This page of the website is dedicated to examining the numerous sites and figureheads of the Bible as pertains to their historicity. 

The Ancient Location Of The Solomonic, Hasmonean and Herodian Temples

Youtube Video: “Must See New Evidence that Proves the Temple was on the Temple Mount Over the Dome of the Rock!” Posted 12-15-2022 by HolyLandSite. This video provides the most comprehensive and complete evidence that proves the original temple of Solomon, and the rebuilt temples of Zerubbabel and Herod the Great, were located on the Temple Mount, exactly where the Dome of the Rock is today. Today, some are promoting the theory that the Temple was in the City of David and that the Temple Mount was a Roman Fort. We will answer each of their arguments with facts, the Bible, archeology, and eyewitness accounts.

Youtube Video: “I SAW SOMETHING VERY DISTURBING ON THE TEMPLE MOUNT”. Posted 11-22-2022 by Israel MyChannel. In this episode, we will go to the Temple Mount. We will begin our journey from the Zion Gate and walk on the walls of Jerusalem to the Temple Mount. On the Temple mount, we will see stones from the First Temple Period, go to the closest place to the Holy of Holies, see the Golden Gate, the Al-Aqsa Mosque and see the location of the Antonia Fortress.


Mt. Gerizim And The Shomron

 Youtube Video: “Mount Gerizim – Bible Walks (”. Posted 8-5-2022 by Bible Walks.


Evidences Of The Ancient Priesthood Of Yerusalem 

Ancient Bones May Have Been Of Priest Who Handed Jesus To Romans 8-14-1992. Published by the Los Angeles Times. The man commonly called Caiaphas had a Hebrew name which was Keyafa.


Bashan In Syria And King Og

 Youtube Video: “Nephilim King Og of Bashan: Syria”. Posted 5-3-2017. Nephilim King Og of Bashan: Syria “For Og king of Bashan remained of the remnant of the giants; his bedstead was… nine cubits the length thereof, and four cubits the breadth of it… Bashan, which was called ancient the land of giants” the mystery (Deut. 3:10-13). So says Moses, writing 3,500 years ago. *Note: this video has been taken down by Youtube, I’m leaving up the description in case somebody reposts it.

 Youtube Video: “Og, King Of Bashan (Giants Documentary)”. Posted 8-27-2022 by Pillar of Truth Christian Church.

The Giant Cities of Bashan and Syria’s Holy Places by Rev. J.L. Porter, AM, 1874. A very in depth examination of the overlarge architecture then in existence in Bashan.


Archaeology Of The Bible

Magical Amulet From Paphos With The ιαεω– PALINDROME: An amulet of 6th century AD which contains a Greek version of the Tetragrammaton expressed as IAEO.   

 Website: The Blessing of the Silver Scrolls. Excavations in Jerusalem in 1979–80 by Gabriel Barkay turned up two amulets dating from the late seventh century BC.1 They were found in the fourth of several burial caves he discovered on an escarpment known as Ketef Hinnom, which overlooks the Hinnom Valley (Gehenna) just opposite Mt. Zion. Each amulet contained a rolled-up sheet of silver which, when unrolled, revealed the Priestly Benediction inscribed on them. The exact Hebrew words (translated into English) are:
May Yahweh bless you and keep you;
May Yahweh cause his face to
Shine upon you and grant you
Peace (Coogan 1995: 45).                             

A scrap of an ancient pre-Masoretic text that features the Shema (Hear O Israel Yahweh our Elohim is Yahweh one, originally featured in Deut 6:4 as Shema Yisrael, Yahweh Elohinu, Yahweh Achod).


The Dead Sea Scrolls And Their History

Jewish Scholar Claims Dead Sea Scrolls “Authors” Never Existed. Article posted by Tim McGirk, Jerusalem, for Time Magazine, 3-16-2009. This covers the true creators of the DSS, which were known as the Tsadokim.

 Youtube Video: “How The Dead Sea Scrolls Bible Differs From The Traditional Hebrew Text”. Posted 7-22-2022 by James Tabor.

From DOXA, Christian Thought In The 21st Century: Validity Of LXX For Messianic Prophecy. “Most scholars saw the LXX as inferior to the Hebrew Bible called the Masoretic Text (MT). With the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, this all has changed. Ancient Hebrew scrolls were found that follow the LXX, not the Masoretic Text. The DSS showed that the LXX had an underlying Hebrew text that was different from the MT”.



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