Painting of the Founder of the IDMR Dr. Henry C. Kinley, 9-30-1896 – 2-9-1975.

Here we present a webpage devoted to answering questions about the Gospel that we teach in the Pasadena Class of the Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research, Inc. Read through the Q&A’s for a better understanding of what we are about. 

The name of the parent institute, The Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research, Inc., was chosen by the Founder and Universal Dean of the organization Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley D.D., Ph.D., upon moving to Los Angeles CA in 1958. Previously the school’s name was the Kinley Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research, but Dr. Kinley had stated at the time that “this Gospel was not just for the Kinley’s, but was for all mankind” and thusly changed it’s name. Our Pasadena class was set up in 1977 and was in 1981 incorporated as the Pasadena IDMR as the fellow who had originally obtained articles of incorporation under the name “IDMR Pasadena Branch” had left the school and taken the license with him. Dr. Glenn W. Kinley the son of Dr. Henry C. Kinley instructed the officers of the Pasadena class to file with the State of California for a new set of Articles and it was at that time (1981) that the name Pasadena IDMR was chosen. This was done out of necessity.
We teach the Purpose, Pattern and Plan of Salvation according to the Divine Panoramic Vision and Revelation given to the Founder of the Institute Dr. Henry C. Kinley on June 6th, 1930. Dr. Kinley’s Vision was one of the greatest ever given to mankind, in that it included all of Moses’ and John’s Visions, and all of the Visions given to the Patriarchs, Prophets and Apostles. It was in this great Vision and Revelation that Yahweh proved His Purpose by taking on Elohim, a Super Incorporeal Anthropomorphic Body of Heaven in it’s clearness (meaning that He was clearly SEEN and UNDERSTOOD in Visions), who then afterwards transformed into an Incorporeal Tabernacle, and it was by this Pattern that Elohim created the entire universe in a day by day sequence as shown to Moses in Genesis 1st and 2nd Chapters.
The name Yahweh was first given to mankind at the event from Ex 3rd Chapter, verses 13 – 1



Pasadena Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research Inc.