The Pasadena IDMR was established on January 1st 1978, as a promise made to the Founder of the Institute of  Divine Metaphysical Research, Inc., Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley in 1973, that a Pasadena California Branch of the Institute would be opened for the public to attend. Beginning therefore on January 1st and under the direction of Dr. Glenn W. Kinley, lectures were held at 1282 N. Lake Ave. in the city of Pasadena CA and very shortly thereafter the school began to grow.

Our Pasadena Corporation has a lengthy history both within the city of Pasadena, as well as in the Daytona / Holly Hill area. We have an extensive library of audio as well as videotaped evidence to show the Purpose of Yahweh Elohim as it manifested through the Ages and Dispensations of time, from the Beginning of Creation down to this Present Day. In concert with that are the numerous print works, including the original 1961 publication of the IDMR Textbook, as well as .PDF Documents of several lectures of both the Founder and his son, Dr. Glenn Kinley, which are available on this site. Additionally we have various proofs of the validity of the year of the Vision given to the Founder in 1930, also available on this site.

Files on this website marked with a star  are must read, must listen, must watch recommendations. We are committed to bringing you the truth in a manner consistent with the Ten Aims and Objectives of the Institute, unadulterated and without hindrance of any kind. We present the facts as we have found them and it is up to you, the peruser to make any final determination as to their veracity. This site is designed to be a repository of the numerous books, transcripts, website pages, audio and video files, and newspaper clippings which we have collected through the years. Take the time to examine the content which we are providing, and may Yahweh bless your understanding…

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Our school has a rich history of videotapes and audio cassettes, recorded over a long period of time beginning in the late 1970’s, and continuing until this present day. Added to this are the literally dozens upon dozens of audio recordings made by the Co-Founder of the Institute, Dr. Carl F. Gross, beginning in the late 1950’s, and continuing through the 1970’s. Via the process of digital audio enhancement we here at the Pasadena class have restored many of the lectures of Dr. Henry C. Kinley, the Institute’s Founder, back to what they would have been and in many cases better, than when they were first recorded.  

Our Institute has a rich history of lectures and we maintain two channels on Youtube to display the video and audio of classes held throughout the years. Why do we do this? It is important for two primary reasons: the first obviously is to preserve lectures held in the past on a well-known and well-used video platform; and two to serve as a permanent record of the Gospel of the Kingdom as it has been preached through these long decades for anyone to view, receive instruction from, and enjoy. The two channels we have uploaded video and audio content to are as follows:

PIDMR Documentaries  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClzdz7SjDwxqjZsn1TRhdyA


PIDMR Library  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj0jiUcMsYLv1Paa2qSD-pQ  


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