hospital”. Posted 11-9-2023 by debess. From an Al-Jazeera clip showing people being brought in to a hospital.

Rumble Video: “Hamas Rense Video Al-Qassam Brigades”. Posted 11-10-2023 by Rense. Shows footage of Al-Qassam fighters hitting Israeli tanks and armored vehicles with RPG-type weapons.  

From middle east monitor: ‘They see us as human animals,’ says Palestinian journalist with 21 family members killed by Israel. Article published 11-9-2023 by Muhammed Enes Calli. “Death, pain and devastation are all there is in the Gaza Strip today. Everyone has their story of loss and grief as the death toll of Israel’s incessant attacks rises by the hour”.

Youtube Video: “10 HUGE Gaza Lies Israel Wants You To Believe w Due Dissidence”. Posted 11-12-2023 by The Jimmy Dore Show. Features a list published on Twitter by Caitlin Johnstone.

From AFP: UN chief says Gaza becoming ‘graveyard for children’, urges ceasefire. Article published 11-6-2023 by AFP.

From Scheerpost: Chris Hedges: Exterminate All the Brutes. Article published 11-16-2023 by Chris Hedges. “All settler colonial projects, including Israel, reach a point when they embrace wholesale slaughter and genocide to eradicate a native population that refuses to capitulate”. 

Bitchute Video: “RT – Fear mongering similar to Ukraine as Netanyahu’s ratings fall”. Posted 11-17-2023 by Dustin Nemos. The liar is trying to justify his regime’s murderous rampage in Gaza.

Bitchute Video: “The Israeli government says don’t look at the dead children”. Posted 11-17-2023 by Dustin Nemos. Another seared-conscience Israeli spokesman trying to deflect from the truth.….-Dustin-Nemos-11-17-23-Bit.mp4?rlkey=5v5hdgz790dkyit56s53xw4zo&dl=0

Bitchute Video: “Israel’s assault on Gaza is a BOMB and PILLAGE operation, not self defense”. Posted 11-18-2023 by Mike Adams. “This is a land seizure campaign”.

Bitchute Video: “OUTRAGEOUS Sweden PM’s Genocidal Freudian Slip ‘Israel Has The Right To Genoc…Self Defense”. Posted 11-22-2023 by Tim Truth. Another Freudian Slip by somebody in power. These people are psychopaths. 

Video: “Al-Qassam Brigades carry out attacks on IDF soldiers, Merkava tanks, Narmer APCs and D9 bulldozer in Gaza”. Posted 11-22-2023 by USA Crime.

Bitchute Video: “Psychopaths Govern This World”. Posted 11-23-2023 by MatrixRedPill. Features Max Igan. Max is correct – from the Papacy on down to presidents and prime ministers and their sycophants.  

Youtube Video: ““Liar!” Norm Finkelstein DISMANTLES Hillary Israel Spin”. Posted 11-2023 by Breaking Points. This is a teaser clip! Make sure to stay tuned for the entire interview this weekend. Krystal and Norm Finkelstein discuss Hillary Clinton’s take on Israel and Gaza. 

Banned Video: “Israel Continues The Assault”. Posted 11-23-2023 by World Alternative Media.

Rumble Video: “Israel says I can kill any and every person in Gaza”. Posted 11-25-2023 by No wonder aliens just drive by. Statements by The State of Palestine at the UN.

Bitchute Video: “Rabbis Burn Israeli Flag”. Posted 11-26-2023 by The Jimmy Dore Show. These Rabbis mean business.

From Anti War: Israel Is Using US-Provided Weapons to Kill Palestinian Civilians at a Historic Pace. Civilian casualty rates dwarf those in recent US wars in the Middle East and the Russian war in Ukraine. Article published 11-26-2023 by Dave DeCamp. “The New York Times reported Saturday that Israel is killing Palestinian civilians in Gaza at a historic pace. The huge civilian death toll in Gaza is explained by the scale of the bombing campaign and Israel’s willingness to drop US-provided 2,000-pound bombs on densely populated areas that are packed with civilians. Marc Garlasco, a former Pentagon analyst who advises the Dutch NGO PAX, told the Times that he’s never seen anything like it. “It’s beyond anything that I’ve seen in my career,” he said. Garlasco added that to nd a historical comparison for so many large bombs in such a small area, one would have to “go back to Vietnam or the Second World War.”

Bitchute Video: “Spielberg Make A Movie About This”. Posted 11-27-2023 by The Jimmy Dore Show. Comparing 1945 Nazi Germany with modern day Palestine.

Bitchute Video: “Protestors SURROUND Netanyahu’s House To Demand His Resignation”. Posted 11-28-2023. See any of this on American TV?

Bitchute Video: “95% Of World’s Protests Are Pro-Palestine & AGAINST Israel! – Says Israeli Think Tank”. Posted 11-30-2023 by The Jimmy Dore Show. Ya think? 

From +972 Magazine: ‘A mass assassination factory’: Inside Israel’s calculated bombing of Gaza. Article published 11-30-2023 by Yuval Abraham. “The Israeli army’s expanded authorization for bombing non-military targets, the loosening of constraints regarding expected civilian casualties, and the use of an artificial intelligence system to generate more potential targets than ever before, appear to have contributed to the destructive nature of the initial stages of Israel’s current war on the Gaza Strip, an investigation by +972 Magazine and Local Call reveals. 

From The Electronic Intifada: Israel executes 8-year-old in broad daylight. Article published 11-30-2023 by Tamara Nassar. “While the Israeli army is taking a pause from slaughtering Palestinian children in Gaza, its routine killing of children in the occupied West Bank persists unabated. The Israeli army extrajudicially executed an 8-year-old Palestinian child in the city of Jenin on Wednesday. CCTV footage shows Adam Samer al-Ghoul walking backwards when he suddenly starts running away. As he retreats, he is shot and falls to the ground”. Extrajudicial killings (those which involve a direct intent to kill while in color of uniform) are seriously prohibited in the world’s militaries and can involve a death penalty if convicted.    

The Month Of December 2023

Bitchute Video: “IDF Deletes Their Murder Map Israel Divides Gaza Into 2300 Numbered Zones For Bombing Campaign”. Posted 12-1-2023 by Tim Truth. Israel divides south Gaza.

From CounterPunch: Mainstream Media Largely Ignore Israel’s Duplicity and Deceit. Article published 12-1-2023 by Melvin Goodman. “Israeli duplicity on key national security issues began in their War for Independence, 75 years ago, when they lied about the Nakba (the catastrophe) that involved the forced removal of 700,000 Palestinians from their villages. Israel claimed that the Palestinians made their own decision to leave, when in fact there was an Israeli plan (Plan Dalet) that prescribed the ethnic cleansing of Israeli territory. The plan was developed in 1948 by Zionist political and military leaders, including Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion”.

Plan Dalet: Master Plan For The Conquest of Palestine by Walid Khalidi, originally published in the Journal of Palestine Studies, 1948.          

Rumble Video: “Hamas Keeps Winning And Israel Keeps Losing”. Posted 12-1-2023 by Richard Medhurst. More on IDF losses in Gaza.

From AntiWar: US Sent Israel 15,000 Bombs Since October 7. The transfer has included thousands of 2,000-pound bombs that have been used to devastate Gaza. Article published 12-1-2023 by Kyle Anzalone. ” The Wall Street Journal published details about the White House’s secretive arms transfers to Israel since October 7. The US has provided Israel with 57,000 artillery shells and 15,000 bombs, including over 5,000 with 2,000-pound warheads. According to a list of weapons obtained by the Journal, the US has shipped Israel “more than 5,000 Mk82 unguided or ‘dumb’ bombs, more than 5,400 Mk84 2,000-pound warhead bombs, around 1,000 GBU-39 small diameter bombs, and approximately 3,000 JDAMs.” Israel has denied that they use unguided (dumb) bombs to strike civilian targets in Gaza?

Youtube Video: “Netanyahu Says He Wants Wars With Iran, Iraq, Libya And Russia”. Posted 12-2-2023 by The Jimmy Dore Show. A compilation of Netanyahu’s warmongering. 

Youtube Video: “Israel BURYING Burned Cars They Attacked On Oct 7th!” Posted 12-2-2023 by The Jimmy Dore Show. Just like what the US did after demolishing the Twin Towers in NYC, shipping the rubble to China to be melted down.

From Anti War: House Passes Bill That States ‘Anti-Zionism is Antisemitism’. Article published 12-5-2023 by Dave DeCamp. “The House on Tuesday passed a resolution that says “anti-Zionism is antisemitism,” the chamber’s latest piece of legislation conflating criticism of Israel with antisemitism”. What the author of this article should have said, is that the Bill deceptively confuses criticism of the apartheid state of Israel with ‘antisemitism’ which is the familiar smear made against anybody who condemns Israel. This Bill was introduced by the Jewish Representative David Kustoff R-TN.    

Youtube Video: “Americans Are The Most Propagandized People IN THE WORLD”. Posted 12-6-2023 by The Jimmy Dore Show. The title of this video says it all…

Bitchute Video: “Genociding While Playing God – Israel To FLOOD Gaza With Huge Amounts Of Soil-Injected SEA WATER”. Posted 12-7-2023 by Tim Truth. This was from the IDF announcing that they were flooding ‘Hama’s Tunnels’ under the Gaza strip. 

From Times Of Israel: Israeli FM accuses UN head of backing Hamas after he uses rare clause to urge truce. Article published 12-7-2023 by TOI Staff and Agencies. “Israel’s foreign minister accused United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres of supporting Palestinian terror group Hamas, called for his resignation, and said his tenure as head of the world body was “a danger to world peace,” in a furious reaction on Wednesday to a letter Guterres wrote pressing for an immediate ceasefire in the war between Israel and Hamas and his invocation of a rare clause in the UN charter to urge Security Council intervention”. More deceptive warmonging by the Zionist Eli Cohen.

Youtube Video: “Israel Is Not The State Of The Jews, Zionism Is Not Judaism – Chant Thousands Of Hasidic Jews”. Posted 12-7-2023 by The Jimmy Dore Show. A rally held in NY.

Bitchute Video: “US doesn’t want permanent ceasefire in Gaza”. Posted 12-8-2023 by RT. Features the war pitch-man John Kirby. Why not? Because war is good for business, as it always has been.  

Bitchute Video: “Ultra-nationalist Jews demand control of holy site run by Muslims”. Posted 12-8-2023 by RT. The reason these people want to control the Al-Aqsa mosque is to demolish it and replace it with a “Third Temple”, which if done would draw ALL of the surrounding Islamic states into a war to destroy Israel and the Zionists KNOW THAT.

From The Intercept: This Is Not A War Against Hamas. Article published 12-11-2023 by Jeremy Scahill. “The events of the past week should obliterate any doubt that the war against the Palestinians of Gaza is a joint U.S.–Israeli operation. On Friday, as the Biden administration stood alone among the nations of the world in vetoing a United Nations Security Council resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire, Secretary of State Antony Blinken was busy circumventing congressional review to ram through approval of an “emergency” sale of 13,000 tank rounds to Israel”. Antony Blinken is Jewish, and will support Zionist Israel.

Bitchute Video: “BOMBSHELL Israel Admits VAST Majority Of Their Humiliated Gazan Hostages Are Innocent Palestinians!” Posted 12-12-2023 by Tim Truth.

From Tass: Grim milestone: Journalist death toll in Gaza reaches 89 — TV channel. Article published 12-13-2023 by TASS. DUBAI, December 13. /TASS/. “The number of journalists killed in the Gaza Strip since October 7 has climbed to 89, Al Jazeera reported. According to the Qatari television channel, two media workers were killed on Wednesday as a result of shelling on the enclave. Earlier, the Gaza Strip’s health ministry said that 18,600 people were killed and nearly 50,600 more injured in the escalation”.

   Video: “The Jewish Murder Machine”. Posted 12-2023 by The Real Jew News. “We all knew as kids that Israel was a military dictatorship, not a Democracy. Talmudic through and through”. Brother Nathanael knows his people well – too well in fact. This was the first time we’d ever heard of “Netanyahu takes his orders from the Generals”.    

Bitchute Video: “BREAKING Israeli False Flag Exposed – WW3 With Iran Is Next – They’re warning Of Attacks On US”. Posted 12-14-2023 by World Alternative Media. More on the mess which Israel has created. 

Bitchute Video: “BREAKING 20% Of IDF Deaths The Result Of Friendly Fire Amid BRUTAL Battles”. Posted 12-15-2023 by levtcs. Saagar and Ball. According to video and eyewitness evidence the actual total of civilians killed by the IDF is 65-70%.

Bitchute Video: “Israel Lies About IDF Casualties; UN School Demolished; Field Executions Exposed”. Posted 12-15-2023 by levtcs. More on the ‘official’ story coming out of Israel being false.

Bitchute Video: “IDF Soldiers Busted SHOOTING INNOCENTS + Israel’s Mass Murder Rages On; Israel MUST Pay For Genocide”. Posted 12-17-2023 by Tim Truth. Tim drops some bombshells in this video, incl. the deliberate gunning-down of 3 Israeli hostages who had fled their captors.  

Bitchute Video: “ENDLESS DESTRUCTION New Report Reveals Israel Using IMPRECISE Bombs To Level Gaza”. Posted 12-17-2023 by levtcs, from a The Hill broadcast.  

Bitchute Video: “Jabalia refugee camp and Rafah, Gaza come under deadly attacks”. Posted 12-20-2023 by RT. More on Israel destroying N. Gaza. 

Bitchute Video: “‘This is a perpetual nightmare’ life and death in Gaza”. Posted 12-21-2023 by The Grayzone.

Youtube Video: “Israel is lying about the number of casualties in Gaza”. Posted by The Electronic Intifada. Israel is attempting to craft an image of victory – using the brutal spectacle of mass arrests of civilians – as its military hides casualty figures from the ground war in Gaza, says Jon Elmer. “It does seem that Israel came out of the fighting pause and got feedback from their focus groups on what has to be done to build an image of victory that allows you to withdraw from this war with some semblance of at least operational legitimacy – because we know they’ve lost moral legitimacy, so they want to have a symbol of victory,” Jon said. “For the Israelis, because they don’t have the operational or moral legitimacy to fall back on, their principal war-fighting strategy is to stay alive. And part of the brutality of the massacres in the Gaza Strip is cowardice – it’s cowardice of their soldiers who don’t want to go and risk themselves.”

Bitchute Video: “Israel strike kills over 200 people across Gaza – local health ministry”. Posted 12-24-2023 by RT.

Youtube Video: “Ben Shapiro ADMITS He Supports Ethnic Cleansing Of Palestinians”. Posted by The Jimmy Dore Show 12-28-2023. The rabid pro-Israel supporter gets taken down by Jimmy Dore. And you wonder why Shapiro is being promoted across social media? He has Jewish backers that will set up events to keep his name in the news however they can, similar to the way Greta Thunberg’s backers do.    

Youtube Video: “VIDEO Northern Gaza Is Now A MOONSCAPE”. Posted 12-30-2023 by The Jimmy Dore Show. 

Youtube Video: “Rabbi Weiss speaking at pro-Palestinian mass demonstration in Wash DC Thomas Circle”. Posted 12-31-2023 by DC Shorts.

The Month of January-February 2024

Youtube Video: “Israeli general killed Israelis on 7 October then lied about it, with Ali Abunimah”. Posted 1-1-2024 by The Electronic Intifada. Exposes more lies about 10-7-2023.  

Youtube Video: “Israeli military to withdraw thousands of troops from Gaza following global criticism”. Posted 1-1-2024 by Sky News Australia. There are a few things which this this video, though honest, doesn’t mention. The first is that hundreds – not the “100” Israeli figure which has been bandied about by the news media – of Israeli service men and women have been killed in this conflict. The second is that Israel has encountered an enemy using Viet Cong and Viet Minh – style tactics to pop up and strike Israeli soldiers and then sink back into the landscape avoiding retaliation, and this they have done hundreds of times. The third thing that NOBODY talks about is the unpreparedness of the conscript-based Israeli army which has gotten its ass thoroughly kicked in recent months as it fumbles through the Gaza strip on unclear missions.

Youtube Video: “Israeli military brass admits failures in Gaza”. Posted 2-2-2024 by The Grayzone. Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate examine a wave of statements by top ranking former Israeli military chiefs acknowledging heavy losses in Gaza and the illusory nature of total Hamas defeat. They also look at highly revealing video filmed on the battlefield by Palestinian resistance fighters. 

Youtube Video: “The World’s Most Documented Genocide In History”. Posted 1-4-2024 by DDN. Not only is this genocide fully documented, it destroys the notion (i.e. opium pipe dream) that rebuilding another Temple will cause the Jews to be celebrated worldwide.   

Bitchute Video: “Israel’s Plot To Send 2 Million Palestinians To The EU”. Originally posted 1-5-2024 by Mark Collette. Bitchute by Sergeant Major.

Bitchute Video: “Israeli Company Advertises Beachfront Property!” Posted originally 12-22-2023, on Bitchute 1-6-2024. Before the smoke clears and the bodies stop dropping (on both sides), a Jewish real estate company is advertising ‘beachfront’ property in the N. Gaza coast. 

Youtube Video: “Father mourns his two children killed i Gaza”. Posted 1-6-2024 by MiddeleEastEye. What father could endure such a tragedy?

Bitchute Video: “Israeli Gov’t Furious – Army Plans To Probe Oct. 7 False Flag! Netanyahu Shuts It Down!” Posted 1-7-2024 by World Alternative Media.

Bitchute Video: “‘Gruesome’ Gazans search for bodies and survivors of another Israeli strike”. Posted 1-8-2024 by RT. Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss speaks.  

Youtube Video: “These Israeli Protestors Are Blocking Aid To STARVE Gaza”. Posted 2-8-2024 by Owen Jones. Watch as various mentally-deranged Israelis are interviewed. Sad as hell…  

Youtube Video: “EXPOSED Israel’s Plan To Starve 2 Million People”. Posted 2-9-2024 by Double Down News.

Video Footage Of Hamas, Al-Qassam Brigades, Islamic Jihad and Hizbullah vs. The IDF (Israel Defense Forces)

*Note: most of the Middle East channels you will see profiled here share footage between them, and it is not uncommon for them to repeat news. Nevertheless what you will see contradicts the official Israeli state narrative of the “war going well” for them. A sad reality on the ground in Gaza is that the Al-Qassam Brigades have been using Viet Cong and Viet Minh – style tactics of ‘hit and run’, where IDF forces are targeted with as it turns out, significant losses in killed and wounded as well as material damages inflicted, in what has become an “Israeli Stalingrad” of going door to door to clear the Germans (Gazans) from that city. Another thing to take away from these footages are the strikes via improved RPG rounds against tanks and armored vehicles in Gaza, which even though the vehicle was not outright destroyed, produced a hellish impact that any soldier within said tank or vehicle would have been severely injured by the concussion effect of a warhead impacting outside.  

Youtube Video: “How Hamas RPG Works | Al-Yassin Rocket Propelled Grenade”. Posted 10-2023 by AiTelly. The Al-Yassin Hamas RPG has a 2 tandem warhead Charge one at the front and a follow-through bomb at the back. We will also be looking at the most common RPG found in the battlefield. When the operator pulls the trigger, the firing pin ignites the nitro squib, activating the rocket propulsion system that propels the grenade along its path all in the video ahead so stay tuned and don’t miss a beat.

Youtube Video: “Watch .. Al -Qassam publishes scenes of clash”. Posted by Arab News 12-19-2023. Scenes of fighters attacking IDF plus a Merkava tank destroyed in Gaza City, being hauled out by bulldozer.

Youtube Video: “Hezbollah’s ‘Revenge’ ATGM Attack On IDF; Israeli Army Barracks Gutted | Watch”. Posted 12-9-2023 by Hindustan Times. A ferocious fight between Hezbollah and Israel is underway at the borders. The Lebanese group has launched ATGM attacks on Israeli army barracks near the border. In a video by Hezbollah, a loud boom can be heard after an ATGM is launched. The Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) can then be seen hitting the Israeli army barracks. The multi-floor barrack was razed to the ground in the ATGM attack. Hezbollah claims that IDF soldiers were present inside the barrack during the attack.

Youtube Video: “FULL Brigade Al-Qassam Sergap Militer Israel di Khan Younis, Pasukan Israel Alami Kerugian Besar”. Posted 12-11-2023 by Tribun Timor. Footage of Israeli soldiers being struck by an RPG.

Youtube Video: “Tanks were destroyed with Yassin shells and caused soldiers to the occupation between dead and wounded .. The division publishes scenes of battles in Gaza”. Posted 12-19-2023 by Arab News. The title of this video was translated by Google translate.

Youtube Video: “Fierce resistance in areas Israel claims “absolute” control, with Jon Elmer”. Posted 12-30-2023 by The Electronic Intifada. Explanation of Israel’s claim that it has “absolute operational control” over areas which it has conquered, which is FALSE.

Youtube Video: “The Qassam Brigades target the occupation soldiers in the northern Gaza Strip”. Posted 12-24-2023 by Aljazeera Mubasher.

Video: Al-Araby Video of a Cornet Missile Fired at an Israeli Light Vehicle Which Resulted in the Death of an Israeli Woman Soldier”. Posted 12-30-2023 by Al-Araby. Not sure but this incident took place within Israel’s ‘buffer zone’ where soldiers were said to be ‘safe’.

Youtube Video: “Al Qassam kills ‘nearly a dozen’ Israeli Soldiers, Gaza City’s fiercest fight caught on camera. Posted 12-29-2023 by Hindustan Times. 




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