“Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it.” –Mark Twain

The Dragon Storm On Saturn 9-2004

The “Dragon Storm” Phenomenon Viewed On Saturn.     https://www.dropbox.com/s/yanlfsd04s73pp3/THE%20DRAGON%20STORM%20ON%20JUPITER%209.pdf?dl=0

Adolf Hitler’s Escape To Argentina

Who Said Hitler Escaped? Sharkhunters book “Hitler In Argentina” Advertisement: “With all the solid evidence we have gathered plus what these world leaders said immediately after the war ended, no open minded person can really believe that Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun killed themselves in the Führerbunker. Read the book and learn true history”.         https://www.dropbox.com/s/edcc7qfpxwcra96/__hitlerinargentina.com_Hitler%27s%2520Escape.pdf?dl=0

Escape From The Bunker edited and compiled by Harry Cooper, founder of Sharkhunters. This book is the faithful transcription of a 1984 letter from a man I knew through my organization Sharkhunters which focuses on the authentic history of WWII submarines and their captains and crews from all nations in KTB magazine. This fellow wrote me a letter one day telling me a fanciful story of his experience as a World War II spy and “Nazi smuggler.” He had a code name and everything. He claimed he was a Spaniard and that his name was Don Angel Alcazar de Velasco. He claimed he smuggled Hitler’s “second,” Martin Bormann, out of the Berlin bunker and got him safely to South America. He claimed that in 1953 he met a man those around him called “the Fuhrer.” The man bore an uncanny likeness to an aging Adolf Hitler. Don Angel said he knew all the details of Hitler’s escape from Berlin: Hitler had been drugged and secreted away by agents chosen for the task. The “dead Hitler” was nothing more than a double.        https://www.dropbox.com/s/avgc0ch1jdsmats/EscapeFromTheBunker-TheEscapeOfAdolfHitlerMartinBormannFromTheFuhrerbunker-HarryCooper-2006-History.pdf?dl=0

F.B.I. FOIA Request, Documents Relating To Adolf Hitler, in Argentina and Elsewhere.           https://www.dropbox.com/s/7so1h911ur55gek/adolf-hitler-part-01-of-04.pdf?dl=0

From The Christian Journal: Did Hitler Survive? JFK Files Include Document Purporting to Show Hitler Was Alive in Colombia in 1955. 10-29-2017. Document is from Oct. 3, 1955.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/o1r8iiysfsvyw0g/__christianjournal.net_external_hitler-survive-jfkfiles-i.pdf?dl=0

 Youtube Video: “A Fourth Reich In The Sun – Hitler’s Escape to Argentina”. Posted 9-6-2016. Patrick Henningsen interviews Gerrard Williams, the former Duty Editor at Reuters Television and Foreign Duty Editor at The BBC, Sky News and APTN and author of the book Grey Wolf. Patrick and Gerrard take a deeper look into one of the greatest the untold stories of World War II, where Adolf Hitler and many other top Nazis including Martin Bormann, escaped to Argentina after the Fall of Berlin in 1945. In addition, they investigate the active role of many top US and German international corporations had in supporting the Nazi war machine during the war, as well as top Nazi involvement in the formation of the Bilderberg Group after WWII.         https://www.dropbox.com/s/0wq0kxrk7sp20gf/A%20Fourth%20Reich%20In%20The%20Sun%20%20-%20%20Hitler%27s%20Escape%20to%20Argentina.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Seeing Hitler Escape Germany, April 30th 1945”. Posted 4-11-2018 by Lewis Robinson III. This video clip features a WWII veteran, a two-time Purple Heart and two-time Bronze Star With Valor recipient, Aubrey M. Temples. As a POW, he came face to face with Hitler on April 30, 1945, the very day he and Eva Braun supposedly committed suicide in the Berlin bunker.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/4ff1y7py2qwwxmf/SEEING%20HITLER%20ESCAPE%20GERMANY%20APRIL%2030%2C%201945.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “EUF: Hitlers Escape to Argentina where he lived in until 1962”. Posted 5-19-2014.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/mxq5xvq2su5y5x0/EUF%20%20Hitlers%20Escape%20to%20Argentina%20where%20he%20lived%20in%20until%201962.mp4?dl=0

 Youtube Video: “Tour Through Adolf Hitler’s Argentina”. Posted 8-3-2013. With photos and comments by Sharkhunter Harry Cooper. Rense Radio, July 19, 2013.     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_EXM8G0i4M

Youtube Video: “GREY WOLF : THE ESCAPE OF ADOLF HITLER (2014) Full Movie | Action , Drama”. Posted 8-25-2020. This is a dramatization of supposed real events – the untold story of Adolf Hitler’s escape to Argentina at the end of WW2. Based on interviews with eye witnesses in Argentina and years of detailed research, the film covers events from Hitler’s escape by air from the ruins of Berlin on April 28th, 1945, to Fuerteventura on the Canary Islands and then by U-boat to Argentina where he died tormented, demented and betrayed at a small house, ‘La Clara’ 45 miles from San Carlos De Bariloche in the Argentine Andes, at 3pm on February 13th, 1962.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/yxh5yfag5pu36p3/GREY%20WOLF_%20Hitler%27s%20Escape%20to%20Argentina%20_%20FULL%20MOVIE%20_%20ALTERNATE%20HISTORY%20COLLECTION.mp4?dl=0

Operation Paperclip – The Secret Plan To Recruit Ex-Nazis By American Intelligence

“Ratlines” excerpted from the book Blowback: America’s recruitment of Nazis, and its disastrous effect on our domestic and foreign policy by Christopher Simpson 1988. Details the ratlines set up after WWII to shuttle ex-Nazis and others out of Europe, many of whom were wanted war criminals.               https://www.dropbox.com/s/g8mfroyk7a83rng/__www.thirdworldtraveler.com_Fascism_Ratlines_B_CS.pdf?dl=0

“Guerrillas for World War III” excerpted from the book Blowback by Christopher Simpson 1988. Article by Third World Traveler. “In 1950 CIC and CIA agents used the Labor Services cover to begin guerrilla training of at least 100 members of the far-rightwing League of Young Germans (Bund Deutscher Jungen, or BDJ). These “Young Germans” were no Boy Scouts; most were Waffen SS and Wehrmacht veterans, according to a later West German government investigation, and a considerable part of the leadership of the group had been enthusiastic “Jew baiters” in the Goebbels ministry during the Nazis’ rule”.                   https://www.dropbox.com/s/xcx8w926yulg7b7/__www.thirdworldtraveler.com_Fascism_Guerrillas_B_CS.pdf?dl=0

“Pipelines to the United States” excerpted from the book Blowback by Christopher Simpson 1988. Article by Third World Traveler. American policy on the use of defectors from the East, including those who had been Nazi collaborators, was institutionalized in three National Security Council decisions during late 1949 and 1950. The government still contends that revealing the full text of these orders would “damage national security” if they were published today, more than thirty-five years later.                https://www.dropbox.com/s/h4g4t6d6c8zkgrp/__www.thirdworldtraveler.com_Fascism_Pipelines_B_CS.pdf?dl=0

CIA used Nazis in South American Dictatorships by Jail Kissinger 2004. Some reasons to Boycott Exxon, Chase, Citigroup etc… With Congress’ “Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act” of 1998, many records of CIA collaboration with the Nazis are being opened to the public, though still heavily censored in many cases, by the Interagency Working Group (IWG; see their website: http://www.archives.gov/iwg ).                         https://www.dropbox.com/s/kf4z6a1n7qhqna2/CIA%20used%20Nazis%20in%20South%20American%20Dictatorships.pdf?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Christopher Simpson: America’s Recruitment of Nazis” with author of Blowback, posted 5-13-2016.       https://www.dropbox.com/s/dythvs1nudd6txg/christopher%20simpson%20amaericas%20recruitment.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Mae Brussel: FBI Report Says Nazi Josef Mengele a US Citizen (7-18-1980)”. Accessed 10-7-2023 by OK.Ru. FBI report on the Angel of Death from Birkenau concentration camp.     https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/63uezb510q6btlzzlrh5g/Mae-Brussell-FBI-Report-Says-Nazi-Joseph-Mengele-a-US-Citizen-07-18-1980-VGA-480p-OK.RU.mp4?rlkey=yz62zxtmgsg9cwicbw27zgtw7&dl=0

The Vatican “Ratlines”

Youtube Video: “Peter Levenda YouTube Documentary Rat Lines Argentina escape Part 1 of 2 Night Fright Show”. Posted 12-24-2014. Peter Levenda tells us about his research concerning the rat Lines.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/v2ptp5v31ilqbyu/Peter%20Levenda%20YouTube%20Documentary%20Rat%20Lines%20Argentina%20escape%20Part%201%20of%202%20Night%20Fright%20Show.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Peter Levenda YouTube Documentary JFK President Kennedy Part 2 of 2 Night Fright Show”. Posted 1-3-2015.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/2c2s5uldb7vxj1m/Peter%20Levenda%20YouTube%20Documentary%20JFK%20President%20Kennedy%20%20Part%202%20of%202%20Night%20Fright%20Show.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Operation Bernhardt And The Ratlines”. Posted 6-21-2011. This is part 4 of a show Dave Emory did on May 1, 1986.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/qxjisyqw49v51bq/Operation%20Bernhart%20Vatican%20Ratline.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Unholy Trinity The Vatican, the Nazis, and the Swiss Banks – Darkest Tales of World War II (2000)”. Posted 6-9-2022 by The Film Archives. Features a lecture give by James Loftus, author of the book of the same name.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/1tu8w0hpk4sohru/Unholy%20Trinity%20The%20Vatican%2C%20the%20Nazis%2C%20and%20the%20Swiss%20Banks%20-%20Darkest%20Tales%20of%20World%20War%20II%20%282000%29%20The%20Film%20Archives.mp4?dl=0

American Whacko’s And Weirdo’s

1981 Flyer Handed Out Promoting “Posty” Virgil A. Postlethwaite. “Posty is a unique individual and messenger of mankind’s mission upon the planet. For the past few years he has been travelling across the United States sharing his knowledge of the current Purification of Earth and the raising of the planet into the New Age consciousness”.  This was a time when the Moonies, EST and a slew of other organizations were operating, all with a “message” for mankind. How many of them were actually C.I.A. front groups? (As in Jim Jone’s People’s Temple of Christ)?    https://www.dropbox.com/s/1xe9q13cry5p63q/1981%20Flyer%20Handed%20Out%20Advertising.pdf?dl=0

Family of Love handbill promoting the idea that Adam and Eve were teenagers. This is demonstrably false as their ages were not recorded in Genesis, yet many have stated through the years that both of them were created as mature adults of the approximate age  of 33.

Adventures Of A Flirty Fish from 3-31-1974 copyrighted 1976 (from Wikipedia). Moses Berg, author.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/qgr9hvcklya8d7l/Ml-532.pdf?dl=0

Family Of Love Handbill From 4-1978. This church, run by a man called David Berg (alternately Moses Berg, Father Berg, etc.), was a New Age-type Christian organization that preached free love along with “salvation”. Members were lured into the group via what it called “flirty fishing” wherein young female members would entice new male recruits by having sexual relations with them.     https://www.dropbox.com/s/j11zgqr42xvvyoh/Family%20Of%20Love.pdf?dl=0

Herbert W. Armstrong And The WWCOG Exposed

Ambassador Auditorium in the old campus of the WWCOG.

From gotquestions.org: What is Armstrongism? Is the Worldwide Church of God a cult? Armstongism refers to the teachings of Herbert W. Armstrong, which became the teaching of the Worldwide Church of God. These teachings were often at odds with traditional Christian beliefs and at times were explicitly in contradiction to the Bible. The most well-known of Armstrong’s teachings is that of AngloIsraelism. This is the belief that modern-day Jews are not the true physical descendants of Israel. Armstrong believed the lost tribes of Israel had migrated to Western Europe and that the present-day British and Americans were actually the heirs to God’s covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.                                            https://www.dropbox.com/s/3qu7awvym4nduvr/https___www.gotquestions.org_Worldwide-Church-God-Armstrongism..pdf?dl=0

BRITISH-ISRAELISM EXAMINED: A point-by-point Examination of the British-Israel position by Samuel Hinds Wilkinson, 1923.                                https://www.dropbox.com/s/18xyg3xa7dt3pqm/Wilkinson_Samuel_Hinds_-_British-Israelism_examined.pdf?dl=0

Pictures of the Pasadena Campus of Ambassador College and the former Headquarters of the old Worldwide Church of God. What did the old Pasadena Campus of Ambassador College and the former Headquarters of the old Worldwide Church of God look like? What does it look like now? There are still several original buildings of old Ambassador College and former headquarters of the old Worldwide Church of God remaining, but many have been destroyed. Posted on July 24, 2016 by CCOG.           https://www.dropbox.com/s/x7c5ezi2ojqnpif/__www.ccog.org_pictures-of-the-pasadena-campus-of-ambassad.pdf?dl=0

The Seventh Day Adventist Church

From CRI: THE WHITE LIE by Walter Rea. Published in 1981. ” Since its inception through the influence of its visionary founder Ellen G. White, Seventh-Day Adventism has been fraught with dissension and controversy. Presently, Adventism finds itself amidst an unprecedented theological crisis stimulated by the recent scholarship of several of its prominent pastors and theologians. This scholarship has posed a threat to the leadership due to the damaging evidence now being uncovered, significantly undermining many cherished pillars of Adventist faith. To date, the crisis has precipitated the defrocking of nearly 100 Adventist pastors, sending shock waves which are being felt by the mainstream evangelical community. As one Adventist pastor observed, the church is experiencing an identity crisis in its adolescence as it grapples with the growing pains of theological evolution”.                                              https://www.dropbox.com/s/gq3yja13fnhpyg5/the%20white%20lie%20by%20Rea%20adventist%20church.pdf?dl=0

Jüri Lina

Under The Sign Of The Scorpion. Published 2002. An exposé of the former Soviet Union and it’s roots.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/fcprmct6accji1y/sign%20of%20scorpion%20Juri%20Lina.pdf?dl=0

Bajo el Signo del Escorpion. Same as above, en Español.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/k3zg61htzu1yt13/Bajo%20el%20Signo%20del%20Escorpi%C3%B3n%2C%20J%C3%BCri%20Lina.pdf?dl=0

Architects Of Deception. Published 2004. An exposé of Freemasonry.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/wlvu8l3sv5z2rjp/Architects%20of%20Deception%20Sign%20Scorpion%20Usuary%20Juri%20Lina%20Collection%20Compilation%20NWO%20illuminati%20freemasons.pdf?dl=0

Youtube Video: “X Factor Winner Reveals World’s Secret Religion – by Altiyan Childs”. Posted 4-24-2021 by Will R. Jova. A long but very informative video about Freemasonry and it’s dark occultic roots and practices.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Eeo-82Eac8&t=5093s

The Fight Against Usury. From the Barnes Review Sept/Oct 2004.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/1feushl0khitv34/Lina%20J%C3%BCri%20-%20The%20Fight%20Against%20Usury.pdf?dl=0

Psychotropic Drugs And The Rise In School Shootings

Youtube Video: “Doctors consider theory linking anti-depressants with mass shootings”. Posted 5-7-2013. It’s still early in the conversation, but a conversation is nonetheless taking place about a potential connection between SSRI anti-depressant drugs and mass shootings. With a bit of propaganda by the Psychiatrist Abbey Strauss.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/4bxjuar7zw1od6x/doctors%20consider%20theory.mp4?dl=0

 Youtube Video: “Reality Check: Mass Shootings & Psychiatric Drugs”. Posted 3-13-2018 by Ben Swann. Reality Check with Ben Swann: http://truthinmedia.com/reality-check…When it comes to the debate over mass shootings in America, why does the discussion always go toward tougher gun laws? And yet, we are not talking about the role of antidepressants and other psychiatric medication. The truth? The connection between mass shooters and these meds is stunning. This is a Reality Check you won’t get anywhere else.           https://www.dropbox.com/s/0z54c2dof1i5m79/Reality%20Check%20Mass%20Shootings%20%20Psychiatric%20Drugs.mp4?dl=0

From CCHR International: 36 School shooters/school related violence committed by those under the influence of psychiatric drugs by CCHR.  Fact: At least 36 school shootings and/or school-related acts of violence have been committed by those taking or withdrawing from psychiatric drugs resulting in 172 wounded and 80 killed (in other school shootings, information about their drug use was never made public—neither confirming or refuting if they were under the influence of prescribed drugs). The most important fact about this list, is that these are only cases where the information about their psychiatric drug use was made public.        https://www.dropbox.com/s/4azm8rmho9o3uli/www.cchrint.pdf%20mass%20shootings%20psy.pdf?dl=0

 Youtube Video: “Grabación original de la masacre de Columbine”. Posted 6-8-2018. Grabaciones originales de las cámaras que captaron todos los momentos de la masacre de Columbine. Original videotape from CCTV camera in the library of the school in Columbine, CO. 18+ years of age to view this video please.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/k9h023j5wxmsbco/Grabaci%C3%83%C2%B3n%20original%20de%20la%20masacre%20de%20Columbine.mp4?dl=0

From Zerohedge:   Big Pharma’s War On Our Children: 1 Million Kids Under Age 6 On Psychiatric Drugs  by Tyler Durden 2018. “In the United States, there are one million children under the age of six on psychiatric drugs. This number is particularly disturbing, considering the horrifying side effects and ineffectiveness of a good number of these types of harmful drugs.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/69wx7zhznllwk35/__www.zerohedge.com_news_2018-02-22_big-pharmas-war-our-c.pdf?dl=0

Youtube Video: “The Boys Are Broken | The Link Between Mass Shooters and Fatherless Homes”. Posted 2-25-2018 by The Red Elephants Vincent James. There is a link between broken homes, fatherlessness and school shooters. The boys are broken and no one wants to address the reason why.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/xfyhaxxg860g9w7/The%20Boys%20Are%20Broken%20%20The%20Link%20Between%20Mass%20Shooters%20and%20Fatherless%20Homes.mp4?dl=0

Ireland’s Shame

 Video: “BBC Our World 2014 Ireland’s Hidden Bodies, Hidden Secrets”. Deals with the hundreds of juvenile corpses discovered in an underground cistern at a Roman Catholic Nunnery.          https://www.dropbox.com/s/ifud43xt62911f1/BBCOurWorld2014IrelandsHiddenBodiesHiddenSecrets.mp4?dl=0

 Video: “Bodies Of 800 Children Found In Septic Tank In Ireland”. From 2014.         https://www.dropbox.com/s/bfb0hru9jau4her/Bodiesof800BabiesFoundinSepticTankinIreland.mp4?dl=0

 Video: “Prime Time Anatomy Of A Scandal”. From 6-2014. Profiles the survivors of the “Mother and Baby” facilities run by the Roman Catholic Church.               https://www.dropbox.com/s/vo8nux7qgi2svsm/PrimeTime-%28AnatomyOfAScandal%299thJune2014.mp4?dl=0

 Video: “Tuam Ireland’s Shame”. From 2016.             https://www.dropbox.com/s/1a6rg9ily52hiq0/TuamIreland%27sShameDocumentary.mp4?dl=0

 Video: “Tuam Ireland’s Shame: Unedited Interview With Catherine Corliss”. From 2014-2016.       https://www.dropbox.com/s/6gaptpee5bsljj9/TuamandIreland%27sshameuneditedinterviewwithCatherinCorless.mp4?dl=0

 Youtube Video: “How the Catholic Church Hid Away Hundreds of Irish Children | Times Documentaries”. Posted 11-1-2017 by the NYT. Ireland wanted to forget, but the dead don’t always stay buried. One woman made it her mission to unearth the truth.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/x42tdr1gchnsffw/How%20the%20Catholic%20Church%20Hid%20Away%20Hundreds%20of%20Irish%20Children%20%20Times%20Documentaries.mp4?dl=0

Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse Third Interim Report December 2003. “The Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse (the Commission) was established on 23rd May, 2000 pursuant to the Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse Act 2000 (the Act)”. A document prepared and released in 2003 concerning heinous abuse cases of the “mother and baby” schools and orphanages run by the Roman Catholic Church.     https://www.dropbox.com/s/71gfle37cd6ycs7/abuse.pdf?dl=0

#Subset Topic: Catholic Abuse In The U.S.

Youtube Video: “We Saw Nuns Kill Children: The Ghosts of St. Joseph’s Catholic Orphanage”. Posted 8-27-2018 by Buzzfeed News. This is the haunting story of children who survived horrors in American orphanages, and their fight to make the world believe them. Read the full investigation: https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/…. An example of abuse in the U.S.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/x964fed8fryp1zt/We%20Saw%20Nuns%20Kill%20Children%20The%20Ghosts%20of%20St.%20Joseph%E2%80%99s%20Catholic%20Orphanage%20-%20Buzzfeed%20News.mp4?dl=0

National Child Protective Services

Youtube Video: “Nancy Schaefer on Alex Jones – CPS criminality (Rest In Peace Nancy)”. Posted 3-24-2013. Nancy Schaefer and her husband, Bruce, were murdered in their home in Habersham County, most likely for their valiant work in protecting the helpless. Prior to any investigation, the mainstream media jumped on the bandwagon and classified the event as a suicide-murder, which is the typical whitewash strategy for this sort of cases. RIP Mrs. Schaefer. You were a True Lady.        https://www.dropbox.com/s/mku7j6p9t7fjb8i/nancy%20schaefer%20on%20alex%20jones.mp4?dl=0

From the legislative desk of Senator Nancy Schaefer 50th District of Georgia: THE CORRUPT BUSINESS OF CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES 11-16-2007. In this report, I am focusing on the Georgia Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS). However, I believe Child Protective Services nationwide has become corrupt and that the entire system is broken almost beyond repair. I am convinced parents and families should be warned of the dangers.               https://www.dropbox.com/s/3mrvm6ry6gv69ph/TheCorruptBusinessOfChildProtectiveServices.pdf?dl=0

 Youtube Video: “William Fain’s Shocking Detail of Nancy’s Death & CPS Sexual Abuse Cover-up on Alex Jones Tv 1/3”. Posted 4-1-2010. Alex also talks with William R. Fain, executive producer of a grass roots production company based in Tennessee encompassing film, music, and marketing products. Mr. Fain was working on a film project with former Georgia senator and CPS activist Nancy Schaefer before she was suicided by unknown assassins.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/8c4ewqkk9g5gzzt/William%20Fains%20Shocking%20Detail%20of%20Nancys%20Death%20%20CPS%20Sexual%20Abuse%20Cover-up%20on%20Alex%20Jones%20Tv%2013.mp4?dl=0

 Youtube Video: “CPS CORRUPTION AND PIZZAGATE DOCUMENTARY”. Posted 6-11-2017 by Fully Sourced. Senator Nancy Schaefer spent four years researching CPS corruption and her findings cost her, her life. Her research is finally leakining and the Child Protective Services are being exposed for money laundering, human trafficking, and child abuse.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/drljv8rthy9l1vg/CPS%20CORRUPTION%20AND%20PIZZAGATE%20DOCUMENTARY.mp4?dl=0

Brighteon Video: “Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer Exposes Child Protective Services Criminality and then ended up executed with her husband”. Posted 1-9-2020 by IDP & 1776 Reloaded.org. Video footage of Mrs. Schaefer at an event (prior to Mar. 2010).    https://www.brighteon.com/d0a13c4a-2efa-434a-ab41-589b42b736bc

Video: “Save The Babies: A Documentary on CPS Child Trafficking”. Posted 7-12-2022 by Patrick Howley. An exposé of the Child Protective Services.     https://www.dropbox.com/s/23jbfou053ib5lh/Save%20the%20Babies%20A%20Documentary%20on%20CPS%20Child%20Trafficking%20Patrick%20Howley.mp4?dl=0

The Franklin Savings And Loan Scandal And Cover-up

 Youtube Video: “America’s MIA Children”. Posted 2-12-2015. John Zielinski and Ted Gunderson on Franklin Coverup, Satanic Child Kidnapping Ring.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/h51rz1lbqh2uqyp/Americas%20MIA%20Children.mp4?dl=0

 Youtube Video: “Alex Jones interviews John DeCamp on The Franklin Cover-Up”. Posted 8-10-2014. Alex Jones interviews former Nebraska state senator, attorney, Vietnam veteran and author of the book “The Franklin Cover-Up”, John DeCamp, who played a central role in the so-called Franklin scandal. In 1988, the Franklin Credit Union in Omaha, Nebraska was shut down after a raid by federal agencies revealed that $40 million were missing. When the Nebraska legislature launched a probe into the affair, what initially looked like a financial swindle soon exploded into a startling tale of drugs, money laundering, and a nationwide child sex abuse ring, reaching up to the White House and involving prominent, high-level politicians and businessmen.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/l49wfk4cl7u6v6q/Alex%20Jones%20interviews%20John%20DeCamp%20on%20The%20Franklin%20Cover-Up.mp4?dl=0

The Franklin Cover-Up. Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska. By John W. Decamp. 1992-2006. A factual and hard-hitting look at what has been going on in Nebraska.    https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/sqgrdmecwp1j7eq8dpqvl/the_Frankklin_cover-up_-_ebook.pdf?rlkey=f8jmq3crpqxtrhbzwkosx3ogp&dl=0

Banned Video: “Senator John DeCamp Exposes Elite Pedophiles (2005)”. Posted 12-8-2021 by Alex Jones.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/ecwrya96bsdkzos/Senator%20John%20DeCamp%20Exposes%20Elite%20Pedophiles%20-%202005%20Alex%20Jones.mp4?dl=0

 Youtube Video: “Conspiracy of Silence – Full Banned Documentary (1994)”. Posted 4-26-2012. Conspiracy of Silence is a powerful, disturbing documentary revealing a U.S. child sex abuse and pedophilia ring that leads to the highest levels of government. Featuring intrepid investigator John DeCamp, a highly decorated Vietnam war veteran and 16-year Nebraska state senator, Conspiracy of Silence reveals how rogue elements at all levels of government have been involved in systematic child sex abuse and pedophilia to feed the base desires of key politicians. 18 years of age + to view this video please…   https://www.dropbox.com/s/ow6215p286qlntd/Government%20Child%20Abuse%20%28BANNED%20Discovery%20Channel%20Documentary%29%20%20The%20Franklin%20Cover-up.flv?dl=0

Youtube Video: “The Horror In Omaha – Out Of The Darkness Into The Light”. Posted 10-20-2018 by End Times News Report.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/aau6vtd3dv6c67u/02%20-%20The%20Horror%20in%20Omaha%20-%20Out%20of%20Darkness%20Into%20the%20Light.mp4?dl=0

From Aftermath News: Mother of abducted Iowa paperboy Johnny Gosch gets photos 24 years later of boy bound, gagged. Article published 9-9-2006. “The mother of a boy abducted 24 years ago said she’s bewildered by two photographs left at her front door, apparently showing her son and two other children bound and gagged. The old photos appear to show 12-year-old Johnny Gosch with his mouth gagged and his hands and feet tied. The boy is wearing the same sweatpants Johnny was wearing when he disappeared while delivering newspapers on the morning of Sept. 5, 1982, his mother said. “It’s like reliving it,” Noreen Gosch told The Associated Press on Thursday night. “But the bigger picture is, ‘Why are they doing this?’”.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/lorp4tehwkr8a5x/Mother%20of%20abducted%20Iowa%20paperboy%20Johnny%20Gosch%20gets%20photos%2024%20years%20later%20of%20boy%20bound%2C%20gagged%20_%20Aftermath%20News.pdf?dl=0

From Pointblank Des Moines Online: Cover Story: Death of a Conspiracy. Article published 4-17-2005 by Tim Schmitt. ” Anyone who has heard the theories surrounding Johnny Gosch’s disappearance on Sept. 5, 1982 (and who in Iowa has not?), knows they are difficult to accept. If there are Satanic pedophiles working in the top levels of government and law enforcement selling kids on the black market
and forcing them into prostitution, pornography, extortion and things far worse, it’s easier as a human being to simply believe that such things could not be true. But they could be”.     https://www.dropbox.com/s/3eeqsbohsbxgkvu/pointblank.pdf?dl=0 

From DeCamp Legal Services, P.C.: Testimony By Noreen Gosch. This was part of the lawsuit brought by Paul Bonacci, a former child rape victim and one-time sex slave at the Bohemian Grove complex in CA, against Lawrence E. King from Feb, 1999.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/ryfkui92riqu5kh/Testimony%20by%20Noreen%20Gosch.pdf?dl=0

 Youtube Video: “Tom Brokaw, 1989 “White House Call Boy Scandal” Reagan/Bush White House Pedophile ring”. Posted 10-21-2010.                    https://www.dropbox.com/s/wc814lqhos78sky/Tom%20Brokaw%201989%20White%20House%20Call%20Boy%20Scandal%20ReaganBush%20White%20House%20Pedophile%20ring.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “American Made Chapter 44 George HW Bush Protecting Paedophiles”. Posted 8-23-2019 by Shaun Attwood. Excerpted from “War On Drugs Book 2” .  https://www.dropbox.com/s/5k75q95dp75rerb/American%20Made%20Chapter%2044%20George%20HW%20Bush%20Protecting%20Paedophiles.mp4?dl=0

 Video: “Sherman Skolnick – Gay Prostitution In The White House”. Posted 2-5-2013 with Jeff Rense, 2-2005.  Homosexual Underground between media and political world, Homosexual prostitution, Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush, Victor Ashe, John DeCamp, Franklin Cover-Up, Johnny Gosh, Jeff Gannon, Valerie Plame Wilson, CIA & Coca Cola, Warren Buffett, Hunter Thompson, Rolling Stone, Rockefeller Hospital, body parts from China.      https://www.dropbox.com/s/q2vay5g7gj5ntmo/Sherman%20Skolnick%20-%20Gay%20Prostitution%20in%20the%20White%20House.flv?dl=0

Youtube Video: “The Oracle Of Omaha”. Posted 9-22-2021 by Jamie Dlux.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/ur9nobgoa80i09v/Oracle%20of%20Omaha%20-%20Jamie%20Dlux.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Nancy Reagan’s Just Say No Campaign And It’s Legacy Of Destruction On The Black Community”. Posted 1-23-2020.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/5bt2m1c8jachuck/Nancy%20Reagan%E2%80%99s%20_Just%20Say%20No_%20Campaign%20and%20Its%20Legacy%20of%20Destruction%20on%20the%20Black%20Community.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Trafficked Kids At White House Orgies Under Reagan-Bush: Nick Bryant”. Posted 5-26-2020 by Shawn Attwood. An interview with Nick Bryant that reveals the connections to Bush and the Franklin Savings and Loan.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/bz99qd03rhf0epr/Trafficked%20Kids%20At%20The%20White%20House.mp4?dl=0

George Bush The Unauthorized Biography. By Webster G. Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin, Revised Edition, originally published 1992. ” The Bush biography published by Anton Chaiktin and myself in 1992 already documents how, under National Security Decision Directives 2 and 3, George Bush was responsible for the White House crisis staffs of the Reagan Administration and thus for all the covert operations of the 1980’s, including deliveries of crack cocain(e), marijuana, and heroin into American cities”.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/7oltrwoly6s89v4/George%20Bush%E2%80%94The%20Unauthorized%20Biography%2C%20Webster%20G.%20Tarpley%20%26%20Anton%20Chaitkin.pdf?dl=0

Youtube Video: “George (HW) Bush Dissed In A Restaurant”. Posted 7-13-2020 by LionEyeProductions. A man confronts George Bush in one of his favorite BBQ restaurants.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/1z6jcujkqcofthg/George%20Bush%20dissed%20in%20a%20restaurant.flv%207-13-2010.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “The Hidden Scandals of the Bush Years CIA Drug Operation, October Surprise, Savings and Loan (1992). Posted 10-27-2022 by the Memory Hole. This video premiered on 7-5-1992 as part of the Alternative Views cable access channel. The information contained in it was known in 1992 and before.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/iayrgia9yrvl642/The%20Hidden%20Scandals%20of%20the%20Bush%20Years%20CIA%20Drug%20Operations%2C%20October%20Surprise%2C%20Savings%20%26%20Loan%20%281992%29%20The%20Memory%20Hole.mp4?dl=0

Satanic Child Sexual Abuse And Trafficking

From The Konformist: Satanism and Ritual Abuse Archive By Karen Curio Jones 2000. The following cases describe legal proceedings held in Juvenile, Family, Civil and Criminal Courts around the world where there have been allegations of Satanism or the use of Ritual to abuse others.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/4b77z87zlyeyq4z/__www.konformist.com_vault_sra%20sex%20abuse%20files.pdf?dl=0

From The U.S. Dept. Of Justice: Office of Justice Programs Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. Homicides of Children and Youth with graphs and statistics. Not only are children the victims of many of the same crimes that victimize adults, they are subject to other crimes, like child abuse and neglect, that are specific to childhood. The impact of these crimes on young victims can be devastating, and the violent or sexual victimization of children can often lead to an intergenerational cycle of violence and abuse”.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/afl6a55zbabzg0u/187239%20FBI%20stats%20on%20child%20murder.pdf?dl=0

From The U.S. Department Of Justice: Satanic Cult Awareness. Published by the NCJRS 1-27-1993, authors Gayland W. Hurst, Ph.D., and Robert L. Marsh. This document is a treasure trove of information on how Satanic Cults “mind control” their victims. ” The many problems involved with the occult explosion is becoming a many faceted puzzle confronting Law Enforcement today. In addition, it is most difficult to understand for involved in secret practices of satanic worship are deeper [than] unlimited drugs and narcotics, [and the] deviant sexual behavior that go with it. Unfortunately, the police investigator attempts to analyze these type crimes with his normal conception of criminal investigation. In the cases of satanic practices involving deviant sexual behavior, the investigator forgets the offense was committed by an abnormal person influenced by many strange and complex motivations and, therefore, Law Enforcement’s analysis of this and the criminal must be guided by the principles of abnormal sexology”.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/kezv4992oxowc27/140554NCJRS.pdf?dl=0

 Video: “Ted Gunderson Reveals CIA Satanism, Ritual Child Abuse”. From a VHS tape, mid-1990’s.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/owxh8wsi4l6lmrs/CIA%20-%20Satanism%20-%20Ritual%20Child%20Abuse%20Ted%20Gunderson.flv?dl=0

From Ted L. Gunderson and Associates: US Government Experiments On Citizens. Mind Control Aspects Of CIA And Cult Activity. “Mind control experiments are an important aspect of satanic activity. Michael Aquino, co-author of the following article, is a former US Army Colonel”. This file contains various articles compiled by Mr. Gunderson during his research into mind-control and the negative, often aberrant behaviors associated with it.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/s9rv7kjg04an9gt/U.S.%20Government%20Experiments%20on%20Citizens.pdf?dl=0

From Stop It Now: The Scope of Child Sexual Abuse Definition and Fact Sheet. Article published 2013 or so. “Understanding how to prevent child sexual abuse begins with understanding what child sex abuse is. When parents, caregivers, treatment providers, child protection professionals and all adults in a
position to protect a child keep informed about the facts related to sex abuse, then stepping up to
take a protective action becomes easier and better defined”.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/s1owsbs7optyoqj/_The%20Scope%20of%20Child%20Sexual%20Abuse%20Definition%20and%20Fact%20Sheet_%20_%20Stop%20It%20Now.pdf?dl=0 

 Youtube Video: “Snuff Movies & Ritual Child Abuse in France – A German Documentary (English Subtitles)”. Posted 12-9-2016. 18 years of age + to view this video please…  https://www.dropbox.com/s/60x5b5hyogegldm/Snuff%20s%20%20Ritual%20Child%20Abuse%20in%20France%20A%20German%20Documentary%20%28English%20Subtitles%29.mp4?dl=0

 Youtube Video: “The Horrific TRUTH MSM is Going Out of its Way to Cover Up!”. Posted 12-20-2016. These notable people are involved in something so OBVIOUSLY sinister that it boggles the mind to consider how massive this Cover-up actually is! At this point, the question is who is NOT involved in this!   https://www.dropbox.com/s/86a5yg9l28ew3tz/The%20Horrific%20TRUTH%20MSM%20is%20Going%20Out%20of%20its%20Way%20to%20Cover%20Up%21%20%20MIRRORED.mp4?dl=0

Bitchute Video: “Paedophile Hunters (Full Documentary)”. Posted 4-19-2016 by Real Stories. Profiles efforts around the world to stop the child-sex trade.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/bqzmdl0dc9m6hff/Paedophile%20Hunters%20%28Full%20Documentary%29%20%20Real%20Stories%204-19-2016.mp4?dl=0

 Youtube Video: “ILLUMINATI HUMAN TRAFFICKING & SATANIC RITUAL SACRIFICE EXPOSED”. Posted 2-10-2017. Presented without commercial interruption. This micro-documentary is produced and freely shared under **FAIR USE** as found in sections 107 through 118 of the copyright law (title 17, U.S. Code).    https://www.dropbox.com/s/fnrt7zduyghhs7b/ILLUMINATI%20HUMAN%20TRAFFICKING%20%20SATANIC%20RITUAL%20SACRIFICE%20EXPOSED.mp4?dl=0

F.B.I. Intelligence Bulletin: (U) Symbols and Logos Used by Pedophiles to Identify Sexual Preferences, Cyber Division, Innocent Images National Initiative 1-31-2007.                 https://www.dropbox.com/s/xp273rvmqkxudw2/FBI-pedophile-symbols.pdf?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Update Handkerchief Code Found”. Posted 2-7-2021 by KI JENN. A video about the various colors of handkerchiefs used by human traffickers.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/u3am9ea6aqn64db/Update%20Handkerchief%20Code%20Found.mp4?dl=0

 Youtube Video: “Clement Freud exposed as a child rapist”. Posted 6-15-2016. The grandson of Sigmund Freud, exposed as a pedophile.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/5bycuqiog73ianz/Clement%20Freud%20exposed%20as%20a%20child%20rapist.mp4?dl=0

 Youtube Video: “Pizzagate is REAL & Hostel 2 ISN’T Fiction”. Posted 2-15-2017. This one is a MUST SHARE. Not only is Pizzagate REAL, the movie Hostel Part 2 is not just a fictional movie, based on what we now know about the elite, it’s much closer to a documentary. Author Stefan Verstappen joins me to discuss. Visit Stefan and buy his new book ‘A Masters Guide To The Way Of The Warrior’ at his site ChinaStrategies.com. https://www.dropbox.com/s/680j2iuudr1uugc/Pizzagate%20is%20REAL%20%20Hostel%202%20ISNT%20Fiction.mp4?dl=0

 Youtube Video: “Key to Unravelling PizzaGate Part 2: Laura Silsby”. Posted 4-17-2017.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/cffvrhyhjli0xtb/Key%20to%20Unravelling%20PizzaGate%20Part%202%20Laura%20Silsby.mp4?dl=0

 Video: “Boys For Sale”, a forgotten 1981 documentary from public access T.V. With Tom Philpott. 18+ years of age to view this presentation please.  The video was made in 1981 featuring Douglas Kellner and Frank Morrow, as part of the “Alternative Views” cable access channel series.              https://www.dropbox.com/s/t8gooxpnf4omnkh/Elite%20child%20sex%20slaves%20%201981%20%20forgotten%20documentary.flv?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Boys For Sale (1981)”. Posted 6-13-2022 by The Film Archives. This is an expanded-for-length copy of the above video with an introduction not included in the above.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/uu8acsap18pbqfa/Boys%20for%20Sale%20%281981%29%20The%20Film%20Archives.mp4?dl=0

 Youtube Video: “Dutch Whistleblower: They Worship Lucifer, Sacrifice Children (Ronald Bernard)”. Posted 4-30-2017. The full interview in this video can be found on Vigilant Citizen’s channel, at: https://youtu.be/cRuKmxQSPSw         https://www.dropbox.com/s/jgilgplgaaxz92u/Dutch%20Whistleblower%20They%20Worship%20Lucifer%20Sacrifice%20Children%20%28Ronald%20Bernard%29.mp4?dl=0

 Youtube Video: “THE TREACHEROUS DEATH CULT EXPOSED”. Posted 2-4-2018 by SGT Report. The release of the Devin Nunes “FISA memo” should have helped ALL Americans to recognize the deep rooted treachery of the deep state. But the opposite has occurred. The Left, along with the mainstream media it controls, has painted the picture for their willfully ignorant followers that President Trump is a mad dictator who now must be toppled in order to prevent any further “lies.” And it is now painfully clear that truth alone will never be enough to help us bridge this gargantuan MORAL gap. LUKE 8:17 For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/gtyghw5z16gapi8/THE%20TREACHEROUS%20DEATH%20CULT%20EXPOSED.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Dr. Phil Exposes Pedogate On Mainstream Media”. Posted 4-1-2017. Dr. Phil exposed the deadly secretive, and the highly organized world of elite pedophilia — with a former child sex slave going by the name of “Kendall” describing being literally born into, and growing up in, the world of elite sexual slavery.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/ey4gfqia9iquukb/Dr%20Phil%20Exposes%20Pedogate%20On%20Mainstream%20Media.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Isaac Kappy Dropping tons of names Please Share WWG1WGA”. Posted 7-26-2018. “Steven Spielberg is a pedophile!” Today I did a video on Sara Ruth Ashcraft ! Isaac Kappy in his own words. Now he is dropping some very well known names on pedogate. The gig is up as he said and its time to come clean. The indictments are already in place. He woulld like to have this shared as far and wide as possible. Twitter is blocking everything he tries to put out. I personally am going to contact him for an interview. On this video he said he would do interviews. Pay close attention to the names he drops and exactly what he is saying.           https://www.dropbox.com/s/suhj4pm4l5k9omv/Isaac%20Kappy%20Dropping%20tons%20of%20names%20Please%20Share%20WWG1WGA.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Isaac speaking again in his own words dropping more names”. Posted 7-28-2018. “Adam Schiff is a pedophile!” I could see all the questions people had I wished I could have answered them I have been researching all of this for 2 yrs. Kappy is naming names again!           https://www.dropbox.com/s/m8aig9pyc2c6wes/Isaac%20speaking%20again%20in%20his%20own%20words%20dropping%20more%20names.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Isaac Kappy What Happened Video Bundle”. Posted 7-29-2020 by Roy Loeffler. A compilation of video clips featuring Isaac Kappy.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/ytsva29d8gnnckp/Isaac%20Kappy%20What%20Happened%20Video%20Bundle.mp4?dl=0

Video: “Isaac Kappy Periscope Livestream 5 (2018).   https://www.dropbox.com/s/hfy3ptrq03ibwnc/Isaac%20Kappy%20Periscope%20Livestream%205%20%282018%29.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “BRACKETS AND JACKETS UnsealEpstein edition Live Stream 1 (May 2018)”. Posted 5-26-2019 by Super Saiyan Taco. I Re-uploaded This For Isaac Kappy Like He Wanted Everyone To Do. This Video Shows Alot Of Truth And I Am A Fan Of His. Hope This Video Does Him Some Justice. He Was Taken Out And They Framed It As A Suicide. Sadly His Periscope Was Taken Down. Thank You To Everyone.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/0fukb1enwgtdrg4/BRACKETS%20AND%20JACKETS%20UnsealEpstein%20edition%20Live%20Stream%201%20%28May%202018%29.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “The Mysterious Death Of Isaac Kappy: The Phoenix Enigma”. Posted 1-13-2021 by Shaun Attwood. An interview with Cory Daniel “The Phoenix Enigma”, regarding the strange case of the death of Hollywood whistleblower Isaac Kappy.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/di05xa4e5wl7edw/The%20Mysterious%20Death%20Of%20Isaac%20Kappy%20The%20Phoenix%20Enigma%20Shawn%20Attwood.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Dunblane, Isaac Kappy”. Posted 7-1-2020 by Shawn Attwood.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/ttwieyauxqaa34d/Dunblane%2C%20Isaac%20Kappy%20.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Dead man switch Isaac Kappy location verified”. Posted 7-18-2020 by Crash. We found it, stop looking. This is a bit of video that the late Isaac Kappy had revealed, which shows children in a spa in Turkey.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/lsymg05wp6t7cwo/Dead%20man%20switch%20Isaac%20Kappy%20location%20verified.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Connecting The Dots Kap Left”. Posted 2-10-2021 by KI JENN. An examination of the Anjana Spa in Turkey, the location of one of Isaac Kappy’s videos that he posted.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/8uzjmu63w3zax5e/Connecting%20The%20Dots%20Kap%20Left.mp4?dl=0

From Queerty: Sex crimes Shocking new sexual misconduct claims lodged against Bryan Singer in damning exposé.  Another day, another Bryan Singer underage sex scandal. Or five. Or ten. Or, honestly, who can keep track anymore? The Atlantic just published a truly damning year-long investigation into multiple allegations of sexual misconduct made against the Bohemian Rhapsody director, speaking to over 50 sources, including four who have never spoken out before.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/s6njavpi8ekxwne/The%20most%20damning%20article%20on%20Bryan%20Singer%E2%80%99s%20alleged%20sex%20crimes%20was%20just%20published%20by%20The%20Atlantic%20_%20Queerty.pdf?dl=0

Youtube Video: “A Deep-Dive Into Pedogate”. Posted 10-5-2019 by The Truth Factory. A brief synopsis of Pedogate through the last few years.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/zu2q8wyegxinabi/A%20Deep-Dive%20Into%20Pedogate.mp4?dl=0

From Nextshark: Australia’s Worst Pedophile’ Gets Life Sentence in the Philippines for Raping Infant, Child Sex Trafficking by Ryan General, 9-9-2018. Australian Peter Gerard Scully, known as “Australia’s worst pedophile,” has recently been found guilty of raping and abusing young children in the Philippines and uploading videos of the abuse online for his clients in Europe via the dark web.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/qu75qte0xse9iht/nextshark.pdf?dl=0

 Youtube Video: “Qanon – Ruth Bader Ginsburg Trying to DESTROY YOU and Lower Age of Consent to 12 !!!” Posted 2-13-2018 by Bill Smith. Qanon Update: RBG wants legalized prostitution and pedophilia!! She wanted this back in 1977. And she almost got her way.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/mi7mzzvuknscgfd/Qanon%20-%20Ruth%20Bader%20Ginsburg%20Trying%20to%20DESTROY%20YOU%20and%20Lower%20Age%20of%20Consent%20to%2012%20%21%21%21.mp4?dl=0

Obama giving “American Freedom Medals” to, from left top: Bill Clinton, Harvey Weinstein, Anthony Weiner and Bill Cosby.

From the F.B.I: Case ID# 305G-NY-2082673 (U) Anthony Weiner; PRODUCERS OF CHILD PORNOGRAPHY. Dated 10-5-2016. This was from an investigation following a seized laptop belonging to Anthony Weiner, husband of Huma Adedin. On this laptop was a folder called “Life Insurance” which allegedly contained a video of Hillary Clinton and Abedin (with the assistance of a physician) cutting off a young girl’s face and wearing it to scare her near to death.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/r2z35ndzp6y7h90/FBI%20Discovery%20of%20Anthony%20Weiner.PDF?dl=0

Legal Papers USA vs. Weiner. 1:17-cr-00307-DLC All Defendants. Date filed: 05/19/2017. “The United States Attorney charges: From at least in or about January 2016, up to and including at least in or about March 2016, in the Southern District of New York and elsewhere, ANTHONY WEINER, the defendant, using facilities and means of interstate and foreign commerce, did knowingly transfer obscene matter to another individual who had not attained the age of 16 years, and did attempt to do so, to wit, WEINER used Internet messaging and video chat applications to send and transfer obscene matter, including but not limited to (i) directions to engage in sexual conduct and (ii) sexually explicit images, to a minor whom WEINER knew to be 15 years old”.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/5tql9l041gu5ze8/349043097-U-S-v-Anthony-Weiner-Case-Files-1-17-cr-00307-DLC-May-19-2017.pdf?dl=0

From Thenewamerican: NYPD Source: Weiner Laptop Has Enough Evidence “to Put Hillary … Away for Life”. Article published 11-3-2016. “Sex crimes with children, child exploitation, money laundering, perjury, and pay to play, reads the partial list of crimes that, claim New York City Police Department sources, could “put Hillary and her crew away for life.” Shocking evidence of such criminality has been found on ex-congressman Anthony Weiner’s laptop computer, claim the sources, which was seized from him by NYC officials investigating his allegedly having sent sexually explicit texts to a 15-year-old girl. Moreover, Hillary Clinton’s “crew” supposedly includes not just close aide and confidante Huma Abedin and her husband, Weiner, but other aides and insiders — and even members of Congress”.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/03ay8uvxokhhzd8/NYPD%20Source_%20Weiner%20Laptop%20Has%20Enough%20E…nce%20%E2%80%9Cto%20Put%20Hillary%20…%20Away%20for%20Life%E2%80%9D.pdf?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Awan Brothers Explained-FBI Seizes Smashed DNC Hard Drives”. Posted 7-31-2017 by The Truth Factory. Goes into some detail about the Awan brothers and their ties to the Jewish Representative Debbie Wasserman Shultz.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/nwy3wld7she1osu/Awan%20Brothers%20Explained-%20FBI%20Seizes%20Smashed%20DNC%20Hard%20Drives.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Catch That Laptop!” Posted 6-23-2020 by Natly Denise. Natly delves into the subject of a laptop found on 4-26-2017 in Washington, DC., formerly owned by Imran Awan, as well as another laptop owned by the disgraced “sexting” Anthony Weiner.https://www.dropbox.com/s/6yrl5k02k9qud4i/Catch%20That%20Laptop%21.mp4?dl=0

 Video: “Anna Gristina Elite Child Sex Ring”. From about 2012-14. Alex Jones on Infowars digs into recently published articles.     https://www.dropbox.com/s/lxf9r4fozw6h77c/Anna%20Gristina%20Elite%20Child%20Sex%20Ring..flv?dl=0

The McMartin Scientific Report. Archaeological Excavations Of The McMartin Preschool Site, Manhattan Beach, California. By E. Gary Stickle, Ph.D. 1993 by The McMartin Tunnel Project. This report authorized by Ted L. Gunderson (FBI Ret.) goes into detail at what was discovered underneath the McMartin preschool when it was standing, then later demolished. It stemmed from numerous complaints of child exploitation alleged against Peggy McMartin Buckey and Ray Buckey.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/jeqhukztlidi45g/McMartin%20Scientific%20Report.pdf?dl=0

Bill submitted to the California State Legislature by the gay Jewish Democrat Scott Wiener. Senate Bill No. 145, passed by the Senate and Assembly 8-31-2020. “An act to amend Sections 290 and 290.006 of the Penal Code, relating to sex offenders. legislative counsel’s digest.  SB 145, Wiener. Sex offenders: registration. Existing law, the Sex Offender Registration Act, requires a person convicted of one of certain crimes, as specified, to register with law enforcement as a sex offender while residing in California or while attending school or working in California, as specified. A willful failure to register, as required by the act, is a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the underlying offense. This bill would exempt from mandatory registration under the act a person convicted of certain offenses involving minors if the person is not more than 10 years older than the minor and if that offense is the only one requiring the person to register“. This is an in your face attempt to legalize adult-child sexual exploitation, by hiding behind the “consensual” argument that an adult of say, 20 years would not have to register as a sexual offender if the child was 10 years of age or older. Many courts across the U.S. have affirmed that children involved in sex with adults do so unwillingly, as they are not yet able psychologically to judge between right and wrong. Shame on this Jewish man for introducing such a bill.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/iv2y87rmygk3rat/20190SB145_95.pdf?dl=0

 Video: “NCF Satanism & The CIA – Ted Gunderson”. Shot at the Festival of the Ages, 8-2000. Originally filmed by the Preferred Network.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/8my17kl1w61na30/NCF%20Satanism%20%26%20The%20CIA%20-Ted%20Gunderson%20%28full%20movie%29_0.flv?dl=0

Youtube Video: Ex-Obama Organizer Convicted of Child Porn Requests WHAT??” Posted 6-24-2019 by HighImpactVlogs. A profile of [the Jewish man] Jacob Schwartz, convicted of possessing 89 videos and 3000 images of child pornography.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/m8s95epg4fchoas/Ex-Obama%20Organizer%20Convicted%20of%20Child%20Porn%20Requests%20WHAT.mp4?dl=0

Brighteon Video: “Media Blackout: Woman Found Dead Days After Exposing Bill Clinton’s “Faith Healer” Child Rapist – Mysterious “Suicide”. Posted 3-2019 by End Times Prophecy News. A report about Joao Teixeira de Farina, the so-called “John of God” and “psychic healer”, who was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey in 2010. De Farina has been accused by numerous women of running a sex slave farm in Brazil, with the resultant babies being sold on the black market.  https://www.brighteon.com/6000400991001

Youtube Video: “Jared Fogle reveals how he lured minors in secret recordings”. Posted 10-29-2015 by CBS This Morning. The former Subway pitchman pleaded guilty to child pornography and child sex charges in August. As part of the evidence collected by investigators, [the Jewish man] Fogle was secretly recorded by a woman who had befriended him, but then became an FBI informant. The daytime talk show “Dr. Phil” obtained the recordings and will air them Thursday, but CBS News has independently verified the recordings with the FBI. Vladimir Duthiers reports on what was said on the tapes.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/9cpkfus21x72o0r/Jared%20Fogle%20reveals%20how%20he%20lured%20minors%20in%20secret%20recordings.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Will Ferrell’s “Comedy” Skit About Child Trafficking Is Absolutely Disgusting”. Posted 11-8-2019. An exposé of Hollywood comedian Will Ferrell. 18+ years of age to watch this video please.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/8w8pc4pnai6ux5w/Will%20Ferrell%E2%80%99s%20_Comedy_%20Skit%20About%20Child%20Trafficking%20Is%20Absolutely%20Disgusting.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “[ p*do swim ]”. Posted 5-10-2020 by Natly Denise. An exposé of Adult Swim.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/0mwzkkrcok73k1o/%5B%20p_do%20swim%20%5D.mp4?dl=0

From the New York Post: UN knew years ago about refugee sex-for-food scandal. leaked report reveals. Article posted 5-29-2018 by Lia Eustachewich. “Workers from more than 40 charity organizations exploited refugee children and women in West Africa by trading food for sex, according to a leaked report – that the United Nations has known about for 16 years”.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/zk68wu4m89inztx/UN%20knew%20about%20African%20sex-for-food%20scan…ies%2016%20years%20ago%2C%20leaked%20report%20claims.pdf?dl=0

From AP: AP Exclusive: UN child sex ring left victims but no arrests. Article published 4-12-2017 by Paisley Dodds. “Justice for victims like V01 is rare. An Associated Press investigation of U.N. missions during the past 12 years found nearly 2,000 allegations of sexual abuse and exploitation by peacekeepers and other personnel around the world — signaling the crisis is much larger than previously known. More than 300 of the allegations involved children, the AP found, but only a fraction of the alleged perpetrators served jail time. Legally, the U.N. is in a bind. It has no jurisdiction over peacekeepers, leaving punishment to the countries that contribute the troops”.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/wtq2sa8ia8kxbqi/AP%201.pdf?dl=0

From The MiddleEast Monitor: Ex-Israel soldier heading child prostitution ring deported from Colombia. Article from 11-29-2017. “Ben-Mosh is wanted by Colombian authorities for running a child prostitution ring in the small fishing village of Taganga, located on the South American country’s Caribbean coast. He, along with a group of ex-Israeli soldiers, reportedly turned the luxury Benjamin Hostel into a “sex and drug den” in which more than 250 underage girls were subjected to sexual exploitation”. https://www.dropbox.com/s/5vf2ffh1s8khk2p/Ex-Israel%20soldier%20heading%20child%20prostit…ed%20from%20Colombia%20%E2%80%93%20Middle%20East%20Monitor.pdf?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Celebs Part 1 of 2 These people are sick (Watch in full)”. Posted 3-16-2020 by Weekend Warrior. A collection of “memes” found on social media, as well as screen captures of various celebrities discussing pedophilia and children.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/xgfwboyahn37kj2/Celebs%20Part%201%20of%202%20These%20people%20are%20sick%20%28Watch%20in%20full%29.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Celebs And The Corona Part 2 of 2 Positive Ending”. Posted 3-18-2020 by Weekend Warrior. Another collection of tweets, memes and social media posts by well-known people discussing pedophilia.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/y6w2soyfwspbn4b/Celebs%20and%20the%20corona%20part%202%20of%202%20%20Positive%20ending.%20%28View%20in%20full%29.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Occult Symbolism In Hollywood Entertainment With Isaac Weishaupt”. Posted 5-6-2020 by Shawn Attwood.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/i33ei5vc8rja77v/Occult%20Symbolism%20in%20Hollywood%20Entertainment_%20Isaac%20Weishaupt%20_%20True%20Crime%20Skype%2014.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Art…”. Posted 6-12-2020 by Natly Denise. Natly reveals several artists who were either abuse victims themselves or who glorify it.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/cl5w7qrjnrzlqcf/Art….mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Profiling Child Rapists And Killers Part 1”. Posted 8-15-2020 by Shawn Attwood. An interview with Carine Hausebaut on child rape.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/udnka9nqh8ihjlf/Profiling%20Child%20Rapists%20And%20Killers%20Part%201.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Profiling Child Rapists And Killers Part 2”. Posted 8-16-2020 by Shawn Attwood.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/d8wvs0ldprk7t1q/Profiling%20Child%20Rapists%20And%20Killers%20Part%202.mp4?dl=0

Only In Canada Dept. Youtube Video: “Counter protesters try to disrupt anti-human trafficking rally | Drea Humphrey reports”. Posted 9-7-2020 by Rebel News. Drea Humphrey recently spoke with protesters at the “March Against Trafficking” rally in Vancouver, British Columbia, where they, believe it or not, had counter protesters try to break up the protest. In this video Drea reveals that the spineless moron PM of Canada Justin Trudeau has cut funding for anti-sex trafficking programs. Compare that with the drastically increased funding for law enforcement to go after sex trafficking in the U.S.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/fpor1x1hrxd3wfv/Counter%20protesters%20try%20to%20disrupt%20anti-human%20trafficking%20rally%20_%20Drea%20Humphrey%20reports.mp4?dl=0

From The U.S. Congress: House Resolution 3244, Public Law 106-386, 106th Congress, 10-28-2000. VICTIMS OF TRAFFICKING AND VIOLENCE PROTECTION ACT OF 2000. “To combat trafficking in persons, especially into the sex trade, slavery, and involuntary servitude, to reauthorize certain Federal programs to prevent violence against women, and for other purposes”.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/fq3dl8ns1goc10g/10492.pdf?dl=0

From the Irish Sun: RAISED BY PAEDOS Horrifying Berlin foster experiments saw kids DELIBERATELY given to paedos to see if sex abuse was ‘good for them’. Article published 3-4-2020 by Patrick Knox. “The twisted logic behind behind the “Kentler experiment”— named after the leading sexologist Helmut Kentler who spearheaded it — was that paedophilia could have “positive consequences”.     https://www.dropbox.com/s/6fkyadv0cozltnb/Horrifying%20Berlin%20foster%20experiments%20saw%20kids%20DELIBERATELY%20given%20to%20paedos%20to%20see%20if%20sex%20abuse%20was%20%E2%80%98good%20for%20them%E2%80%99%20%E2%80%93%20The%20Irish%20Sun.pdf?dl=0

The Irish Sun Article:  https://www.the-sun.com/news/490187/horrifying-berlin-foster-experiments-spedos-sex-abuse-good-them/

Youtube Video: “DHS Insider Blows Whistle on Int’l Child Sex Trafficking Gangs Exploiting ‘Reasonable Fear’ Loophole”. Posted 8-27-2021 by Project Veritas.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/okrz05ffjkzs3bm/DHS%20Insider%20Blows%20Whistle%20on%20Int%27l%20Child%20Sex%20Trafficking%20Gangs%20Exploiting%20%27Reasonable%20Fear%27%20Loophole%20-%20Project%20Veritas.mp4?dl=0

Banned Video: “The Ongoing Coverup of the Global Elite’s Child Sex Blackmail Operation”. Posted 11-29-2021 by Greg Reese.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/e6p9aeorp05rbzk/The%20Ongoing%20Cover%20Up%20of%20the%20Global%20Elite%E2%80%99s%20Child%20Sex%20Blackmail%20Operation%20Greg%20Reese.mp4?dl=0

Banned Video: “Border Patrol Captures Demon-Possessed Child Trafficker At Southern Border”. Posted 2-8-2022 by The War Room with Owen Shroyer. Since the Democratically controlled Biden administration seized power in the US and drastically relaxed rules regarding immigration, there has been a surge of human trafficking at the southern border with Mexico. This has also given rise to child traffickers exploiting the relaxed conditions to bring minors into the US, with some of them winding up in child sex rings.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/xyshe649xl9o8m1/Border%20Patrol%20Captures%20Demon%20Possessed%20Child%20Trafficker%20At%20Southern%20Border%20War%20Room%20Owen%20Shroyer.mp4?dl=0

Video: “The Media’s Darkest Coverup – Burnt Pizza Part 1”. Posted 2019. A documentary about child sex trafficking and the news media’s coverup of the same.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/blp33pwlraqx7c7/The%20Medias%20Darkest%20Cover%20Up%20Burnt%20Pizza%20Part%20I.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Mic’d Up – The Devil In Hollywood 2.0”. Posted 4-30-2022 by Church Militant. An exposing of Hollywood for what it has become these days, purveyors of degradation and corruption. https://www.dropbox.com/s/wl9gipwuqgnflm4/Mic%27d%20Up%20%E2%80%94%20The%20Devil%20in%20Hollywood%202.0%20Church%20Militant.mp4?dl=0

Bitchute Video: “Wealthy Elite Child Pedophiles – Who Are They – A Survivor Tells You The Truth – Sold At Age 6”. Accessed 5-2022 by Wil Paranormal. The story of Anneke Lucas.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/zkvct8hw2elpfgm/WEALTHY%20ELITE%20CHILD%20PEDOPHILES%20-%20WHO%20ARE%20THEY%20-%20A%20SURVIVOR%20TELLS%20YOU%20THE%20TRUTH%20-%20SOLD%20AT%20AGE%206%20Wil%20Paranormal%20Anneke%20Lucas%20Bitchute.mp4?dl=0

Bitchute Video: “Blood Sacrifice, Rituals, Devil Worship, Sex Magik, murder, NAMBLA, Johnny Depp & Hunter S. Thompson”. Accessed 5-10-2022 by Dan Crenshaw.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/bfvahnqrsqzhcsx/Blood%20Sacrifice%2C%20Rituals%2C%20Devil%20Worship%2C%20Sex%20magik%2C%20murder%2C%20NAMBLA%2C%20Johnny%20Depp%20%26%20Hunter%20S.%20Thompson%20Dan%20Crenshaw.mp4?dl=0

Bitchute Video: “UFC Fighter Calls Out Jimmy Kimmel & Hollywood Degenerates as Kid F’ckers”. Posted 8-23-2022 by Salty Cracker.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/2va105ri5u55wa7/UFC%20Fighter%20Calls%20Out%20Jimmy%20Kimmel%20%26%20Hollywood%20Degenerates%20as%20Kid%20F%27ers%20Salty%20Cracker.mp4?dl=0

Banned Video: “The Dark Reason Our Leaders Turned Against Us – Leigh Dundas Interview”. Posted 9-13-2022 by A Man In America with Seth Holehouse. Leigh discusses the recent rise in child sex trafficking and the Plandemic’s role in such, as well as the compromising of elected officials.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/xndz6lp04j1zaf2/The%20Dark%20Reason%20Our%20Leaders%20Turned%20Against%20Us%20-%20Leigh%20Dundas%20Interview%20Man%20In%20America%20Seth%20Holehouse.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Look at the Sexual Deviants in Biden’s administration”. Posted 9-13-2022 by Liz Wheeler.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/kubrhy2nh2x1crg/Look%20at%20the%20sexual%20deviants%20in%20Biden%E2%80%99s%20admin%20Liz%20Wheeler.mp4?dl=0

Bitchute Video: “Where The Elites Sacrifice Kids”. Posted 11-25-2022 by Strange Happenings. In this video you will see an underground room accessed from a hidden stairwell with steel doors, leading into a large underground room set up as an amphitheater with red chairs. No idea where this was filmed (possibly in Europe) but the presence of lockable steel doors is very curious…    https://www.dropbox.com/s/15y8q7q0bhn49ee/WHERE%20THE%20ELITES%20SACIFICE%20KIDS%20Strange%20Happenings%2011-10-22%20Bit.mp4?dl=0

Banned Video: “Breaking Pedo Rings, Tied To Deep State Busted Worldwide”. Posted 1-23-2023 by The Alex Jones Show.     https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/wcv5hv0xfyc2jiq19qtvj/Breaking-Pedo-Rings-Tied-To-Deep-State-Busted-Worldwide-Alex-Jones-Show.mp4?rlkey=zx3f3vm2g82wvkwfclyrenqe4&dl=0

#Subset Topic: Rick Allen Jones, Personal Engineer For Bill Gates

From Seattle Police Department: Case Investigation Report. Case Investigation Report: 2014-22121. Type of crime: Child – other. Date of incident: 1-21-2014. On or about December 29, 2013, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) known as Google, discovered one of their subscribers had uploaded one or more files of suspected child pornography to the Internet on 12-29-2013 @ 04:45:28 UTC. Google subsequently made a report to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC), who documented the complaint(s) in CyberTip #2254437. Identifying information provided to NCMEC, by Google, included the IP address reportedly used to facilitate the upload of the image (2601:8:b100:dc1:41d4:193b:16d4:ac09), an email address of rckllnjns@gmail.com and IP logs dating from November 30, 2013 to December 29, 2013. A WHOIS lookup of IP 2601:8:b100:dc1:41d4:193b:16d4:ac09 revealed that the registrant was Comcast, as reported on the CyberTip, and furthermore, appears to geo-locate to the approximate area of Seattle, WA”.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/kyz1o4auwum9oeb/14-22121-1_Redacted.pdf?dl=0

From The Daily Mail: Engineer working at Bill Gates’ mansion gets just 90 days in jail after he was caught sending 6,000 child porn images on Gmail. Article published 6-24-2015 by Snejana Farberov. “An engineer from Seattle formerly employed by Microsoft founder Bill Gates at his Seattle mansion has been sentenced to 90 days in a county jail for sending thousands of child pornography images online. Rick Allen Jones, 52, pleaded guilty last Friday to felony possession of child pornography and failing to report child pornography, a misdemeanor, stemming from the discovery of a cache of more than 6,000 photos and videos depicting sexual acts involving minors that he had amassed over the course of 10 years. Jones, who was arrested last December, was sentenced to 90 days in King County Jail, followed by two years’ probation”.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/1e8ytsruqitxvze/Engineer%20working%20at%20Bill%20Gates%27%20mansion%20gets%2090%20days%20for%20sending%20child%20porn%20_%20Daily%20Mail%20Online.pdf?dl=0

The “Pizzagate” Scandal

This bizarre artwork, originally painted by Ria Platt (a pseudonym), is alleged to have been photographed inside Comet Ping Pong in June of 2011. The red and yellow figures floating above signify the “out of body” experiences endured by children who are painfully and repeatedly raped.

In October and November of 2016 Wikileaks published the “Podesta Emails” which once examined created an internet firestorm about a certain pizzeria in Washington DC called Comet Pizza and Ping Pong, owned by James Achilles Alefantis. Rumors began to circulate that this rather grungy pizza parlor was the site of child exploitation and perhaps far worse. Within the Podesta emails were cryptic terms such as “cheese pizza”, a euphemism for “child pornography”, and “hot dogs” which many have claimed refers to male children. Looking up this subject on the internet today you are led to believe that the whole “pizzagate theory” has been debunked. But has it?

Video: “Podesta And The Worldcorpo Child Torture Vid”. Posted originally by Anonymous. In this compilation you will hear a man who sounds remarkably like John Podesta, torturing a boy by forcing him to endure a hot shower (as there was a shower in the back of Comet Ping Pong). While it has only been alleged that Podesta was there the night that these videos were taken (as his face was not recorded), a voice analysis is offered at the end which may prove it to be so. Notice also in this video that the male’s voice changes to one possessed; this may be the alter-ego called “Skippy” that reseachers have claimed John Podesta turns into while harming children. 18+ years of age to view this video please.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/o8gh5av8tkhcvju/Podesta%20and%20the%20Worldcorpo%20Child%20Torture%20Vid%20-%20Anonymous.mp4?dl=0

Tweet by actor James Woods that calls John Podesta “Skippy”. Note the reference to “walnut sauce” which many have said pertains to black boys.

This young girl taped to a table is alleged to have been photographed inside Comet Ping Pong by “Jimmy Comet”, a pseudonym for James Alefantis. Psychologists who have looked at this image have stated that the girl appears to have undergone extreme stress and that recently, by the bags under her eyes.

Video: “OMG Pizzagate Got Even Darker Than Eyes Wide Shut”. Posted originally by SGT Report. A video featuring Joe Biggs reading from Comet Ping Pong’s website refers to cheese pizzas that have “survived” the last session.https://www.dropbox.com/s/w1hubo3548xnonz/OMG%20PIZZAGATE%20JUST%20GOT%20EVEN%20DARKER%20THAN%20EYES%20WIDE%20SHUT%20%5BSD%2C%20480p%5D.mp4?dl=0

Video: “Comet Ping Pong Hacked”. Originally posted by Titus Frost. In this presentation Titus profiles the hacking of a computer at Comet, and what was found in the password protected area.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/g04gpv1dl51j5mn/smoking%20gun%20evidence%20cheese%20pizza%20on%20comet%20web%20site.mp4?dl=0

Video: “BREAKING Pizzagate 100’s Of Children Missing In Virginia”. Originally posted by SGT Report. An exposé of the high number of children relative to a state’s population having gone missing in the Washington DC/Virginia area.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/9ikea79ddnmjnri/BREAKING%20-%20PizzaGate%20100s%20of%20CHILDREN%20MISSING%20IN%20VIRGINIA%20%5BSD%2C%20480p%5D.mp4?dl=0

Video: “Smoking Gun Evidence That Pizzagate Is REAL”. Originally posted by Rektifiar. A compilation of social media posts by Jimmy Comet and others. Note: many of the posts you will see in this video and others were made between 2010-2015, before the whole subject was exposed by Wikileaks, and during a time when pedophiles would have been far less careful about what they were tweeting out.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/5cjmf784di9buek/Smoking%20Gun%20Evidence%20That%20%23PizzaGate%20Is%20REAL%20%5BHD%2C%20720p%5D.mp4?dl=0

From Wikileaks: The Podesta Emails: Re: Comet Ping Pong and OBAMA…and Podesta? Email dated 9-28-2008. Discusses an Obama fundraiser at Comet.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/tz6jf4xtr8zi0oc/WikiLeaks%20-%20The%20Podesta%20Emails%20nr1.pdf?dl=0

From Wikileaks: The Podesta Emails: Re: Last Night Was Fun. Email by John Podesta dated 1-31-2014. “Still in torture chamber. Another question. Do you two wanna have feb 14 valentines dinner”.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/8z7vch2fs5f4yrs/WikiLeaks%20-%20The%20Podesta%20Emails.pdf?dl=0

Video: Pizzagate – The Video Infowars Deleted”. Originally posted by Infowars. Delves into the subject of Jerry Sandusky and James Alefantis.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/jmxrdzr7mtac5cm/%23PizzaGate%20-%20The%20Video%20Infowars%20Deleted.%20%5BHD%2C%20720p%5D.mp4?dl=0

Video: “The Neutered Noel (Warning Disturbing Images) The Majestic Ape”. Features an examination of a Majestic Ape video from 2007, and an interview with Sasha Lord.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/2bljt9pvnlhp3fq/%23Pizzagate%20THE%20NEUTERED%20NOEL%20%28WARNING%20DISTURBING%20IMAGES%29%20THE%20MAJESTIC%20APE%20-%20YouTube%20%5BHD%2C%20720p%5D.mp4?dl=0

Video: “30 Things We Know About Pizzagate”. Originally posted by The Outer Light.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/dkgcipi2p2youmy/30%20Things%20We%20Know%20about%20PizzaGate%20-%20%5BSD%2C%20480p%5D.mp4?dl=0

Video: “BREAKING New Satanic PizzaGate Art Will OUTRAGE YOU”. Posted 11-24-2016 by SGT Report. Features some of the ‘artwork’ alleged to have bee hung in Comet Pizza and Ping Pong.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/07iqu6d3lah85fu/BREAKING%20New%20Satanic%20PizzaGate%20Art%20WILL%20OUTRAGE%20YOU%20%5BLow%2C%20360p%5D.mp4?dl=0

Video: “4HR Pizzagate Documentary James Alifontis J’ Aimes a L’ Enfant”. Posted 12-8-2016.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/sqfq5pcisbxo6zj/4HR%20PIZZAGATE%20DOCUMENTARY%20James%20Alifontis%20J%27Aimes%20a%20L%27Enfant.mp4?dl=0

Video: “CNN Calls Pizzagate Fake News – Yet Was Reporting The Same Subject In 2011”. Video originally uploaded to Youtube 12-8-2016.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/czgfep45vko621j/CNN%20Calls%20PizzaGate%20Fake%20News%20-%20Yet%20Was%20Reporting%20Same%20Subject%20in%202011.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “What’s In Your Closet John Podesta? Andrew Breitbart”. Posted 4-26-2018 by rePete. This is a video from 2012 in which Andrew Breitbart accuses John Podesta of having “secrets”.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/hr21q6u3ujrjg53/Andrew%20Breitbart_%20What%27s%20In%20Your%20Closet%20John%20Podesta.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Andrew Breitbart – The Podesta/David Brock Tweets: What’s in your closet John Podesta?”. Posted 9-8-2019. This video is the same as the above, only that it contains social media posts by Breitbart that expose Podesta and others. The tweets move across the screen pretty fast, this video should be stopped occasionally to read them.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/xi3iwvj4rfh6c3n/Andrew%20Breitbart%20The%20Podesta-Brock%20Tweets.mp4?dl=0

From The Fellowship Of The Minds: Pizzagate: The Podesta ‘pizza’ emails. Article published 6-30-2017 by Dr. Eowyn. “John Podesta is a longtime Democratic Party operative who was White House chief of staff in Bill Clinton’s administration, White House counselor in the Obama administration and, most recently, chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. He is also the namesake of a collection of very curious emails published by WikiLeaks just days before the 2016 presidential election. The emails contain cryptic references to “pizza” and other food items (“hotdogs”; “pasta”; “tempting” “cheeses”; “yummy” “sauces”), believed by many in the Alternative Media to be code words that pedophiles use to communicate with each other about their criminal activities”.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/532abjjbshttug7/Pizzagate_%20The%20Podesta%20%E2%80%98pizza%E2%80%99%20emails%20_%20Fellowship%20Of%20The%20Minds.pdf?dl=0

Post by James Alefantis from 2012 about a baby being demeaned by him.

Youtube Video: “The Pizza man james alefantis rothschild and Comet Pizza”. Posted 4-1-2020 by Weekend Warrior. So it begins into the world of pedovores.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/hcjdn5fs4s21bpd/The%20Pizza%20man%20james%20alefantis%20rothschild%20and%20Comet%20Pizza.mp4?dl=0

Brighteon Video: “Photo’s of Podesta’s House LEAKED!” Posted 2018 by Black Pilled. An examination of Tony Podesta’s home decorated with enlarged photos of nude teenagers, which were available on the internet until the Podesta emails were published in 2016, after which the photos were scrubbed.   https://www.brighteon.com/5826566813001

Youtube Video: “Comet Ping Pong Art Created By Luciferian”. Posted 6-16-2017. An examination of the wall art inside Comet Pizza.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/iz1h5xsd21odxti/Comet%20Ping%20Pong%20_Art_%20Created%20by%20Luciferian..mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Pizza Hell Part 1 or 2 (Warning These People Are Sick)”. Posted 4-20-2020 by Weekend Warrior.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/hsc2hig2znoqb1u/Pizza%20Hell%20Part%201%20or%202%20%28WARNING%20THESE%20PEOPLE%20ARE%20SICK%29.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “PEDOGATE 2020 | In-Depth Exploration (NEW INFO)”. Posted 4-14-2020 by Mouthy Buddha. (From a comment on this video): Second Ken: For people new to this – when the ‘pizzagate’ story rose a few yeas ago and the pizzagate sub on reddit was the fastest growing sub on the site, there was a plethora of indepth analysis like this which was shocking and had only been drawn from completely factual information (as in, people not drawing conclusions but presenting irrefutable facts which tied into each other, some truly shocking stuff). Some amazing people put together infographics, wrote basically essays pulling all of the loose ends together. And as quickly as pizzagate started rising to fruition, it was ‘debunked’ by every news source (without looking into the facts presented), plastered all over the internet as a ‘crazy’ conspiracy theory while only the most fringe comments were focused on. The information regarding pizzagate has been largely wiped from the internet, but if you go digging and do a little bit of research, you can still find some very scary and dark stuff which I would bet money on the fact you would be convinced beyond reasonable doubt. Mouthy Buddha, you have made a concise video here which stands as factual evidence which seems by these comments to have swayed people into realising some of the sick shit going on. Thank you so much, proper investigative work here.Thank you.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/05idov4ulh4t10y/PEDOGATE%202020%20_%20In-Depth%20Exploration%20%28NEW%20INFO%29.mp4?dl=0

Note the Comet Ping Pong logo at right bottom. The words “play º eat º drink form an acrostic of the first letters which spell “PED”.

Youtube Video: “Pizzagate Video Montage”. Posted 8-16-2020. A set of clips pizza-themed.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/0tg43qzcctdwowv/Pizzagate%20Video%20Montage.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “BREAKING Biden Just Handed John Podesta 370 Billion Dollars – Guess What He Is Going To Do With It”. Posted 9-6-2022 by The Next News Network. Ol’ creepy John Podesta won’t stay in the shadows, he’s been given $$$ to manage as part of the Climate Bill passed this year. This is yet another example of the Biden administration using taxpayer funds as their personal ‘piggy bank’.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/5tci8i4upupq9ll/BREAKING%20Biden%20Just%20Handed%20John%20Podesta%20370%20Billion%20Dollars%20-%20Guess%20What%20He%E2%80%99s%20Going%20to%20Do%20With%20It%20Next%20News%20Network.mp4?dl=0

Bitchute Video: “Dinner with Pedophiles at Comet Pizza you have more than you have…”. Posted 10-24-2022 by thebigawakeningQ. Features a speech while onstage, of Sasha Lord.      https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/udhegfs27welmkl5vlt5l/Dinner-with-Pedophiles-at-Comet-Pizza-You-have-more-than-you-have…-thebigawakeningQ-10-24-22-Bit.mp4?rlkey=xud4nf5b4pw7liz64kbo6uugk&dl=0

Banned Video: “Pizzagate: Liz Crokin Exposes PizzaGate, Podesta Emails, Spears Conservatorship, John Of God, Clintons, Pedophile Code Words, Epstein Island, Maxwell, Marina Abramovic”. Posted 1-6-2023 by The Thrivetime Show.     https://www.dropbox.com/s/rfdzzcslwmc7way/Pizzagate%20%20Liz%20Crokin%20Exposes%20PizzaGate%2C%20Podesta%20Emails%2C%20Spears%20Conservatorship%2C%20John%20of%20God%2C%20Clintons%2C%20Pedophile%20Code%20Words%2C%20Epstein%20Island%2C%20Maxwell%2C%20Marina%20Abramovi%C4%87%20Thrivetime%20Show.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Djinn, Podesta Gate, Elites And Lasers”. Posted 2-4-2023 by Elusive Truths. A narrated video.     https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/d6wrrm8hwh6u4bonhht0w/Djin-Podesta-Gate-Elites-and-Lasers-Elusive-Truths.mp4?rlkey=0rvdu109vdrlvgjzvn2vs16l9&dl=0

Bitchute Video: “IGP10 264 – The Pizza Underground Documentary”. Posted 4-22-2023 by Net4Truth.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/ebvttvf00gqbwo1/IGP10%20264%20-%20The%20Pizza%20Underground%20-%20Documentary%20Net4Truth%204-22-23%20Bit.mp4?dl=0

Rumble Video: “Pedo-Gate Deep Dive”. Retrieved 7-2-2023 by The Truth Factory. The Cat explains various topics, worth a watch.    https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/ag135a5ggcoe8ts3hmz0z/Pedo-Gate-Deep-Dive-The-Truth-Factory.mp4?rlkey=am9mkgfkumdoh1zj86gu8kmus&dl=0

Youtube Video: “Satanic books handed to US kids after religious freedom ruling”. Posted 10-5-2014 by RT. Teaching Satanism in schools sounds like the stuff of horror movies. But a US court ruling on religious freedoms, has enabled devil worshippers in Florida to hand out educational material about their beliefs – to kids at state schools. Marina Portnaya reports.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/4a3k6bu6fqmjuy7/Satanic%20books%20handed%20to%20US%20kids%20after%20religious%20freedom%20ruling%20%281%29.mp4?dl=0

From The Satanic Temple: The Satanic Children’s Big Book Of Activities. A coloring and puzzle book apparently aimed at Elementary – Junior High kids.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/o5e823qsc8oi6e0/satanic-temple-activity-book.pdf?dl=0

#Subset Topic: “Story Time” In U.S. Public Libraries

School-aged children offering cash to a transwoman “stripper” in a library

Youtube Video: “Drag Queen Flashes Crotch to Room Of Preschoolers”. Posted 10-29-2019 by Salty Cracker. An exposing of the phenomenon of drag queens holding story time readings in PUBLIC libraries, in this case a man showing his genitals on camera.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/0avjnd91p2poftb/Drag%20Queen%20Flashes%20Crotch%20to%20Room%20Of%20Preschoolers.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Story Hour Drag Queens Protest Against Parental Rights”. Posted 3-13-2020 by Millennial Millie. Millennial Millie attends a protest in Jefferson City, Missouri at the Capital where Drag Queen Story Hour advocates rallied against a new bill giving parents more control over the content presented to children in public libraries. Drag Queen Story Time advocates argue the bill is “anti-LGBTQ” where proponents of the bill argue it simply gives parents more control over what their children are exposed to educational settings. Trigger Warning – Some images and comments presented may be offensive to some views. Viewer discretion is advised.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/7osttl41ousfevu/Story%20Hour%20Drag%20Queens%20Protest%20Against%20Parental%20Rights.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Brace Yourself For This Video!” Posted 12-20-2022 by Elusive Truths. Features what was billed as a family-friendly Drag Show in Texas with children in attendance. This is what child groomers drool over – a chance to indoctrinate children into the gay & lesbian lifestyle.     https://www.dropbox.com/s/a4letggnlr1npmq/Brace%20Yourself%20For%20This%20Video%21%20Elusive%20Truths%20Family%20Friendly%20Drag%20Show%20Texas.mp4?dl=0

The Finders Cult And Child Kidnapping

 From EducateYourself.org: The Story of the CIA’s “Finders” Abduction Operation:  The CIA Traffics in Drugs, Child Ritual Sexual Abuse, and Global Murder. Provides links to various articles about this cult.                http://educate-yourself.org/cn/ciadrugsabusemurder.shtml 

FINDERS: CIA FRONT & NEW AGE CULT: REPORT ON INVESTIGATION OF RITUAL CHILD ABUSE, OCCULTISM, & WITCHCRAFT AT FINDERS, A SUSPECTED SATANIC CULT IN WASHINGTON, D.C. by Charles Sulka 1995, 2016. According to Steamshovel Press (P.O. Box 23715, St. Louis, Missouri, 63121), there is mounting evidence that U.S. government security services–including the CIA and the  FBI–have been involved in an international child-abuse ring. This does, indeed, appear to be the case; these allegations mesh with my own discovery of the security services involvement in witchcraft and the occult, drugs, Satanism, sexual perversions, and mind control.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/xbgusof7cfcj3ey/__charlessulka.com__page_id%3D381%20cia%20finders%20cult.pdf?dl=0

Article: Finders, You must read this! A photocopy of some type of homemade document, that contains a Reader’s Digest report on the Missing 100,000 Children A Year, originally published July 1982. Also contains correspondence with FBI agent Ted Gunderson, and files released by the Treasury Dept.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/4pvtm7inb9egiv4/Finders%20%282%29.pdf?dl=0

 Youtube Video: “The C.I.A ‘s DARKEST SECRET OPERATION!” Posted 10-13-2018. A breakdown of this nefarious operation.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/jya3kqlh5f9epmx/The%20C.I.A%20s%20DARKEST%20SECRET%20OPERATION%21.mp4?dl=0

 Youtube Video: “The Finders – Political Control & Pedophilia with Jon Rappoport”. Posted 2-13-2017. Presented with permission. Catherine Austin Fitts – The Solari Report. https://www.dropbox.com/s/dqm9chqzhfgav6k/The%20Finders%20-%20Political%20Control%20%20Pedophilia%20with%20Jon%20Rappoport.mp4?dl=0

 Video: “The Secret CIA Child Abduction Operation”. From 2016.            https://www.dropbox.com/s/6kwuabxd9y0dtin/The%20Secret%20CIA%27s%20child%20abduction%20operation.flv?dl=0

Youtube Video: “FINDING THE FINDERS”. Posted 10-31-2019 by Jamie Dlux. A very creepy cult with a detailed account of the items found from searches made at warehouses and farms/residences owned by the Finders. With an exposing of the reason for procuring children in the first place…   https://www.dropbox.com/s/xect5vlmeh2m9m9/FINDING%20THE%20FINDERS.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Who Will Find What The Finders Hide? (Full Documentary)”. Posted 3-20-2019 by The Conscious Resistance. Researched, Written, and Narrated by Derrick Broze Produced and Edited by Jeremy Martin Funded by our Patreon supporters (www.patreon.com/Derrick Broze). In February 1987, 2 men and six children were arrested in Tallahassee, Florida under suspicion that the men were involved in human trafficking, pedophilia, and satanism. It was later revealed the men and children were a part of a mysterious cult called The Finders. More than 30 years later it’s time to reveal the truth and ask, Who Will Find What The Finders Hide?       https://www.dropbox.com/s/xqsbkpb6paelrhj/Who%20Will%20Find%20What%20The%20Finders%20Hide.mp4?dl=0

 Youtube Video: “Hunter S. Thompson Exposed #Pizzagate”. Posted 6-28-2017. 18+ years of age to view this video please.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/bz2a467edtkqlvk/Hunter%20S.%20Thompson%20Exposed%20Pizzagate.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Hunter S. Thompson on Letterman, 11/25/88”. Posted 2-26-2009. Watch this closet murderer squirm with an obvious guilty conscience when interviewed by David Letterman.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/tlxvthnj0m64lg8/Hunter%20S.%20Thompson%20on%20Letterman%2011%2025%2088.mp4?dl=0

Laura Silsby And The Child Trafficking Scheme In Haiti

 Youtube Video: “EXPOSED: The Media’s Silsby-Clinton Trafficking Cover-Up”. Posted 2-3-2017 by SGT Report. PleadingTheYiff. the man who combed through the Wikileaks Podesta emails to help uncover the Pizzagate scandal and break it wide open on 4chan and Reddit, joins me to discuss the mainstream media’s cover-up of the Laura Silsby-Clinton child trafficking in Haiti and Pizzagate. PleadingTheYiff’s real name is William Craddick and we also delve into other areas including the use of paramilitary groups in the United States in acts of false flag terror events. Visit William’s website DisobedientMedia.com for his original articles and breaking news.      https://www.dropbox.com/s/ti195btxptekopr/EXPOSED%20The%20Medias%20Silsby-Clinton%20Trafficking%20Cover-Up.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Laura Silsby” AKA” Laura Galyer Child Trafficking”. Posted 5-17-2017. Laura Silsby now goes by the name of Laura Galyer (correctly, Gayler).    https://www.dropbox.com/s/9a2avk3frlz5hnq/laura%20silsby%20haiti.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “The Cabal, Deep State and QAnon E4 – Child Lovers Everywhere”. Posted 3-27-2020 by Freedomedia. While QAnon appears to be a state operation, they do expose many things and this video is one of them, revealing sordid details about Laura Silsby, the Clinton Foundation in Haiti, Justin Trudeau’s choice of pedophile friends, and Hollywood.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/pntf7xrnu7a16pc/QAnon%20Laura%20Silsby%2C%20the%20Cabal%20Ep.4.mp4?dl=0

From the Harvard Human Rights Journal / Vol. 25: Owning Laura Silsby’s Shame: How the Haitian Child Trafficking Scheme Embodies the Western Disregard for the Integrity of Poor Families by Shani M. King, Associate Professor of Law and Co-Director, Center on Children and Families. “In January 2010, an earthquake in Haiti left hundreds of thousands of people dead, injured, and displaced, and over a million homeless. Three weeks after the earthquake, Haitian authorities arrested a group of Idaho missionaries for attempting to cross the border into the Dominican Republic with 33 children, without papers or proper authorization. The missionaries claimed they had the good intentions to set up an orphanage, but investigations showed that none of the children were orphans and that the missionaries may have been attempting to smuggle the children out of Haiti to be adopted internationally”.                                      https://www.dropbox.com/s/yqreo5x4oojlv7e/King.pdf?dl=0

Youtube Video: “2016 Dec 04 Death Of Child Trafficking Investigator”. Posted 12-4-2016 by Infowars. An exposé of the death of Monica Peterson.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/fuk06my5vhqzvri/2016%20DEC%2004%20Haiti%20PIZZAGATE%3B%20Death%20of%20Child%20Trafficking%20Investigator.mp4?dl=0

From the Department Of Justice, Office of Public Affairs: State Department Employee Arrested and Charged With Concealing Extensive Contacts With Foreign Agents. A federal complaint was unsealed today charging Candace Marie Claiborne, 60, of Washington, D.C., and an employee of the U.S. Department of State (under Hillary Clinton), with obstructing an official proceeding and making false statements to the FBI, both felony offenses, for allegedly concealing numerous contacts that she had over a period of years with foreign intelligence agents. Pub. 3-29-2017.              https://www.dropbox.com/s/az2qrfksnog40ln/__state-department-employee-arrest%20hillary%20staffer.pdf?dl=0

IN THE MATTER OF AN APPLICATION FOR CRIMINAL COMPLAINT AND ARREST WARRANT FOR: CANDACE MARIE CLAIBORNE, In The United States District Court For The District Of Columbia. Filed 3-28-2017. Details the charges brought against Ms. Claiborne.             https://www.dropbox.com/s/ra4uzasco24t2l3/Claiborne%20Affidavit.pdf?dl=0

The Jeffrey Epstein Sex Trafficking Case

From the Palm Beach Police Dept.: Probable Cause Affidavit. Police Case# 05-368(3). Defendant Haley Robson WF DOB: 4-9-1986. Charges: Lewd and Lascivious Act on a child under 16 years of age. County of Palm Beach, 05/01/2006. This was one of the first cases brought against the Jewish man Jeffrey Epstein for unlawful sexual contact with a minor.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/a3vnochtgkn2p1f/Haley%20Robson%20Redacted%20Probable%20Cause%20Affadavit.pdf?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Papantonio: The Plot Thickens in the Dershowitz-Epstein Story – The Ring Of Fire”. Posted 1-23-2015 by Ring of Fire. The Jeffrey Epstein / Alan Dershowitz child sex scandal has mainly fallen through the cracks of mainstream media’s attention, but the story has the potential to become the Bill Cosby scandal on steroids. America’s Lawyer, Mike Papantonio, discusses the case with Thom Hartmann.     https://www.dropbox.com/s/fafgg9d6irwc5sg/Papantonio_%20The%20Plot%20Thickens%20in%20the%20Dershowitz-Epstein%20Story%20-%20The%20Ring%20Of%20Fire.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “How teen runaway Virginia Roberts became one of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims”. Posted 11-30-2018 by the Miami Herald. Virginia Roberts was working at Mar-a-Lago when she was recruited by Ghislaine Maxwell to be a masseuse to Palm Beach hedge fund manager Jeffrey Epstein. She says she was groomed for sex with him and his associates, attorney Alan Dershowitz and Prince Andrew.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/awwjxljepyecht1/How%20teen%20runaway%20Virginia%20Roberts%20became%20one%20of%20Jeffrey%20Epstein%27s%20victims.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “EPSTEIN VICTIM’S STATEMENT”. Posted 7-14-2019 by White Rabbit News. WRN reads a 2015 Jane Doe vs United States victim statement court document. Jane Doe, a minor when she was allegedly used for sex and trafficked, recounts her alleged sexual encounters with Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, Prince Andrew & Alan Dershowitz.https://www.dropbox.com/s/kz54k2au7z733w9/EPSTEIN%20VICTIM%27S%20STATEMENT.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein arrested, accused of sex trafficking minors”. Posted 7-7-2019 by Fox News. Court orders document release in Jeffrey Epstein sex-abuse case.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/jfepp1r8abqo2o0/Billionaire%20Jeffrey%20Epstein%20arrested%2C%20accused%20of%20sex%20trafficking%20minors.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Inside The Mind Of A PEDO Defender (Part 1)”. Posted 7-7-2019 by HighImpactVlogs. An appearance on the View by Jewish Attorney Alan Dershowitz.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/mzr8636yupxpdaf/INSIDE%20THE%20MIND%20OF%20A%20PEDO-DEFENDER%20%28Part%201%29.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “INSIDE the MIND of a P-E-D-O DEFENDER (Part 2)”. Posted 7-8-2019 by HighImpactVlogs.     https://www.dropbox.com/s/5swyj08vfy5xfhu/INSIDE%20the%20MIND%20of%20a%20P-E-D-O%20DEFENDER%20%28Part%202%29.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Keep On Talkin'”. Posted 6-24-2020 by Jamie Dlux. Another exposing of Alan Dershowitz.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/b3e9ehclxxr4epr/KEEP%20ON%20TALKIN%E2%80%99.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Alan Dershowitz The Age Of Consent Should Be 15 [Epstein Files]”. Posted 8-2-2020 by Rodeslav. “…that or he (Dershowitz) is a sociopath so he doesn’t feel any empathy or guilt anyways”.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/wzq2my3w3vz7ohp/Alan%20_The%20Age%20of%20Consent%20Should%20Be%2015_%20Dershowitz%20%5BEpstein%20Files%5D.mp4?dl=0

From Rense: Talmud Encourages Jews To Deceive. Article written by Rev. Ted Pike 10-11-2010. “What kind of religion sanctions deception and immorality for the sake of political goals? Orthodox Talmudic Judaism. The Babylonian Talmud encourages Jews to cheat and deceive Gentiles whenever necessary!    https://www.dropbox.com/s/rxr7letnz3pe5oa/Talmud%20Encourages%20Jews%20To%20Deceive.pdf?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Les Wexner’s Lawyer Calls Out Alan Dershowitz’s Lies About Virginia”. Posted 8-15-2020 by Rodeslav.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/g9x8hjcubxd3hzq/Les%20Wexner%27s%20Lawyer%20Calls%20Out%20Alan%20Dershowitz%27s%20Lies%20About%20Virginia%20%281%29.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Orgy With Prince Andrew Detailed: Virginia’s Statement Part 2”. Posted 9-7-2019 by Shaun Attwood. A reading of the eyewitness statements by Virginia Roberts Giuffre, in the which she details sexual relations with Alan Dershowitz and Prince Andrew Duke of York.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/2ccfyvpxc5ytm92/Orgy%20With%20Prince%20Andrew%20Detailed_%20Virginia%E2%80%99s%20Statement%20Part%202.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Roger Stone Weighs in on the Epstein Case”. Posted 7-11-2019 by Newsmax TV. Roger Stone joins John Cardillo to talk about the developments in the Jeffery Epstein case.     https://www.dropbox.com/s/ovdxtm93hj880gg/Roger%20Stone%20Weighs%20in%20on%20the%20Epstein%20Case.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Epstein May Be Just One Part of an Intricate Network of Sex and Power”. Posted 8-15-2019 by The Real News Network. Journalist Whitney Webb’s MintPress series looks at the sordid history tying together mobsters, oligarchs, and government intelligence agencies in a web of blackmail, exploitation, and profit.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/uv2d63td6blnpwn/Epstein%20May%20Be%20Just%20One%20Part%20of%20an%20Intricate%20Network%20of%20Sex%20and%20Power.mp4?dl=0

Website: www.mintpressnews.com author whitney-webb. Author Whitney Webb exposes intelligence agencies from the CIA to the Mossad and beyond. Excellent well-researched articles.  https://www.mintpressnews.com/author/whitney-webb/

Video: “Whitney Webb And Maria Farmer’s Call – Banned By The MSM”. Posted 4-29-2020. A phone call between investigator Whitney Webb and Epstein victim Maria Farmer.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/n6jw0nyeicrt36z/Whitney%20Webb%20And%20Maria%20Farmer%27s%20Call_%20Info%20BANNED%20by%20MSM.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “The EPSTEIN Family Tree – Connections to Mossad – NEW DRONE FOOTAGE”. Posted 7-21-2019 by The Convo Couch. We take a closer look at Epstein Island. And we connect the dots to Epstein’s girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell and her daddy Roger Maxwell and his ties to the MOSSAD.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/ehe5o2ag1wbqci0/The%20EPSTEIN%20Family%20Tree%20-%20Connections%20to%20Mossad%20-%20NEW%20DRONE%20FOOTAGE.mp4?dl=0

Jeffery Epstein’s Little Black Book. A photocopy of a phone-number redacted list of very prominent people kept by Epstein. Some of the names include Tony Blair, Michael Bloomberg, Edgar J. Bronfman, Jimmy Buffet, Naomi Campbell, Barbara Carrera, etc.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/sddrs4o0af9zctu/jeffrey-epsteins-little-black-book-redacted.pdf?dl=0

Youtube Video: “VIDEO: Leaked ABC News Insider Recording EXPOSES #EpsteinCoverup “We had Clinton, We had Everything”. Posted 11-5-2019 by Project Veritas. “I’ve Had This Story for Three Years… (ABC) Would Not Put It on The Air” says Good Morning America Breaking News Anchor, and 20/20 Co-Anchor Amy Robach. “It Was Unbelievable… We Had – Clinton, We Had Everything…” • Robach: “We Had Her Whole Allegations About Prince Andrew…I Got a Little Concerned About Why I Couldn’t Get On.” • Amy Robach Describes How She Interviewed a Woman Who Had the Courage to Come Forward “Years” Ago About Epstein: “She Had Pictures, She Had Everything. She Was in Hiding for Twelve Years. We Convinced Her to Come Out. We Convinced Her to Talk to Us.” • Robach Details ABC’s Initial Response to Her: “Who’s Jeffrey Epstein? No One Knows Who That is. This is a Stupid Story • Robach: “Now it’s All Coming Out … I Freaking Had All Of It…”    https://www.dropbox.com/s/1qw36jh5v4jezbc/VIDEO_%20Leaked%20ABC%20News%20Insider%20Recording%20EXPOSES%20.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Epsteins Island Part 1 (What nightmares are made of)”. Posted 3-27-2020 by Weekend Warrior. Sit right back and you’ll hear a tale of an Island of unimaginable evil. A collection of photographs and etc., showing the creepy and sordid things going on inside Epstein’s “temple”.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/jdmiqcvjr8ngd5q/Epsteins%20Island%20Part%201%20%28What%20nightmare%20are%20made%20of%29.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Epstein’s Island Of Horror Pt.2”. Posted 4-7-2020 by Weekend Warrior. In this segment WW shows how the body of Tony Rodham, sister of Hillary Rodham Clinton, was allegedly substituted for that of Jeffrey Epstein. Tony Rodham died 1 month before Jeffrey and it has been thought by many that it was his body, and not Epstein’s, that was wheeled out of the Metropolitan Correctional center sometime after 8-17-2019.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/clzgc28wlejjfsz/Epstein%27s%20Island%20of%20horror%20Tony%20Rodham%20Part%202.mp4?dl=0

From USA Today: Tony Rodham, Hillary Clinton’s youngest brother, dies. Article published 6-8-2019 by Doug Stanglin. “Hillary Clinton’s youngest brother, Tony Rodham, who drew headlines for taking advantage of his Clinton connections in dubious business ventures ranging from mining to electric cars to importing hazelnuts, has died”.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/j04s3mq6f9cfhz4/Tony%20Rodham_%20Hillary%20Clinton%27s%20brother%20dies.pdf?dl=0

Youtube Video: “What would the founding members of “Queer Theory” think of Jeffery Epstein’s crimes?”. Posted 8-30-2019 by The Outer Light. Jefferey Epstein maybe the worlds most famous pedophile, given the fact that he has been largely linked to his sexual abuse of hundreds, maybe thousands, of children. But the question of the modern age might be, what would the founders of Queer Theory think of Jeffery Epstein’s abuse of children? – would they think what he has done is a crime? I go into the founders of Queer Theory citing the video by Derrick Jansen where he plays “Pedophile Jeopardy” in a lecture which was interrupted by the infamous identity / Marxist Queer Theory proponent groups, Antifa. I go into this as well as many other things in this video.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/0j8mrkou7oouzkg/What%20would%20the%20founding%20members%20of%20%E2%80%9CQueer%20Theory%E2%80%9D%20think%20of%20Jeffery%20Epstein%E2%80%99s%20crimes.mp4?dl=0

From: UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE SECOND CIRCUIT. “At a stated term of the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, held at the Thurgood Marshall United States Courthouse, 40 Foley Square, in the City of New York, on the 9th day of August, two thousand nineteen”. These documents refer to a lawsuit filed by Virginia L. Giuffre, a victim of Jeffrey Epstein, to void an agreement reached with Epstein without Mrs. Giuffre’s participation or knowledge and her subsequent filing (with two Jane Does) of a CVRA (Crime Victims Rights Act) complaint in 2008. Includes a desperate filing by Alan Dershowitz to be removed from the suit.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/z620ufw2tes6jzq/Epstein-Docs.pdf?dl=0

Video: “Epstein Egg Shaped Penis Abnormality”. Posted 2019 by an anonymous source. From the deposition of Jeffrey Epstein, a segment from one of the prosecuting attorneys describing Epstein’s penis as “egg shaped”, after which Epstein abruptly leaves the deposition.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/yaaqhk7gkssv3qw/Epstein%20Egg-Shaped%20Penile%20Abnormality%20Police%20Interview.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “BREAKING Epstein Update: Ghislaine Maxwell’s emails hacked, powerful people at risk”. Posted 1-23-2020 by The Hill. Krystal and Saagar cover the latest revelations about Ghislaine Maxwell.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/bn13lyi9b6099jy/BREAKING%20Epstein%20Update_%20Ghislaine%20Maxwell%27s%20emails%20hacked%2C%20powerful%20people%20at%20risk.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Spirit Cooking: Strange Solomon’s Temple on Epstein’s Island”. Posted 11-5-2016. There is something odd on this island, located on the southwest corner is a odd building. If we take a closer look, it appears to be some kind of temple with a strong Egyptian style of design. It resembles the Dome of the Rock or a Solomon’s Temple in structure. https://www.dropbox.com/s/pzbvi3ncekm2t7o/Spirit%20Cooking_%20Strange%20Solomon%27s%20Temple%20on%20Epstein%27s%20Island.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Painting A Bigger Picture”. Posted 4-19-2020 by Jamie Dlux. Jamie breaks down a conversation from 4-16-2020 between Maria Farmer and Whitney Webb about the large number of young teenagers having gone missing over the years who were connected to Epstein.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/xbjohsdzrqyiefk/Painting%20a%20Bigger%20Picture.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Epstein Victim Exposes Prince Andrew, Maxwell, Wexner… Whitney Webb & Maria Farmer”. Posted 5-2-2020 by Shaun Attwood. An exposé of Jewish billionaire Leslie Wexner, as well as information from Maria Farmer.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/ykjz90waua7bxza/Epstein%20Victim%20Exposes%20Prince%20Andrew%2C%20Maxwell%2C%20Wexner…%20Whitney%20Webb%20.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “FBI & MSM Knew About Epstein In 1996: Whitney Webb & Maria Farmer”. Posted 5-10-2020 by Shaun Attwood. Another exposé of the Jewish cabal that ran Epstein’s finances.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/qm0orbyyfitar43/FBI%20.mp4?dl=0

Video: “Jeffrey Epstein: The Game Of The Global Elite (Full Investigative Documentary”. Posted 5-11-2020. Contains interviews.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/dup9ir3h567g01p/Jeffrey%20Epstein_%20The%20Game%20of%20the%20Global%20Elite%20%5BFull%20Investigative%20Documentary%5D.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Epstein’s Occult Art And Dead Kids: Maria Farmer”. Posted 5-27-2020 by Shawn Attwood. Listen to the comments made by Maria Farmer about the Rothschilds, FBI, the Wexners, Alan Dershowitz and Bill Barr..  https://www.dropbox.com/s/n7izjbs775x8vcx/Epstein%27s%20Occult%20Art%20And%20Dead%20Kids_%20Maria%20Farmer.mp4?dl=0

From: UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK. Sealed Indictment 20 Cr. 330. United States of America v. Ghislaine Maxwell defendant. A six-count indictment against Ms. Maxwell alleging “The charges set forth herein stem from the role of Ghislaine Maxwell, the defendant, in the sexual exploitation and abuse of multiple minor girls by Jeffrey Epstein”.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/o0mqttfu7rvmdmf/U.S.%20v.%20Ghislaine%20Maxwell%20Indictment.pdf?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Krystal and Saagar: Epstein Docs UNSEALED, Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Dershowitz NAMED”. Posted 7-31-2020 by The Hill. Krystal and Saagar share their thoughts on new documents revealing the names of powerful people who allegedly visited Jeffrey Epstein’s private island.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/cf0itmj11iupx4c/Krystal%20and%20Saagar_%20Epstein%20Docs%20UNSEALED%2C%20Bill%20Clinton%2C%20Prince%20Andrew%2C%20Dershowitz%20NAMED.mp4?dl=0

The Uncensored/Unredacted Court Filing, United States District Court Southern District of New York, VIRGINIA L. GIUFFRE vs. GHISLAINE MAXWELL. This file contains 1796 pages of recently released documentation on the cases contained herein, which were redacted when released, but now unredacted and uncensored.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/e2vgrb9jw6flnai/Ghislane_Maxwell_Unsealed_documents-%28uncensored%29_opt.pdf?dl=0

From the United States Southern District, District Court New York, Case 1:20-cv-07102-UA Document 2 Filed 08/31/20. This filing shows the large number of defendants being accused of “…aiding and abetting in the facilitation of the unlawful surveillance (spying), stalking and repeated drugging, abducting, hostage taking and kidnapping for the criminal intent of sexual assault, abuse, extortion and exploitation in the same capacity as any person named as Defendant…”   https://www.dropbox.com/s/lm7647a1k70aq8b/gov.uscourts.nysd.543369.2.0.pdf?dl=0

Banned Video: “Elites Throw Sex Slaves To The Gators”. Posted 4-4-2021 by Newswars.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/2ibaig0djor0my8/Elites%20Throw%20Sex%20Slaves%20To%20The%20Gators.mp4?dl=0

From Out Of Mind: Epstein Gurney Picture Is Of Anthony Bourdain? Article published 8-12-2019 by PurpleSkyz. *Note: this is one of two theories as to the actual identity of the middle-aged white male seen on photographs being wheeled out of his jail cell. The other involves Tony Rodham, Hillary Clinton’s brother, being substituted for Epstein. Both men died shortly before Epstein’s alleged death. Either way, nobody has explained to date the noticeable scars of decomposition on the body that was paraded out for the cameras…scars that indicated the man’s death days and possibly weeks before.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/ct9jnea5ehw6d4t/%E2%80%98Epstein%E2%80%99%20Gurney%20Picture%20is%20of%20Anthony%20Bourdain_%20plus%20MORE.pdf?dl=0

In the above photo of the alleged body of Jeffrey Epstein there are some anomalies as pointed out by USA Headline News.

The ears, cheekbones and nose of the fellow alleged to be Epstein do not match his facial profile. Whoever this man was, either Bourdain or Tony Rodham, the resemblance is there but NOT the details. They even gave the dead fellow an ‘Epstein-style’ haircut.

See the article: https://mfamediagroup.com/archives/862567

Youtube Video: “The Mafia, CIA & Jeffrey Epstein Worked TOGETHER To Traffic Minors”. Posted 12-11-2022 by The Jimmy Dore Show.      https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/72wrq48z5bkb4w58rplme/The-Mafia-CIA-Jeffrey-Epstein-Worked-TOGETHER-To-Traffic-Minors-The-Jimmy-Dore-Show.mp4?rlkey=1gyapwb2wbsap9h9kvu48xfcr&dl=0

Bitchute Video: “Documentation Reveals Epstein Co-Founded Clinton Foundation! Plus Photo Evidence He’s Still Alive!”. Posted 12-17-2018 by ChristianPatriotNews.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/ihcqsz8stjlt2fk/Documentation%20Reveals%20Epstein%20Co-Founded%20Clinton%20Foundation%21%20Plus%20Photo%20Evidence%20He%27s%20Still%20Alive%21%20ChristianPatriotNews%2012-17-18%20Bit.mp4?dl=0

Bitchute Video: “Epstein Celebrity Pedophile Murder File Leak”. Posted 1-6-2023 by Mardo. This was from released documents from the Ghislaine Maxwell case.    https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/kgwnznsb6t5wavanpuan6/EPSTEIN-CELEBRITY-PEDOPHILE-MURDER-FILE-LEAK-EPSTEIN-STILL-ALIVE-IN-ISRAEL-Marnos-1-6-23-Bit.mp4?rlkey=v1w4eolaojmp71un5l6c8bg4m&dl=0   

Rumble Video: “Deep State mafia JUST snuffed out a major Epstein connection”. Posted 1-9-2023 by Redacted. This is the account of one Denise George who reached a $105 Mil settlement with JP Morgan Chase over their involvement in “Epstein Island”, who was afterwards fired from her position.   https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/wntyi869zuw3g099vqrwq/Deep-State-mafia-JUST-snuffed-out-a-major-Epstein-connection-Redacted-with-Clayton-Morris-Rumble.mp4?rlkey=8lw0vc02c9ljualzij62sol7i&dl=0

Banned Video: “Joe Biden Appointed Pedophile At USPS Busted In Sting Operation”. Posted 7-19-2022 by The War Room.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/eho21qj41s276cr/Joe%20Biden%20Appointed%20Pedophile%20At%20USPS%20Busted%20In%20Sting%20Operation%20War%20Room.mp4?dl=0

From CNBC: USVI says JPMorgan notified Treasury of more than $1 billion in Jeffrey Epstein ‘human trafficking’ transactions after he died. Article published 9-1-2023 by CNBC’s Dan Mangin.  https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/tzuupjglwnrj8umuof2nm/JPMorgan-flagged-Jeffrey-Epstein-sex-traffic-transactions-to-Treasury.pdf?rlkey=p8rujq0cvkj37726qxr1d01o5&dl=0     

Bitchute Video: “EXPOSED!! PEDO PRINCE ANDREW ACCUSED OF SEXUALLY ABUSING A 12 YEAR OLD GIRL AND A 10 YEAR OLD BOY”. Posted 9-6-2023 by 99 Percent. Features an interview of a man who escorted the British Prince into a backroom of a club in Ukraine to have sex with 2 minors.  https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/c5xdjog2cfu8mnzfbz3b2/Prince-Andrew-accused-of-sexually-abusing-a-12-yo-girl-and-10-yo-boy-during-a-visit-to-Ukraine-VOAT-9-3-23-Bit.mp4?rlkey=qzoekn2hyybvltf21yre28lyt&dl=0  

Youtube Video: “Jeffrey Epstein is just the tip of the iceberg, it gets worse – Whitney Webb”. Posted 10-20-2023 by Redacted. Here Whitney reveals the web of influence surrounding Epstein, and his ties to world leaders.     https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/mcsdozey6s3fheuv4c0sk/Jeffrey-Epstein-is-just-the-tip-of-the-iceberg-it-gets-worse-Whitney-Webb-Redacted-YouTube.mp4?rlkey=o76xb284sifhabv2fk1livhbc&dl=0

Youtube Video: “Jeffrey Epstein and Jamie Dimon with Whitney Webb”. Posted 11-18-2023 by Redacted.    https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/jmyy82d43r8plf86sll5c/Jeffrey-Epstein-and-Jamie-Dimon-with-Whitney-Webb-Redacted.mp4?rlkey=kk0prhk9lbylzdkxy5jleccdf&dl=0

Bitchute Video: “FBI EXPOSED FOR HAVING JEFFREY EPSTEIN’S BLACK BOOK AND ALL THE DVD VIDEOS”. Posted 12-5-2023 by Pirate Pete. From a State Observers Network video.  https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/3421btk8fek5ikpunvqxi/FBI-EXPOSED-FOR-HIDING-EPSTEIN-BLACK-BOOK-AND-HAVING-ALL-THE-DVD-VIDEOS-Pirate-Pete-12-5-23-Bit.mp4?rlkey=iqv1okbweebhijz8nopmw7dsr&dl=0  

From the case of USA vs. Ghislaine Maxwell: Government Exhibit 662-RR. Flight logs of Jeffery Epstein’s private jets. Many notable people listed plus unidentified ‘females’.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/4527oowxo6svwu7/epstein-flight-logs-released-in-usa-vs-maxwell.pdf?dl=0

The “Sound Of Freedom” Motion Picture And Backlash Against It

The film Sound of Freedom starring Jim Caviezel, Mira Sorvino and Bill Camp was released this year (3023)

Youtube Video: “Sound Of Freedom Official Trailer (2023)”. Posted 7-2023.     https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/jf1xn1vzgl3n8g4l2gevj/Sound-of-Freedom-Official-Trailer-2023-YouTube-IGN-Movie-Trailers.mp4?rlkey=tgpxe5o6tnc6pk95ujzv49o0y&dl=0

Youtube Video: “Sound Of Freedom CRUSHES IT At The Box Office & Leftoids CAN’T STAND IT”. Posted 7-12-2023 by The Liberal Hivemind.     https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/562haiyv776qp7xp9gz73/Sound-of-Freedom-CRUSHES-IT-at-the-Box-Office-Leftoids-CAN-T-STAND-IT-YouTube-The-Liberal-Hivemind.mp4?rlkey=sb9m9kw9ekfstqv8losawm07g&dl=0

Youtube Video: “Sound Of Freedom True Story Of A Federal Agent Turned Child Protector”. Posted 7-12-2023 by Grassroots Army. The subject of child trafficking internationally is now proving more profitable than the arms smuggling industry.      https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/c5rl6yb5z35fg6kddawbi/Sound-of-Freedom-True-Story-of-A-Federal-Agent-Turned-Child-Protector-YouTube-Grassroots-Army.mp4?rlkey=vs42kyqlxnq3pl39txvzrl9kh&dl=0

Youtube Video: “Sound Of Freedom ATTACKED By Woke Degenerate Writer EXPOSED As Pedo Activist, This Is EVIL”. Posted 7-18-2023 by Ryan Kinel – RK Outpost. Whenever a film comes out that challenges people to take a hard look at a certain subject you can expect some degree of backlash. With the release of Sound of Freedom – a film that exposes the worldwide child sex trafficking (which has been going on for many decades), the child abusers have come out of their closets to attack and attempt to engage in obfuscation over what is essentially a criminal act – child abuse. One man in particular who has come out against this film is the Jewish fellow Noah Berlatsky whose picture resembles that of a Child Rapist wanted by the FBI whose mug shot you would see hanging in a Post Office somewhere.     https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/ogto4mg9cbye7x4j32l2i/Sound-Of-Freedom-ATTACKED-By-Woke-Media-Degenerate-Writer-EXPOSED-As-Pedo-Activist-This-Is-EVIL-YouTube-Ryan-Kinel-RK-Outpost.mp4?rlkey=svse246ypxmns2gil1go2gljy&dl=0

Mr. Berlatsky Communications Director for Prostasia, a not-for-profit group that is reportedly attempting to legitimize pedophilia under the guise of helping children.

From the Postmillennial: NBC contributor becomes spokesperson for controversial group accused of ‘normalizing pedophilia. Article published 8-30-2021 by Libby Emmons.  “As part of his work with the group, he has written about legitimizing “trans children,” conducted interviews about the positive impact of pornography on children, and how the best way to help children who are trafficked into the sex trade is to “decriminalize the sex industry.“.     https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/8bndsp7363cugvmywct2t/NBC-contributor-becomes-spokesperson-for-controversial-group-accused-of-normalizing-pedophilia-_-The-Post-Millennial-_-thepostmillennial.com.pdf?rlkey=98kop27vm55u6qwbpgqzm917e&dl=0

Youtube Video: “Andy Ngo exposes ‘MAP’ advocate who smears Sound of Freedom”. Posted 7-19-2023 by Newsmax. ‘MAP’ stands for “Minor Attracted Person”. which is pedo-talk for child abusers and rapists.      https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/8pe3xkeblitc7b7lxefa5/Andy-Ngo-exposes-MAP-advocate-who-smears-Sound-of-Freedom-YouTube.mp4?rlkey=i8h5ubn7oslhbrz4zfpay1eh5&dl=0

The Cannibal Club Restaurant In Los Angeles, CA

 Youtube Video: “CANNlBAL CLUB EXPOSED: PRIVATE RESTAURANT IN LA”. Posted 2-19-2018.         https://www.dropbox.com/s/p9cnswub00cbqhx/CANNlBAL%20CLUB%20EXPOSED%20PRIVATE%20RESTAURANT%20IN%20LA.mp4?dl=0

Cannibal Club Main Page. “Specializing in the preparation of human meat, Cannibal Club brings the cutting edge of experimental cuisine to the refined palates of L.A.’s cultural elite. Our exclusive clientele includes noted filmmakers, intellectuals, and celebrities who have embraced the Enlightenment ideals of free expression and rationalism. On event nights, avant-garde performance artists, celebrated literary figures, and ground-breaking musicians entertain our guests”.           https://www.dropbox.com/s/wlk2eruwshh2l4a/__www.cannibalclub.org_.pdf?dl=0

Cannibal Club Cuisine. “The meat we serve is selected from the young and healthy. Consistent with the practice of cannibalism in many primitive societies, we view anthropophagy as homage to the dead, who are reborn into the bodies of their consumers. Each dish, therefore, is a study in taste and elegance”.              https://www.dropbox.com/s/f4szlvv3hiibsgw/__www.cannibalclub.org_cuisine.pdf?dl=0

 Youtube Video: “Don’t Just Watch Celebrities! Now You Can Eat Them…Literally! Cannibalism Normalized! SICK!”. Posted 3-1-2021 by Lisa Haven. Lisa delves into the subject of human tissue being sold by a biolab. https://www.dropbox.com/s/unpzqqshn4yq16m/Don%E2%80%99t%20Just%20Watch%20Celebrities%21%20Now%20You%20Can%20Eat%20Them%E2%80%A6Literally%21%20Cannibalism%20Normalized%21%20SICK%21.mp4?dl=0

#Subset Topic: The Kuru And Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy (Scrapie)

Youtube Video: “Kuru”. Posted 2-2-2012. A revealing look at a cannibal tribe from Papua New Guinea, the “Foray”. This documentary reveals the hazards of consuming human nerve tissue such as brains and other matter, which can lead to the passing of scrapie (transmissible spongiform encephalopathy) from the victim to the consumer.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/fg5455key3fagtx/Kuru.mp4?dl=0

Banned Video: “Papua New Guinea Pigs”. Posted 7-9-2023 by Jamie Dlux. This video deals with the work by one Daniel Carleton Gajdusek, an American physician who was credited for the discovery of Kuru Disease in Papua New Guinea amongst natives living there who indulged in cannibalism. Dr. Gajdusek, raised a Calvinist, was later charged with pedophilia.     https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/owen4spybx6548d60bxbl/Papua-New-Guinea-Pigs-Jamie-Dlux.mp4?rlkey=fy9lt1opw3buhyfbsh6d3pj1g&dl=0

Youtube Video: “Storyville: The Genius And The Boys”. Posted 2014 by Charles Walsh. This was from Storyville, a BBC production aired first on 6-1-2009. From a post left under this video: “Let me get this straight, people are defending him and saying that he is not a pedo. He admitted it. Flat out said it. They are defending him? What in the clown world are we living in. The fact that people defending this are making it out like those who know this is plain wrong are crazy is just mind-boggling”.      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OxppDxzSww

Statue In Bern, Switzerland Of A Man With A Sack-full Of Babies

Kindlifresser, or “Child Eater” stands in the middle of BernSwitzerland, with a baby half stuffed into his mouth, and a sack full of three alarmed tots slung over his shoulder. The terrifying sculpture is one of the oldest fountains in the city of Bern from 1546 AD, but strangely nobody knows exactly for sure why it is standing there.

Adrenochrome – An Ages Old Addiction

From History.com: DECEMBER 26, 1610 : BATHORY’S TORTUROUS ESCAPADES ARE EXPOSED. “On this day in 1609 or 1610 (sources are not conclusive), Count Gyorgy Thurzo makes an investigative visit to Csejthe Castle in Hungary on orders from King Matthias and discovers Countess Elizabeth Bathory directing a torture session of young girls. Bathory was already infamous in the area for her torture and murder of servants and peasants, but her title and high-ranking relatives had, until this point, made her untouchable. Her bloodthirsty activities have led many to cite her as one of the first vampires in history”. MDM Bathory indulged in the same thing that has actually been going on for centuries – the torture and bloodletting of people done for the purposes of extracting adrenaline, which was drunken back then, as it is today. One of the notable things about the Countess is that she bathed in blood, which some say is a way to continue a youthful appearance.       https://www.dropbox.com/s/5y4i251hepdv5tc/__www.history.com_this-day-in-history_bathorys-torturous-.pdf?dl=0

From: Oxford Academic: Factors other than Light Affecting the Pineal Gland: Hypophysectomy, Testosterone, Dihydrotestosterone, Estradiol, Cryptorchidism, and Stress. 8-1-2015. A short article that lists stress as a contributing factor in the production of Adrenochrome. Acute stresses appear to increase adrenal catecholamine output (epinephrine and norepinephrine) as well as to stimulate local adrenergic pathways, while chronic stress, such as starvation, appears to act through the adrenal corticosteroids by decreasing pineal MAO activity thereby indirectly increasing melatonin synthesis”.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/svy49xpbf48qoca/__academic.oup.com_icb_article_16_1_79_2015628.pdf?dl=0

 Youtube Video: “ADRENOCHROME – FIXED”. Posted 1-31-2018. Adrenochrome in modern film and etc.           https://www.dropbox.com/s/w1lz3et0sbqso74/ADRENOCHROME%20-%20FIXED.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Adrenochrome Drug and US Missing Children Connection”. Posted 9-23-2018. Adrenochrome Drug and Missing Children Connection. There is so much evil going on all around us. Share this video to get the truth out.      https://www.dropbox.com/s/i6xa89601t129qi/Adrenochrome%20Drug%20and%20US%20Missing%20Children%20Connection%20-%20AdrenoLust.mp4?dl=0

 Youtube Video: “EXPLOSIVE: Pedophile Ring Linked To Adrenochrome Drug Trafficking”. Posted 11-25-2017. Adrenochrome was made popular by Johnny Depp in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. What does it have to do with the pedophile arrests, MK Ultra and the Children’s Non-Profit Organizations?          https://www.dropbox.com/s/75nlbzfph7i4lvt/EXPLOSIVE%20Pedophile%20Ring%20Linked%20To%20Adrenochrome%20Drug%20Trafficking.mp4?dl=0

 Youtube Video: “WHAT’S WRONG WITH THEIR EYES Part 1”. Posted 4-17-2018. Details some of the prominent people with the “black eye” condition.             https://www.dropbox.com/s/tp3v84farhd96j4/WHATS%20WRONG%20WITH%20THEIR%20EYES%20%20%20Part%201.mp4?dl=0

Excerpt from the book: “Cannibalism, Blood Drinking & High-Adept Satanism” by Kerth Barker, 2014.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/ipo2jt5jotd6rnu/CANN-excerpt-for-website.pdf?dl=0

 Where to get the book from Amazon: Cannibalism, Blood Drinking & High-Adept Satanism Paperback – November 16, 2014:    https://www.amazon.com/Cannibalism-Blood-Drinking-High-Adept-Satanism/dp/1503196348

 From Amazon Books: Adrenochrome And Other Mythical Drugs.      https://www.amazon.com/Adrenochrome-other-mythical-drugs/dp/1482785765/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1525747850&sr=1-1&keywords=adrenochrome

Youtube Video: “JuicyChrome being mentioned on TV”. Posted 2-5-2021 by KI JENN. JuicyChrome is slang for adrenochrome.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/nq4px1ax9leqgrd/JuicyChrome%20being%20mentioned%20on%20TV.mp4?dl=0

Banned Video: “Hollywood Movie Actor Exposes Adrenochrome & Child Sex Trafficking”. Posted 4-20-2021 by Banned Video. An interview with Jim Caviezel.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/yuvqkiktya5gv7e/Hollywood%20Movie%20Star%20Exposes%20Adrenochrome%20%26%20Child%20Sex%20Trafficking.mp4?dl=0

British “Royals” And Their Never-Ceasing Scandals

Vladimir III, aka. Vlad Tepesh, Vlad Dracul

From the Telegraph UK: Prince Charles, heir to Dracula’s blood line: The Romanian tourist board is to use links between the British Royal family and Count Dracula to lure in UK tourists, it has emerged, by Victoria Ward and Andrew Hough 11-5-2012.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/kc29gizvczb6rwn/__www.telegraph.co.uk_news_uknews_prince-charles_9656769_P.pdf?dl=0

From Cultural Marxism: Prince Charles: British Royal Family Is Descended From Dracula: Prince Charles: British Royal Family Is Descended From Dracula by Bill Wallace 5-18-2015. Contains a map of the genealogical bloodline from the Impaler to Prince Charles.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/i877ywtab6r1gms/__culturalmarxism.net_prince-charles-british-royal-family-.pdf?dl=0

The Divine Right of Kings by J.P.SOMMERVILLE, undated. “The theory of the Divine Right of Kings aimed at instilling obedience by explaining why all social ranks were religiously and morally obliged to obey their government. The religious fervor awakened by the Reformation and Counter-Reformation provoked rebellion all over Europe. In England, both Roman Catholic and Puritan theorists justified disobedience, and even forcible resistance, to heretical governments that attacked the true religion. In the 1560s, Mary Queen of Scots was deposed by Calvinist rebels, whose actions were explained and justified by the poet and historian, George Buchanan. Mary fled to England and plotted with English Catholics to overthrow the government of Elizabeth I until she was executed in 1587 for her involvement in the Babington Plot.                    https://www.dropbox.com/s/pzhhw9qm2auqdn5/__faculty.history.wisc.edu_sommerville_367_367-04.pdf?dl=0

 Youtube Video: “The Truth about British Royals”. Posted 6-22-2016. QUEEN VICTORIA’S grandchildren all married each other, and many of her children were psychopaths. One of her favourite grandchildren was Prince Carl Eduard Coburg who attended Eton and was a British Prince who was a member of the Order of the Garter. He was sent to Germany and installed as a General in the armed forces, and he then set about conscripting the youngest and fittest of German society who he then commanded and killed on battlefields of the First World War. It was Prince Carl Eduard Coburg and his uncle, the Kaiser, who caused millions of people to be gassed and murdered between 1914-1918…  https://www.dropbox.com/s/8vtjrzncj09ghkl/The%20Truth%20about%20British%20Royals.mp4?dl=0

 Youtube Video: “Unlawful Killing: The Murder of Princess Diana”. Posted 8-31-2016. Unlawful Killing is a 2011 British documentary film, directed by Keith Allen, about the deaths of Diana, Princess of Wales and Dodi Fayed on 31 August 1997. It argues that the British and French authorities covered up uncomfortable facts about the crash, accuses Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret of being ‘gangsters in tiaras’, and alleges that Prince Philip is a psychopath, in the mould of British serial killer Fred West, who orchestrated the murder of Diana and Dodi. It also alleges that Diana’s life could have been saved had she been taken to hospital quickly and efficiently, and condemns the inquest into her death for failing to investigate why this action was not taken.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/mrbuzfe9ssxdh86/Unlawful%20Killing%20The%20Murder%20of%20Princess%20Diana.mp4?dl=0

 Youtube Video: “Who are the Windsors? – Webster Tarpley”. Posted 9-22-2015. This video contains audio from Webster Tarpley’s discussion of the British royal family on the Alex Jones Show. Full credit to Dr. Tarpley for his analysis and recounting of the historical subject matter discussed. This slideshow was created to illustrate the subject matter and this video is being shared with the intent of informing the general public. Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley is a historian, author and activist. For more information on his work visit: http://tarpley.net


 Youtube Video: “Haemophilia and Porphyria – Royal diseases from Tainted Blood”. Posted 5-1-2011. The Royal family has had many instances of unexplained illnesses and premature death during it’s history – George III’s ‘madness’, the downfall of Mary Queen of Scots and Rasputin bringing down the Russian throne, can all be linked back to Queen Victoria. This programme explores how, in trying to preserve the bloodline, the monarchy may have spread genetic disease far and wide – from Porphyria wreaking havoc with British royals to Haemophilia finding its way from Buckingham Palace, all the way to Moscow.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/nil00q7zt77qfsm/Haemophilia%20and%20Porphyria%20-%20Royal%20diseases%20from%20Tainted%20Blood.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Banned in Britain saville 9th circle”. The story of one of Great Britain’s now notorious pedophiles, Jimmy Saville and the crowd of well-connected friends around him: This just jaw dropping production by Russell Burtons truly deserves recognition. Matt Wilks uploaded it with the Banned in Britain title to encourage more to view. The Heart of the British Government have covered up these paedophilles for years, actually decades, lets not them forget, we know what you did and we will not stand silent. Treason is treason. Please remain peaceful, join us in Lawful Rebellion and lets bring these so ‘n so’s to justice. Violence and destruction will play into their hands.  https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/98u6kdl3tndjby1qcxqs1/Banned-in-Britain-Saville-9th-Circle-UK-Pizzagate-British-Monarchy-The-Crown-Corona-Links-4.mp4?rlkey=w16i39typ2ivy8z51go13k8g8&dl=0

 Youtube Video: “*MORE ON ‘THE 9th CIRCLE’ PEDOPHILE RING”. Posted 4-22-2015. MORE Information On; People Involved, Charges, Details etc…   https://www.dropbox.com/s/kqf4r4cx0o21dcx/MORE%20ON%20THE%209th%20CIRCLE%20PEDOPHILE%20RING.mp4?dl=0

 Youtube Video: “British Royal Family complicit in UK child abuse cover-ups. Former Jersey Senator Stuart Syvret”. Posted 8-29-2014. Mystery royal ‘was part of suspected paedophile ring being investigated by Scotland Yard but the inquiry was shut down for national security reasons’.


 Youtube Video: “Edward Heath Scandal Police claims Sir Edward Heath Linked to sex abuse of children”. Posted 10-5-2017. Police examining claims that Sir Edward Heath sexually abused children have been the victim of a “chilling” campaign to silence them, a Conservative MP has said on the eve of the conclusion of a two-year investigation into the former prime minister. The Wiltshire police report on the allegations of abuse is expected to say there were the initial grounds to suspect Heath and that would have merited interviewing him under criminal caution had he still been alive.                            https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50JGhSckICE

Youtube Video: “Jimmy Saville, Jeffrey Epstein, Madeline McCann & Elite Chomo Rings – David Icke”. Posted 7-18-2019 by Shaun Attwood.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/i5nvcvtc35cq00m/Jimmy%20Saville%2C%20Jeffrey%20Epstein%2C%20Madeline%20McCann%20.mp4?dl=0

 Youtube Video: “What They’re NOT Telling You About London”. Posted 5-1-2018 by Paul Joseph Watson. The real causes behind the violent crime wave.             https://www.dropbox.com/s/n3wwo6ip6rk94ct/What%20Theyre%20NOT%20Telling%20You%20About%20London.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Queen In Disappearance Of 10 Canadian Kids? Part 2”. Posted 7-12-2020 by Shawn Attwood. An interview with Kevin Annett. Watch part 1 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JGC7… Contact Kevin by email: thecommonland@gmail.com Listen to Kevin live every Sunday at 6 pm eastern at www.bbsradio.com/herewestand Download Kevin’s book for free: http://murderbydecree.com/ evidence of genocide in Canada and globally!   https://www.dropbox.com/s/fzgvy4y53h3ja84/Queen%20In%20Disappearance%20Of%2010%20Canadian%20Kids.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Queen In Disappearance Of Kids And Other Exterminations”. Posted 7-17-2020 by Shawn Attwood. An interview with Kevin Annett.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/qb8ot7guucutef9/Queen%20In%20Disappearance%20Of%20Kids%20And%20Other%20Exterminations.mp4?dl=0

From Kevin Annett: Murder by Decree: The Crime of Genocide in Canada. A Counter Report to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission”. Issued by the International Tribunal for the Disappeared of Canada.  In conjunction with previous Citizen Commissions of Inquiry. March 1, 2016, Toronto and Brussels. ” To the many tens of thousands of children who died while in the internment and death camps falsely called Indian residential schools; To those men and women who have fought against impossible odds to recover the memory of those children and the truth of how they died, and bring to justice who and what is responsible; And to those who suffer and die today at the hands of the same criminal system. Earth, cover not their blood”.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/wiuqa26mog3cu3j/MurderByDecree.pdf?dl=0

Youtube Video: “215 Child Mass Grave Site”. Posted 6-1-2021 by Natly Denise. Natly delves into the report of a mass grave found outside of a Residential School in Kamloops, BC.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/6st5jqzugbqqy5h/215%20Child%20mass%20grave%20site%20-%20Natly.mp4?dl=0

Banned Video: “Photos Of A Decrepit Prince Phillip Expose The Hollow Face Of Transhumanism”. Posted 3-17-2021 by Banned Video.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/4xamkdu6k2tju0c/Photos%20of%20a%20Decrepit%20Prince%20Philip%20Expose%20the%20Hollow%20Face%20of%20Transhumanism.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “We haven’t found all of the children yet as Search continues after unmarked graves found at another”. Posted 6-28-2021 by CBS News. Whoever uploads videos for CBS needs some schooling on capital letters. This video reveals some 600 more gravesites at former residential schools operated by the government of Canada.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/gfd6x3hbrm3d8ca/We%20haven%27t%20found%20all%20the%20children%20yet%20Search%20continues%20after%20unmarked%20graves%20found%20at%20another%20%E2%80%A6%20-%20CBS%20News.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Queen’s Statues Torn Down In Anger”. Posted 7-2-2021 by Inside Edition. The backlash from the public over Canada’s mistreatment of hundreds of thousands of Native Indians by ‘Residential Schools’ has resulted in the toppling of statues of Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/ozopg80qc0ecls4/Queens%E2%80%99%20Statues%20Torn%20Down%20in%20Anger%20-%20YouTube.mp4?dl=0

Banned Video: “The Dark Ugly Past of the Climate Crisis King”. Posted 9-11-2022 by Greg Reese. Reveals the rather sordid family history of Prince Charles.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/uu9pse85ywo813w/The%20Dark%20Ugly%20Past%20of%20the%20Climate%20Crisis%20King%20Greg%20Reese.mp4?dl=0

Bitchute Video: “STADIUM FULL OF BRITS TELL CHARLES TO SHOVE HIS CORONATION UP HIS ARSE”. Posted 5-1-2023 by World Orders Review (4-30-2023) 5-1-2023.    https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/ax6gx5gk7tyr4fmh8zzuf/STADIUM-OF-BRITS-TELL-CHARLES-TO-…-SHOVE-HIS-CORONATION-UP-HIS-ARSE-World-Orders-Review-4-30-23-5-1-23-Bit.mp4?rlkey=lv043u00lat848rul0dtf0t1u&dl=0

Brighteon Video: “Not My King, Not My King!” was heard in London’s Trafalgar Square – 52 Arrested for Shouting Opinion”. Posted 5-6-2023 by Cynthia’s Pursuit Of Truth. Dozens of anti monarchists were arrested in the name of democracy…Police said they welcomed new legislation that came into force this week giving them more power to crack down on protests that cause “serious disruption.” On Saturday, some protesters said that the arrests represented a breach of public freedoms. Republic, the leading anti-monarchy group in Britain, had arrived early on Saturday in Trafalgar Square and on the Mall in London to publicly voice objections to the coronation. The group maintained that it had communicated with the police ahead of the protest and that the arrests came as a surprise. Remember that in the UK there is no such thing as ‘freedom of speech’.    https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/i9p6i6u9k7czq3i81s974/Not-My-King-Not-My-King-was-heard-in-London-s-Trafalgar-Square-52-Arrested-for-Shouting-Opinion-1.m4a?rlkey=utks6qr4hb4d98wo9fzudvaeb&dl=0

The Frankfurt School Exposed

Note: Communism did not die with the collapse of the Marxist-Leninist former Soviet Union. It had long been previously manipulated by a group of intellectuals to cause it to be more “palatable” to Western peoples who otherwise would never have supported Russian-style collectivism. These same primarily Jewish “intellectuals” (I use the term here loosely because I regard them to be mentally insane), after being driven out of Germany before WWII simply moved to the United States and resumed their work at trying to destroy American and European culture from within.

Marxism is the opiate of the intellectual” – Stefan Molyneux

This Danish illustration originally targeted at Jews, nevertheless sums up the entire Communist situation. From top left: Monopoly, War-Speculation, Atheism, Press Suppression. Top right: Communism, Socialdemocracy, Radicalism and Liberalism. All trademarks of Communistic rule. The bottom text reads: The Jewish Imperialism, shown as an octopus stretching out over the world.

From Timothy Matthews, dated 3-2009. The Frankfurt School. This article goes into some detail concerning the so-called “Frankfurt School”, which Mr. Matthews has termed “… a group of German ~American scholars who developed highly provocative and original perspectives on contemporary society and culture, drawing on Hegel, Marx, Nietzsche, Freud, and Weber. Not that their idea of a ‘cultural revolution’ was particularly new”. Out of this “school” came a host of Communist-leaning Jewish individuals such as Lukacs, Horkheimer, Adorno and etc. The text of this document is as I had found it.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/4ezo306s2i23bxb/FrankfurtSchool.pdf?dl=0

Youtube Video: “CULTURAL MARXISM – The Corruption of America”. A love affair with collectivist ideologies has lead to ever bigger government and the welfare-warfare state. Lead by a Marxist splinter group called the “Frankfurt School” — “the long march through the institutions” has infiltrated every corner of Western culture to corrupt traditional Christian values with “political correctness,” another name for “cultural Marxism.” A James Jaeger Film featuring RON PAUL, Congressman/Presidential Candidate; PAT BUCHANAN, Author/Political Analyst; G. EDWARD GRIFFIN, Author/Producer; EDWIN VIEIRA, Author/Constitutional Attorney and TED BAEHR, Founder of MovieGuide and Christian Film & TV Commission. The ultimate goal of cultural Marxism is to first destroy American free-enterprise capitalism by undermining its economic engine, the Middle Class and this will lead — they hope — to the destruction of the basic building block of society: the Family Unit.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/6jbpjapbm2j7clj/cultural%20marxism.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “The Devil’s Pleasure Palace: The Cult of Critical Theory and the Subversion of the West”. Posted 2-2-2016 by The Institute Of World Politics. On January 28, 2016, Michael A. Walsh, former associate editor of TIME magazine, gave a lecture about his book, “The Devil’s Pleasure Palace: The Cult of Critical Theory and the Subversion of the West ” at The Institute of World Politics. About the book: In the aftermath of World War II, America stood alone as the world’s premier military power. Yet its martial confidence contrasted vividly with its sense of cultural inferiority. Still looking to a defeated and dispirited Europe for intellectual and artistic guidance, burgeoning trans-national elite in New York and Washington embraced not only the war’s refugees, but many of their ideas as well, and nothing has proven more pernicious than those of the Frankfurt School and its reactionary philosophy of “critical theory.” At once overly intellectualized and emotionally juvenile, Critical Theory – like Pandora’s Box – released a horde of demons into the American psyche.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/p717bf4nx5akr9y/The%20Devil%27s%20Pleasure%20Palace_%20The%20Cult%20of%20Critical%20Theory%20and%20the%20Subversion%20of%20the%20West.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “The Frankfurt School, Critical Theory and How America Fell Victim to Europe’s Progressive Ideas”. Posted 9-17-2015 by Townhall Media. Best-selling author, journalist, screenwriter, renown critic and PJ Media contributor Michael Walsh discusses his new book “The Devil’s Pleasure Palace” with Stephen Kruiser. From the Frankfurt School’s critical theory to Hillary Clinton, Michael Walsh delves into how America got off course and was derailed by this post-World War II school of thought that originated in Europe. Patriotism, marriage and the military are just a few of the aspects of American life that were altered for the worse by this school of thought. Join us for this special PJTV interview with Michael Walsh and Stephen Kruiser.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/onyywwclq0gs1gd/The%20Frankfurt%20School%2C%20Critical%20Theory%20and%20How%20America%20Fell%20Victim%20to%20Europe%27s%20Progressive%20Ideas.mp4?dl=0

RULES FOR RADICALS: A Practical Primer for Realistic Radicals by the Jewish man SAUL D. ALINSKY 1971. A thoroughly negativistic view of life in America written by an equally negativistic man: “Today’s generation is desperately trying to make some sense out of their lives and out of the world. Most of them are products of the middle class. They have rejected their materialistic backgrounds, the goal of a well-paid job, suburban home, automobile, country club membership, first-class travel, status, security, and everything that meant success to their parents. They have had it. They watched it lead their parents to tranquilizers, alcohol, long-term-endurance marriages, or divorces, high blood pressure, ulcers, frustration, and the disillusionment of “the good life”. One irrational man’s opinion…      https://www.dropbox.com/s/9ovckclrtn39s10/RulesForRadicals.pdf?dl=0

Youtube Video: “History Of The Frankfurt School – Political Correctness and Cultural Marxism”. Posted 5-21-2016 by Gonzalez Franco. SIMPLE FREEDOM LIBERTY SCHOOL: http://www.Simple1Up.com Cultural Marxism. History of the Frankfurt School: Where Political Correctness was born. Cultural Marxism, Critical Theory and the radical, regressive left’s push to destroy the family unit and use social engineering and mind control strategies to indoctrinate new generations in the West. Just another form of socialism indoctrination by “social justice warriors”.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/om2atdmwt36xdih/History%20of%20the%20Frankfurt%20School.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “The Architects of Western Decline: A Study on the Frankfurt School and Cultural Marxism”. Posted 4-27-2017. This is the long overdue study of the Frankfurt School and Cultural Marxist philosophy which now controls Western intellectualism, politics, and culture. It was by design; it was created by an internationalist intelligentsia to eradicate Western values, social systems, and European racial groups in a pre-emptive attempt to spark global, communist (think liberal) revolution. Andrew Breitbart’s historical notes are taken into the narrative.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/r1nl1rpnye44y7w/The%20Architects%20of%20Western%20Decline%20-%20A%20Study%20on%20the%20Frankfurt%20School%20and%20Cultural%20Marxism.mp4?dl=0

#Subset Topic: This Is The Results Of Colleges And Universities Teaching Communistic Doctrines

*Note: time and space prevents me from including the numerous videos of what has happened to the “institutions of higher learning” here in the U.S. In certain cases they have become the abode of whining, intolerant adult-toddlers who have no idea of what they are hollering about, where their “critical race theories” originated from and why they seem to have been caught up in a war against each other – just like the Communists have written about and planned to occur, in the past.

Youtube Video: “CAMPUS CRAZY: Public University Bans Easter Ads, Parents Stand Up To Critical Race Theory, & More!” Posted 4-1-2021 by Young America’s Foundation. This week, tips from the Campus Bias Tip Line highlighted a mandatory RA training at a public university that instructed students not to promote Christmas or Easter as they are not “inclusive” holidays, and a fiery board meeting at an elementary school in Arizona where parents stood up to CRT.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/vzswh8uwno2abcq/CAMPUS%20CRAZY_%20Public%20University%20Bans%20Easter%20Ads%2C%20Parents%20Stand%20Up%20To%20Critical%20Race%20Theory%2C%20.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Insanity at The EVERGREEN STATE COLLEGE”. Posted 7-20-2017 by The Bored Observer. Recently there was a public trustees meeting at The Evergreen State College and all of the insanity that has been going on there is officially exposed.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/z7br9o015ah7m4h/Insanity%20at%20The%20EVERGREEN%20STATE%20COLLEGE.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “GEN Z And Idiocracy”. Posted 4-5-2021 by joeybtoonz. Today we explore people who struggle with the basics of life.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/fud1rzzpjuk7nzl/Gen%20Z%20and%20.mp4?dl=0

The “Migrant Crisis” In Europe, Or “The Islamisation Of Europe”

Note: the relatively recent (from about 2014) migrant influx into Europe was a well-planned operation to “saturate” European cities with basically a hoard of non-integrable, non-Christian, non-Western and non-culturally-assimilable (mostly Muslim) peoples which in turn have become a plague upon the areas in which they inhabit. Since I have previously covered the subject of the “selling out” of Europe for profit in Health and Wellness section of this site (see that here under the subtitle The 1995 Barcelona Declaration): (https://theunadulterat.wpengine.com/health-wellness/), I will now concentrate on the unseen motives for dumping mostly Muslim migrants into European cities and countries…and you will be shocked at what I will expose.

Additionally, some of the authors and film-makers featured in this section are especially hard on Jewish peoples with good reason. However I feel that Jews in general are “manipulated from above”, meaning that people in higher positions than them are “pulling the strings” as it were, to cause them or permit them to get involved in the many nefarious activities to which they all are collectively to be held responsible. One point that I believe will be made clear in this section of the website, is a long-standing mistrust and hostility towards Christian Europe by Judaism in general, caused by Christianity’s persecution of Jews through the centuries. Again I present this information for the viewer/reader to judge for themselves, and in no way am I trying to be “antisemitic” as has often been the device or smear tactic used to libel critics of Judaism and Zionism. The facts speak for themselves…

The 1995 Barcelona Declaration: adopted at the Euro-Mediterranean Conference – 27-28/11/95.       https://www.dropbox.com/s/8vytjqlj355z50f/Declaraci%C3%B3n-de-Barcelona-1995.pdf?dl=0

PAN – EUROPA by Richard N. Coudenhove-Kalergi. “Dedicated to the youth of Europe”. Originally published 1923. With a vorwort (foreword) by Archduke Otto von Hapsburg of Austria (yes an Austrian royal wrote this part of Kalergi’s book – take note of that). Text entirely im Deutsch.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/2o5szyhyko2i79x/Pan-Europa%20-%20Coudenhove%20Kalergi.pdf?dl=0

From: Archive.IS file dated 12-10-2014. Practical Idealism in English. This translation of the original German – language work by Coudenhove-Kalergi “Praktischer Idealismus” (1925), is rare on the Internet. Translated with Google Translate, the text is difficult to read in places, and several archaic German terms are left unrendered into English. Nevertheless a reader will no doubt come to the conclusion that Kalergi was either borderline insane, or exceptionally compromised in his historical perceptions of Christian Europe. Don’t laugh at this fellow, for there are hundreds like him in the U.S. that are trying to pull the same anti-Western, anti-Biblical, anti-religious (i.e. Christian) perversity here.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/l29whr8idd8fece/Practical%20Idealism%20%E2%80%93%20English%20Translation.pdf?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Islamization of Europe – What You Didn’t Know”. Posted 2-22-2017. Interview with debater and author Gertrud Galster. Made by Media1.dk, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2014. All credits goes to ©Medie1.dk.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/4bpstv1zs8xz2e3/Islamization%20of%20Europe%20-%20What%20You%20Didn%27t%20Know.mp4?dl=0

Article originally posted on YNET: Islamization Of Europe A Good Thing. Reposted by the EU Times, 11-13-2012. “Jews should rejoice at the fact that Christian Europe is losing its identity as a punishment for what it did to us for the hundreds of years [we] were in exile there. We will never forgive Europe’s Christians for slaughtering millions of our children, women and elderly…throughout the generations, in a consistent manner which characterizes all factions of hypocritical Christianity”.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/l2ph1ei4t1yd20z/%27Islamization%20of%20Europe%20a%20good%20thing%27%20%E2%80%93%20Rabbi%20_%20EUTimes.net.pdf?dl=0

Dailymotion Video: “The Kalergi Plan Full Documentary International Communism”. Posted 9-22-2017. “The man of the future will be of mixed  race. The races and classes of today will  gradually disappear due to the elimination of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-negroid is the race of the future, similar in appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, [they] will replace the diversity of peoples and the diversity of individuals. Instead of destroying European Judaism, Europe, against her will, refined and educated this people [Jews], will be driving them to their future status as a leading nation through this artificial evolutionary process…Insofar as Europe is Christian, it is in a spiritual sense Jewish, insofar as Europe is moral, it is Jewish. Almost all of European ethics are rooted in Jewry. All protagonists for a religious or non religious Christian morality, from Augustine to Rousseau, Kant and Tolstoy, were Jews of choice in a spiritual sense. Nietzsche is the only non Jew, the only European heathen moralist. In the East the Chinese people are the ethical par excellence [..] – in the West it is the Jews’ Strength of character paired with sharpness of the mind predestines the Jews in their most excellent specimen to become the leaders of urbane humanity, from the false to the genuine spiritual aristocrats to the protagonists of capitalism as well as of the revolution”. “-Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi “Praktischer Idealismus”.     https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x649a9w

Also Here:  https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/he8rssv146w5y1jd73dd3/The-Kalergi-Plan-Full-Documentary-International-Communism.mp4?rlkey=9blz4q63jba0bcpfvdrscf03q&dl=0

From The Millennium Report: Kalergi Plan: The Covert Scheme To Destroy Europe From Within. The genocidal Kalergi Plan to destroy the indigenous nations and peoples of Europe. “Sadly there are political leaders and planners who seek to create and use mass immigration and the forced movement of people for their own nefarious purposes. Not many have heard of the Kalergi Pan European plan for Europe. In the 1920’s, Free Mason Count Richard von Coudehove-Kalergi wrote a book titled “Praktischer Idealismus”, (Practical Idealism) which set out his views on how he believed the abolition of the right of self-determination and the elimination of European nations should be accomplished with the formation of an European Union”.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/0z3bagl444c6jmc/KALERGI%20PLAN_%20The%20Covert%20Scheme%20To%20Dest…pe%20From%20Within%20%E2%80%93%20The%20Millennium%20Report.pdf?dl=0

From Forward.com: E.U. Accused of Burying Report on Antisemitism Pointing to Muslim Role by Marc Perelman November 28, 2003. The growing debate over antisemitism in Europe took a new authors of a study on antisemitism commissioned by the E E.U. of burying their work for political reasons. European Union accused the twist this week after the professor at Berlin Technical University and one of the report’s authors, Werner Bergman, said that the E.U.-sponsored European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia had deliberately shelved the 112-page report since February because it concluded that Muslims and pro-Palestinian groups were behind much of the recent antisemitic violence in Europe.           https://www.dropbox.com/s/k4lzq6ipyk88b2i/__forward.com_news_7158_eu-accused-of-burying-report-on-an.pdf?dl=0

Brighteon Video: “BROKEN EUROPE: MERKEL AND HER MIGRANTS — WHAT COMES NEXT?” Posted 2018. A breakdown of the migrant crisis and what the crypto-Jewish woman Angela Merkel (formerly Kasner), is doing to undermine Germany and Europe.      https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/gojue8y9h7ph3vbt4g4sm/BREAK-EUROPE-Merkel-and-her-Migrants-What-comes-Next-Links-4.mp4?rlkey=et4oz1diwc9eo9y502ewwudk4&dl=0

 Youtube Video: “The Cultural Enrichment of Germany”. Posted 12-7-2016 by Paul Joseph Watson. “Multiculturalism has failed”.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/xylcjyusx2ixqga/The%20Cultural%20Enrichment%20of%20Germany.mp4?dl=0

Bitchute Video: “Multiculturalism In Europe”. Posted 10-2-2023 by Martinez Perspective.   https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/5kf043nsm97std7p9sh4u/Multiculturalism-in-Europe-Martinez-Perspective-10-2-23-Bit.mp4?rlkey=jjwoo35flgse1k6zd8ri847l5&dl=0 

From The Gatestone Institute: Does Angela Merkel Deserve A Prize For Zionism? Posted 10-19-2019 by Soeren Kern. “A decision by the World Jewish Congress (WJC) to honor German Chancellor Angela Merkel with its prestigious Theodor Herzl Award for Zionism has sparked anger and bewilderment among Jewish leaders in the United States and Europe”. However, scrolling down into the article we come to the real reason that this woman has received the award: “German government support for mass migration from the Muslim world”, even if that support causes anti-Jewish acts to be committed by the very Muslims that they are taking in! This is an example of the irrational mindset of Zionists. However it does fulfill the Kalergi Plan…    https://www.dropbox.com/s/g5q45pm90cbku1s/Does%20Angela%20Merkel%20Deserve%20a%20Prize%20for%20Zionism_.pdf?dl=0

From The Gatestone Institute: The End Of A Jewish Presence In Europe? Article posted 12-20-2019 by Guy Millière. “Although Jews represent less than one percent of the population, half of the racist acts committed in France are committed against Jews – French member of parliament Meyer Habib”.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/l2d93ghmwsmqwig/The%20End%20of%20a%20Jewish%20Presence%20in%20Europe_.pdf?dl=0

The above quote was taken from the Jewish head of Paideia, and demonstrates the self-destruction of Judaism in regards to relations internationally. This woman seeks to push a bizarre, mentally compromised and irrational mindset which has plagued Rabbinic Judaism for centuries upon the rest of the world. Yes there have been hundreds of anti-Semitic attacks in Europe all of which can be traced back to Jewish organizations pushing for the “Islamization” of countries which they currently inhabit, resulting in numerous instances of Synagogues being firebombed, attacked and desecrated by the very Muslims that these organizations are bringing in, and furthering the fear that many Jews now feel that they are not safe anywhere as they themselves have become victims of racist attacks. In other words, everything that is currently happening and has historically happened to Jews in the past, are the results of situations that they have brought down upon themselves. Why you ask? When Jews (who should be called what they were in ancient times – the Yahudim or those who laud Yahweh) rejected the Mashiyach Yahshua and secretly afterwards began to suppress the name Yahweh, they brought down upon their heads the curse spoken of in Matt 27:24-25: “Now when Pilate saw that he was accomplishing nothing, but rather that a riot was starting, he took water and washed his hands in front of the crowd, saying, “I am innocent of this Man’s blood; you yourselves shall see.” And all the people replied, “His blood shall be on us and on our children!” (NASB). The bottom line here is that you don’t reject Elohim in a body come into the world as a Savior (see Isa 43:3,11) and get away with it. There will be repercussions and the only way to solve it is for Jews worldwide to reject the blasphemous teachings of corrupted Rabbis and accept that the Messiah has already come and has already accomplished the work of Salvation.

An example of the erroneous teachings of Rabbis can be found in an article published by Israel365 by one David Sidman from 7-21-2020, called “ISRAELI RABBI REVEALS DATE OF MESSIAH’S ARRIVAL ACCORDING TO KABBALAH”. In this article Rabbi Daniel Asor predicts that the Messiah will reveal Himself on Yom Kippur 2021: “In the following year of Taf Shin Pey Bet (September 2021- September 2022), a year of the Yovel (Jubilee), on Yom Kippur 2021, the Messiah will reveal himself and then disappear” the Rabbi explained. Yom Kippur 2021 falls on the night of September 15 until nightfall on September 16″. Rabbi Asor then states: “The rabbi then sources the Talmud revealing that in the end of the Jubilee year, the Messiah will re-emerge again on Yom Kippur 2022 which falls on October 4-5”. Notice that in this article Rabbi Asor refers to the Jewish Talmud and NOT to the Scriptures, which is where the Messianic prophecies were originally written. So what happened on Yom Kippur 2021? Nothing! The Mashiyach did not make an appearance, and on Yom Kippur 2022 you will have the same situation occurring – no Messiah, no appearance. What then was the prophecy about the time of His appearance? It can be found in Deut 5:9:  “You shall not worship them nor serve them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, inflicting the punishment of the fathers on the children, even on the third and fourth generations of those who hate Me” (NASB). That would have been between the third and fourth millennia, the year 3966 A.M. (anno mundi or year of the world) to be precise, when the Mashiyach would have been born, in Bet-lehem to be very precise (see Micah 5:2). Now two thousand years ago! His death, burial, raising up and ascension came in the year 4000 A.M.. Rabbi Asor’s prediction is an example of the mislead misleading others, and the fact that he used Talmudic teachings to do so is an example of Judaism having abandoned Tanakh for the opinions of Sages and Rabbis who were not raised up as Moses and the Prophets were, by way of Vision and Revelation

Article here:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/dutrq18pyd6tb1z/Israeli%20Rabbi%20Reveals%20Date%20of%20Messiah%27s%20Arrival%20according%20to%20Kabbalah.pdf?dl=0 

Brighteon Video: “Invasion”. Posted 12-31-2019. Europe is being invaded and destroyed as is America as are all western nations.   https://www.brighteon.com/7992f279-eed9-4f93-bc85-5d9bc56072b4

 Youtube Video: “Borderless 2019 Official Documentary”. Posted by Lauren Southern 5-25-2019. Lauren accompanies cross-border migrants into Europe and reveals the sordid nature of human trafficking. https://www.dropbox.com/s/hytwarvjwhr3rp1/Borderless%202019%20-%20Lauren%20Southern%27s%20deleted%20video.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “What Lauren Southern’s Borderless Didn’t Say”. Posted 6-5-2019 by Red Ice TV. In Lauren Southern’s film Borderless, she investigates what is happening with Europe’s borders. The film claims to blow the European border crisis wide open, but there’s some major aspects that weren’t covered, especially the presence of Jewish NGO’s at sites where Muslims and others are dropped off/picked up. https://www.dropbox.com/s/3aqi0589f3ddpkj/What%20Lauren%20Southern%27s%20Borderless%20Didn%27t%20Say.mp4?dl=0

Bitchute Video: “NGO traitors to Europe dance with the invaders”. Posted 10-3-2023 by Martinez Perspective. Muslim fighting-age men dancing with whites on a ship somewhere.    https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/n1jspyroo758een9fq2d4/NGO-traitors-to-Europe-dance-with-the-invaders-Martinez-Perspective-10-3-23-Bit.mp4?rlkey=0ejrjydcq2z0zoqpsi9qbagvw&dl=0

Youtube Video: “The Truth About Migrants (2018)”. Posted 7-18-2018 by Paul Joseph Watson. Paul breaks down firstly the public backlash against Muslim immigrants to South Korea, then continues with an exposing of EU migrants and their crimes/health problems and etc.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/yjphz80f9lluf45/The%20Truth%20About%20Migrants%20%282018%29.mp4?dl=0

#Subset Topic: Sweden Used As A Test To Discover Westerner’s Resistance To Extremist Islam

Youtube Video: “The Islamic State of Sweden”. Posted 2-21-2018 by Paul Joseph Watson.     https://www.dropbox.com/s/74hh8g3jqcax1ri/The%20Islamic%20State%20of%20Sweden.mp4?dl=0

Bitchute Video: “MUSLIM LEADER SAID KHECHAREM CALLS FOR CONQUEST OF AMERICA, BRITAIN, RUSSIA, FRANCE AND ITALY”. Posted 8-26-2018 by Freiheits Freund. Video taken from MEMRI TV Videos. – Said Khecharem, a member of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Tunisia, said that restoring the rule of the Muslims worldwide “requires the conquest of America, Britain, Russia, France, and Italy,” and other infidel lands. Khecharem, who was speaking at the International Caliphate Conference, held in Tunisia, said that this would happen “after the elimination of the filthy Jewish entity, and after liberation of the lands that are being directly colonized, like Kashmir and others.” The conference was posted on the YouTube channel of Hizb ut-Tahrir Tunisia on May 19, 2018.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/gmvjviooflyia8u/Muslim%20leader%20Said%20Khecharem%20calls%20for%20conquest%20of%20America%2C%20Britain%2C%20Russia%2C%20France%20and%20Italy.%20Bitchute.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Muslim Gangs Take Control of 55 Zones in Sweden”. Posted 11-5-2014 by TheLip TV. Muslim criminal gangs have taken control of 55 “no-go zones,” according to a report released by Swedish police, which mapped out the areas law enforcement has handed over. The areas are overrun by organized crime and drug dealing and officers frequently face direct attacks when trying to enter them. We look at how the gangs have secured these zones from criminal authorities, and how authorities have been powerless to change the tide in this Lip News clip.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/7h0hrww2fb6bgue/Muslim%20Gangs%20Take%20Control%20of%2055%20Zones%20in%20Sweden.mp4?dl=0

From Zero Hedge article: Sweden Creates 55 “No Go Zones” As It Loses Control Of Refugee Crisis. Posted 9-28-2016 by Tyler Durden. “As migrants continue to flow into Europe, certain cities across the continent have seemingly lost their ability to maintain law and order amid a surge in violent crime”.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/qyci7sees1vkc7v/Sweden%20Creates%2055%20_No-Go%20Zones_%20As%20It%20L…Control%20Of%20Refugee%20Crisis%20_%20Zero%20Hedge.pdf?dl=0

From RT World News: Gang shootings, rapes and no-go zones? Government blamed as Sweden battles crime wave. Article posted 7-5-2018.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/1mwe1g5m2n6ekkc/Gang%20shootings%2C%20rapes%20and%20no-go%20zones_%20…den%20battles%20crime%20wave%20%E2%80%94%20RT%20World%20News.pdf?dl=0

From Gatestone Institute: Sweden Confronting Reality. Article posted 12-14-2019 by Judith Bergman. An exposé of Sweden’s major problem with Muslim migrants. “According to Säpo, individuals from Islamist groups are using public-funded schools, cultural associations and foundations as platforms to spread extremist ideology within Sweden”.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/hej6vg7lwxsrrh1/Sweden_%20Confronting%20Reality.pdf?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Racist crimes against Swedish boys”. Posted 2-20-2020 by Jellybean Gen. I talk about the recent spurge of youth crime and a trend of humiliation robberies.     https://www.dropbox.com/s/oj15wmgjp2zwotv/Racist%20crimes%20against%20Swedish%20boys.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Sweden Is A European Outlier When It Comes To…” Posted 6-6-2021 by Jellybean Gen.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/sjo29qpzfd20dzu/Sweden%20is%20a%20European%20outlier%20when%20it%20comes%20to…%20-%20Jellybean%20Gen..mp4?dl=0

Bitchute Video: “Cultural enrichment and diversity is going quite well in Sweden don’t you think”. Posted 10-9-2023 by Jim Crenshaw. More military-aged Muslims going crazy in Sweden.   https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/d3t2ffh1oo6kv7hgt3w2x/Cultural-enrichment-and-diversity-in-going-quite-well-in-Sweden-don-t-you-think-Jim-Crenshaw-10-9-23-Bit.mp4?rlkey=aqldznwh8c3qxlcck1ccw0gsz&dl=0 

#Subset Topic: Germany, Great Britain, France and Austria On The Brink

Eurowars Video: “Diplomat’s Daughter Warns Of Creeping Islamization In Western Civilization”. Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff  joins Matt Bracken to detail her unique experience in Europe as the daughter of an Austrian diplomat where she witnessed Islam gain momentum across society.   https://assets.infowarsmedia.com/videos/b4f36836-0ace-4175-9a7d-eb97373811db.mp4

Also Here:  https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/fkn9y3w7h2hi2fi8x0300/b4f36836.mp4?rlkey=1rb4udwypok3mq98cyzxfnxgb&dl=0

From The Gatestone Institute: A Black Day For Austria. Posted 12-26-2011 by Soeren Kern. “An Austrian appellate court has upheld the conviction of Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, a Viennese housewife and anti-Jihad activist, for “denigrating religious beliefs” after giving a series of seminars about the dangers of radical Islam”.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/a0sbg2hk3dg46lc/_A%20Black%20Day%20for%20Austria_.pdf?dl=0

From The Gatestone Institute: Germany: Citizenship For Polygamous Migrants? Article posted 5-10-2019 by Soeren Kern. “Critics say that he bill, as it currently stands, would not only create a legal backdoor for polygamous migrants to become German citizens, but would effectively legalize the practice for Muslim immigrants. The changes would, consequently, enshrine into German law two parallel legal systems, one based on German Civil Law and another based on Islamic Sharia Law”.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/g8c3rrspnqo3ltl/Germany_%20Citizenship%20for%20Polygamous%20Migrants_.pdf?dl=0

From: The Follies of Distributism: MUSLIM Mayor of London Sadiq Khan allowed for the early release of MUSLIM Terrorist Usman Khan in 2018 after receiving a letter from Khan in 2012. From the EuroWikipedia: “On 29 November 2019, five people were stabbed, two fatally, in Central London. The attacker, Usman Khan, had been released from prison in 2018 on licence after serving a sentence for terrorist offences. The attacker was attending an offender rehabilitation conference in Fishmongers’ Hall when he threatened to detonate what turned out to be a fake suicide vest and started attacking people with two knives taped to his wrists, killing two of the conference participants by stabbing them in the chest.[1] Several people fought back, some attacking Khan with a fire extinguisher and a narwhal tusk as he fled the building and emerged on to London Bridge, where he was partially disarmed by a plain-clothes police officer. He was restrained by members of the public until additional police officers arrived, pulled away those restraining him, and shot him dead”.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/nnby4kzoarkinr6/MUSLIM%20Mayor%20Of%20London%20Sadiq%20Khan%20Allow…diq%20Khan%20Was%20A%20Member%20of%20Parliament….pdf?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Why Jihadis Attack Concerts: Understanding the Manchester Massacre”. Posted 5-24-2017. On the four-year anniversary of the murder of British soldier Lee Rigby by two converts to Islam, a Muslim suicide bomber named Salman Abedi attacked exiting fans at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, killing 22 and injuring 59 others. Can we understand this brutal attack? Only if we turn to the Muslim sources.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/3i0168spmns2klf/Why%20Jihadis%20Attack%20Concerts_%20Understanding%20the%20Manchester%20Massacre.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Muslim Grooming Gangs Still Operating With Impunity in Britain”. Posted 12-29-2019 by Akkad Daily. Despite this being a national scandal for the last decade, it still goes on in Britain’s Muslim communities.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/wl1s8g4cx5zssxo/Muslim%20Grooming%20Gangs%20Still%20Operating%20With%20Impunity%20in%20Britain%20%281%29.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “The Monstrous Failure of Political Correctness”. Posted 1-15-2020 by Akkad Daily. Why have the people who allowed this depravity not been punished?    https://www.dropbox.com/s/0pps0nho9ez6ais/The%20Monstrous%20Failure%20of%20Political%20Correctness.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Sacrificing Our Daughters: On the Psychology of Islamic Rape-Gangs”. Posted 6-14-2013 by Acts17Apologetics. For the sources I cited or referred to in the video, visit the following link: http://www.answeringmuslims.com/2013/… In Great Britain, young white girls are being drugged, gang-raped, and tortured by Muslim men. These brutal attacks are occurring so frequently and in so many cities, it would be positively irrational not to look for a connection. So, why are Muslim rape-gangs targeting young British girls and treating them as if they’re worthless? Perhaps the answers are in the Qur’an.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/v3vroqk9qdylsck/sacrificing%20our%20daughters.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “GMP Allowed the Sexual Abuse of Children by a Network of Muslim Paedophiles in Manchester”. Posted 1-14-2020 TuffUpNorf. 14/01/2020. Elaine Willcox speaks to Mayor Andy Burnham, former detective Maggie Oliver and the grandmother of Victoria Byrne, Joan Agoglia about the failings of Operation Augusta; Rob Smith reports from GMP headquarters; and Lucy Meacock interviews Nazir Afzal.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCByMzVjMq0

Bitchute Video: “Muslims attacking locals using machetes and iron bars”. Posted 1-17-2019 by Liddy English. Possibly in Great Britain where people have been disarmed.    https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/rapju5ho0qdbfg1cqa7cn/Muslims-attacking-locals-using-machetes-and-iron-bars-Liddy-English-1-17-2019-Bit.mp4?rlkey=3idrqxcn0lbi5qriim368th5r&dl=0

Bitchute Video: “AFRICAN MIGRANT RANDOMLY KNOCKS OUT EUROPEAN WOMEN ON PUBLIC TRANSIT”. Posted 9-11-2019 by Michael Bruce Snow.   https://www.bitchute.com/video/hx4ymCqw95iE/

From Gatestone Institute: France’s Homegrown Terrorism. Article posted 10-11-2019 by Giulio Meotti. A breakdown of recent Muslim attacks in France.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/7cmale2mtw44pzr/France%27s%20Homegrown%20Terrorism.pdf?dl=0

From The Gatestone Institute: France, The “Budding Islamic Republic”. Article posted 1-10-2020 by Giulio Meotti. “Nobody dares to publish caricatures of Mohammed anymore. Self-censorship prevails…. Hate is directed against those who resist obscuring information rather than against those who obscure it. Not to mention the psychiatrization of terrorism in order better to exonerate Islam. If we had been told in the early 2000s that in 2020, around 20 French cartoonists and intellectuals would be under police protection, no one would have believed it.” — Pascal Bruckner, author.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/pdx2jxt9pieofxo/France%2C%20The%20_Budding%20Islamic%20Republic_.pdf?dl=0

From Causeur: Sarah Halimi, une histoire française. Article posted 6-15-2017 by Noemie Halioua. In this article, which I have translated into English, the author breaks down a then-recent murder of an elderly Jewish woman by a Muslim attacker who chanted “Allahu Akbar” during her killing. One pertinent part of this article is the sentence:  “This abandonment of the Jews seems emblematic of a wider abandonment of the popular and middle classes by ruling circles who seem to have abandoned the concepts of nation and people”. And therein lies the root cause of such crimes – a deliberate indifference to the suffering of others by Europe’s ruling rich “elites”. In fact, according to the Barcelona Declaration, they are the cause of it.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/2rx5064rgeamd5f/From%20Causeur.pdf?dl=0

Youtube Video: “ISIS claims gruesome church attack in France”. Posted 7-26-2016 by CBS Evening News. ISIS says it is responsible for a gruesome attack in northern France where two men murdered an elderly priest. One of them was under house arrest for terrorist charges. Charlie D’Agata has more.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/kt1rmjk9ezjpr91/ISIS%20claims%20gruesome%20church%20attack%20in%20France.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “The Tragedy of Cultural Relativism”. Posted 12-24-2018 by Paul Joseph Watson. “Never judge people by their appearance.”   https://www.dropbox.com/s/im53jke2s1t39t3/The%20Tragedy%20of%20Cultural%20Relativism.mp4?dl=0

From The Gatestone Institute: Denmark: Shootings, Car Torchings, Gang Violence. Article posted 11-19-2019 by Judith Bergman. “In addition to a common fondness for crime, the culture of immigrant gangs is a cocktail of religion, clan affiliation, honor, shame and brotherhood…”     https://www.dropbox.com/s/uh7yjssk484uu9q/Denmark_%20Shootings%2C%20Car%20Torchings%2C%20Gang%20Violence.pdf?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Ex-Cops Warn France On The Brink Of Collapse”. Posted 5-17-2021 by Anything Goes. France being partitioned by Muslim gangs.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/0qafivvodhaewkl/Ex-Cops%20Warn%20France%20on%20the%20Brink%20of%20Collapse%20-%20Anything%20Goes.mp4?dl=0

Bitchute Video: “French rabbi rav touitou – good news that Islam invade europe because islam is the broom of israel”. Posted 9-20-2023 by lrvtcs. Another deranged Rabbi calling for the end of “Edom” which they confuse with Christian Europe.    https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/97tkme4baxlec52f1ew7i/french-rabbi-rav-touitou-good-news-that-islam-invade-europe-because-islam-is-the-broom-of-israel-levtcs-9-20-23-Bit.mp4?rlkey=gav76e0laxhz7fbupy8bvtxzw&dl=0

Youtube Video: “French Civil War Inches Closer”. Posted 6-7-2021 by Podcast of the Lotus Eaters. A breakdown of recent statements by the French police and military. Surprise, French politicians aren’t amused… https://www.dropbox.com/s/tfwrs7k4uitauuf/French%20Civil%20war%20Inches%20Closer%20-%20Podcast%20Of%20The%20Lotus%20Eaters.mp4?dl=0

From Allah’s Willing Executioners: ‘Refugee’ helper spills the beans on white Germans. “Axel Steier, co-founder, chairman and spokesman of the refugee aid organization Mission Lifeline, a prominent player in the immigration process, has once again expressed his views on the goals of his work. This is not about solidarity or assistance, but about the deliberate and sustained replacement of whites in Germany”. https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/cz5j6qet13zbv38gwcptn/Refugee-helper-spills-the-beans-on-white-Germans-Allah-s-Willing-Executioners.pdf?rlkey=fc396pzkkob39oqj2l67zqddk&dl=0

Bitchute Video: “If Anyone Tries To Tell You Its Not An Orchestrated Invasion Show Them This Video”. Posted 4-22-2023 by Free Speech Warrior. More military-aged Muslim males this time from Croatia.    https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/8q70h9j1rlpedksufwvzx/If-Anyone-Tries-To-Tell-You-It-s-Not-An-Orchestrated-Invasion-of-Europe…-Show-Them-This-Free-Speech-Warrior-4-22-23-Bit-Croatia.mp4?rlkey=6wogs41jq6xywub8uoy2k6q79&dl=0

Banned Video: “VIDEO Psychotic Syrian Refugee Stabs Disarmed French Women and Babies on the Playground”. Posted 6-11-2023 by The Alex Jones Show.     https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/r4k2rdk1gda42e44mw7t9/VIDEO-Psychotic-Syrian-Refugee-Stabs-Disarmed-French-Women-and-Babies-on-the-Playground-Alex-Jones-Show.mp4?rlkey=0mcbung1ng6yty4093fux9kij&dl=0

Youtube Video: “French officer who shot 17-year old under investigation for involuntary homicide”. Posted 7-7-2023 by FRANE 24 English. The shooting of a man in France.    https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/sn7k2k7e38ebqo1kaksov/French-police-officer-who-shot-17-year-old-under-investigation-for-voluntary-homicide-YouTube-FRANCE-24-English.mp4?rlkey=j6t926j4wt1jov6dqsty06yak&dl=0

Youtube Video: “FRENCH INFERNO Riots blaze through France as experts blame failed immigration policies”. Posted 7-7-2023 by Sky News Australia. This was from the fatal shooting of Nahal M. (his last name hidden by the media because he was a Muslim).     https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/er7u91w7q5okf2qi9o8h1/FRENCH-INFERNO-Riots-blaze-through-France-as-experts-blame-failed-immigration-policies-YouTube-Sky-News-Australia.mp4?rlkey=9f3zywq9jgce713rcmlyajezu&dl=0

Bitchute Video: “Sick Shit! Dancing into hell… This is how festivals will be opened in Vienna in 2023”. Posted 7-9-2023 by Freiheits Freund. Children in the audience.    https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/4gbcdxw33x11g8nb3j70n/Sick-shit-Dancing-into-hell…-This-is-how-festivals-will-be-opened-in-Vienna-in-2023-Freiheits-Freund-Vienna-2023-children-in-aud-Bit.mp4?rlkey=fhg0lxo7esj59ryu8ndywtfbl&dl=0

Bitchute Video: “Welcome to Paris France (the SHITHOLE)”. Posted 7-21-2023 by Pirate Pete. Remember, this is being done to a dumbed-down and disarmed populace.   https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/ka4261c15xh03d41y9eqb/Welcome-to-Paris-France-The-SHITHOLE-PiratePete-7-22-2023-Bit.mp4?rlkey=6gwe17mwig7xqfmoj75w7b06r&dl=0

#Subset Topic: The U.S. Position On International Reception Of Migrants

From Fellowship Of The Minds: President Trump Pulls U.S. Out Of UN Global Pact On Migration. Article posted 12-4-2017 by Dr. Eowyn.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/u40myxwm07e7873/President%20Trump%20pulls%20U.S.%20out%20of%20UN%20gl…on%20migration%20_%20Fellowship%20Of%20The%20Minds.pdf?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Obama Aiding Terrorism Whistleblower Found Suicided”. Posted 2-23-2020 by Salty Cracker. In this video we see why Trump pulled the U.S. out of the Pact on migration. An attempt by the Obama administration to bury the facts about domestic Islamic terrorism.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/llllgjou4znw1o2/Obama%20Aiding%20Terrorism%20Whistleblower%20Found%20Suicided.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “European Refugee Crisis – Anatomy Of A Coverup”. Posted 9-10-2015 by Stormcloudsgathering. The real story of the European refugee crisis is much stranger than fiction.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/n1i4ppb2igc81ls/European%20Refugee%20Crisis%20-%20The%20Anatomy%20of%20a%20Coverup.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Biden announce massive increase of 100.000 new refugees in America”. In yet another facepalm move, Joe Biden announces an increase during his administration of 125,000 more migrants due to be taken in, when the U.S. can ill afford to do so. Watch and see if 40-60% of them wind up being muslims. President Joe Biden with yet another executive order – and approved the money to back it up. “Despite a pandemic and economic anxiety in America, Biden announces a massive increase of over 100,000 new refugees for America. Should work out wonderfully for working class citizens…” [Twitter Steve Cortes @CortesSteve].   https://www.dropbox.com/s/kblkhls5e69hamh/Biden%20announces%20massive%20increase%20of%20100.000%20new%20refugees%20in%20America.mp4?dl=0

Youtube Video: “The Intentional Demolition Of American Identity”. Posted 5-7-2023 by Blaze TV. Some more of Joe Biden’s signature lies.    https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/v14ik8d7n7v0wo3c35qo2/The-Intentional-Demolition-of-American-Identity-YouTube-Blaze-TV.mp4?rlkey=dg8085sqm7u4qy35gdngn3foy&dl=0

R . N . C O U D E N H O V E , K A L E R G I: PRAKTISCHER IDEALISMUS. ADEL – TECHNIK – PAZIFISMUS (Noble, Technology, Pacifism). Wien (Vienna) 1925. “Urban people think differently, judge differently, feel differently, act differently than the rustic person (Rustikalmensch). City life is abstract, mechanical, rational – country life concrete, organic, irrational. The urbanist is rationalistic, skeptical, incredulous – the Landmann (non-city dweller) emotionalistic, believing, superstitious”. This fellow has just condemned the entire European countryside population with one irrational – and false – statement. Text entirely im Deutsch.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/u5omuhpk1gw48bc/Richard%20Coudenhove-Kalergi%20-%20Praktischer%20Idealismus.pdf?dl=0

#Subset Topic: Anti-Christian Church And Cathedral Attacks

*Note: Anti religious attacks committed by Muslims, Leftists and Satanists against Christian sites are not reported in the European media, and are therefore difficult to examine as to not only their frequency, but also towards the levels of damage committed. Reports on Church fires and desecrations are likewise rarely revealed in the European press because to do so would prove the narrative of “cultural assimilation” and “cultural relativism” to be the lying farces that they actually are. From the Sun: “Churches across France have been torched, spray-painted, had feces smeared on doors and walls, and had windows broken by radical secularists and Muslims, the Sun wrote. Recent incidents have included a fire in Saint-Sulpice church in Paris, human poo daubed on a wall in Notre-Dame-des-Enfacts in Nimes, and an organ vandalized at Saint-Denis basilica outside Paris,” the paper reported. It should be noted that in 2018 there were 875 attacks on Christian properties in France in that year…

From The Gatestone Institute: Europe: AntiChristian Attacks Reach All-Time High In 2019. “The issue of anti-Christian vandalism was rarely reported by the European media until February 2019, when vandals attacked nine churches within the space of two weeks. The issue made headlines again in April 2019, when a suspicious fire gutted the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Since then, however, the European media are once again shrouding facts in silence”. What follows in this lengthy article are a breakdown of numerous anti-Christian acts committed in 2019.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/e0vjxowhg7uhbb7/Europe_%20Anti-Christian%20Attacks%20Reach%20All-Time%20High%20in%202019.pdf?dl=0

The famous fire at Le Notre Dame (name meaning Our Lady) Cathedral in Paris was a deliberate act of arson!

Video: “Notre Dame Cathedral Spark On Roof Before Fire”. This video was made from a section of cctv footage of a camera across the street from the Cathedral, showing an individual in dark clothing walking around after  workmen had gone home for the day, apparently either setting off timed devices or starting fires themselves by some means, as the fire that began to rage across the roof, ultimately consuming a famous spire that was seen in videotaped footage broadcast around the world, had started in this exact location. This section of video was never shown on any MSM channel and has since been suppressed on the internet. I am including it for two reasons, the first of which is that 15 minutes after the fire had broken out, and before any forensic examination had been made (which sometimes takes months), the Macron government had falsely declared that the fire was not an act of arson-related terrorism, and two the lie that was spread by this same government that workmen were to blame for leaving a “power tool plugged in” which may have “shorted out” causing the blaze.    https://www.dropbox.com/s/wiwcdahmcvtalxw/Notre%20Dame%20Cathedral%20Spark%20On%20Roof%20Before%20Fire.mp4?dl=0

Bitchute Video: “THE NOTRE DAME FIRE”. Posted 4-16-2019 by Paul Joseph Watson. Paul defends a tweet he posted on Facebook in the which he pointed out individuals with Muslim names were celebrating the burning of the Notre Dame Cathedral. “And how BuzzFeed ran defense for vile people who celebrated it”.     https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/ik0x86xgoh3thyqsnlpwf/The-Notre-Dame-Fire-Bit.mp4?rlkey=h88rl1sagu4m3haerwjhh7krr&dl=0

Bitchute Video: “Mystery Figure on Notre Dame Rooftop before fire”. Accessed 9-8-2022 by The Outer Light.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/makrak515csp8am/Mystery%20figure%20on%20Notre%20Dame%20Rooftop%20before%20fire%20The%20Outer%20Light.mp4?dl=0

From CBN News: Churches Desecrated In Ongoing Attacks Across Europe. Article from 4-16-2019 by Christian Ellis. In this report, further down is an account from 2016 of “three radicalized women who were plotting to bomb Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Police found a car loaded with at least six gas canisters near the church. One of the females was found guilty of encouraging other potential jihadists to perform other attacks in Syria and France as well”.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/m4ld3jzmr681vkx/Churches%20Desecrated%20in%20Ongoing%20Attacks%20Across%20Europe%20_%20CBN%20News.pdf?dl=0

From The Guardian: Knife attacker in Nice kills three people in Paris. Suspect shot and injured by police after attack in church in southern French city.  Article published 10-29-2020 by Kim Willsher. “A man armed with a knife has killed three people – two women and a man – in a terrorist attack at a church in Nice on the Côte d’Azur. The killings happened at 9am on Thursday inside the Notre-Dame Basilica in the city centre. One of the victims was reported to be a 70-year-old woman. There were reports the woman had been beheaded or had her throat cut. A man, believed to be the church warden, was the second victim. A woman in her 40s was critically injured and managed to run from the church but died of her injuries. The attacker – named by French media as Brahim Aoussaoui – was shot in the shoulder by police and taken to hospital. He had no identity papers on him. He is reported to be a 21 year old Tunisian national who arrived in France via Lampedusa in Italy at the beginning of October. Police say they are verifying the name he has given. The mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi, said the man had said “Allahu Akbar” several times while he was being arrested and handcuffed by police”.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/pzwbvh2es1vidf0/Knife%20attacker%20in%20Nice%20kills%20three%20people%20_%20World%20news%20_%20The%20Guardian.pdf?dl=0

Youtube Video: “Lyon Shooting: Priest shot with sawed-off shotgun outside a church, one suspect arrested | France”. Posted 10-31-2020 by WION. A Greek Orthodox priest who was closing a church in Lyon, France, was shot Saturday by a lone assailant using a sawed-off shotgun. One suspect has been arrested after attack. *Pay attention to the language of this video: “Motive of Attacker Still Unknown”, “At his stage we don’t know what the motive of the attack is” and “French president’s warning of more attacks in the near future”. Muslims have been attacking churches in France for years and there is no indication that they will stop, but the French media, more than likely controlled by the government, will never admit that it is ultimately their own fault. This is a true example of ruling by fear – another method used by governments to control their populations, first by the dubious Covid-19 “pandemic”, then by constant terror attacks and finally with economic uncertainty and inflation. Remember, France has almost completely disarmed it’s own people…   https://www.dropbox.com/s/x8v0er8lrzszxqi/Lyon%20Shooting_%20Priest%20shot%20with%20sawed-off%20shotgun%20outside%20a%20church%2C%20one%20suspect%20arrested%20_%20France.mp4?dl=0


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