The Continuing “Mafia-Style Shakedown” Of Alex Jones For $$$ And The ‘Weaponization’ Of The Biden-Era Judiciary

The Dec. 14th 2012 “mass shooting” at the closed in 2008 Sandy Hook Elementary School was a sloppily staged event with sometimes inept crisis actors who stumbled through interviews and created anomaly after anomaly which at the time blew up the internet. However badly as this event was staged, however badly the ‘Keystone-Kops’-like Newtown police department’s fumbling and bumbling of the case was, however badly the Connecticut state medical examiner H. Wayne Carver acted during interviews when he joked and laughed about what had happened, what has followed afterwards have been a legion of primarily Jewish attorneys who have run rampant suing any and everybody involved with calling the Dec. 14th hoax into question. This has been done with support from the highest levels of the Democratic regimes of both Barack Obama and now, Joseph Biden. It should come as NO SURPRISE that Alex Jones has been targeted, as he has been a constant “Thorn in the Ass” of every corrupt politician for years. Also, there should be an investigation as to whether or not Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA’s) had been signed by any of those involved with the event, like those signed by the construction firms that tore down the Sandy Hook Elementary. My exposure of the Sandy Hook event can be found further down the page, here:

For a prerequisite on the cases which follow, see this Truth Factory video from 8-9-2018 “The Takedown of Alex Jones and Why This Matters”:

An overview of the whole Sandy Hook Hoax can be found here: 

Bitchute Video: “Dr. Jim Fetzer (Ph.D.) New Sandy Hook Info”. Posted 8-25-2022 by MC Dirty Work.

The Supposed Sandy Hook Deaths – Searched Directly On The Social Security Master File Copy. The Supposed Sandy Hook Deaths – Searched in Social Security Master File. The originating website uses a purchased copy of the Social Security Death Master File, updated through 1 January 2014, which is public information. You are invited to search all of these records for the putative ‘victims’ of the Sandy Hook massacre. The children should all be 6 to 7 years old (“born” 2005-2006), and should have “died” in 2012. The adult “victims” appear in the appendix. (Each entry is followed by a 6-7digit serial entry number, which demonstrates the continuity of the alphabetical listing – in other words, that they are presented here unaltered.) More proof that the Sandy Hook event was staged – they never thought that researchers would go into this detail to find the truth…

From The F.B.I.: Uniform Crime Reports. CONNECTICUT Offenses Known to Law Enforcement by City, 2012. Newtown: Violent Crime 7 events. Murder and Non-negligent Manslaughter: 0 events.–%20Table%208%20-%20Connecticut%20Crime%202012%20Official%20Records.pdf?dl=0

As above, from Infowars:

If you are wondering why researchers have been unable, even via FOIA requests, to obtain the death records/burial records/crime scene photographs of the Dec. 14th event, it is because the Connecticut state legislature has take the unbelievable and unprecedented step to seal all records of the shootings in perpetuity. They apparently have the right to do so although no other state in the U.S. has chosen to seal their own records involving murders and etc., with some states deciding to seal according to individual requests for individual cases. Yet the practice of doing so is highly irregular, and highly suspect in this case. However the Federal records as well as FBI records are not governed by the state of Connecticut, and those remain open for anyone to examine. Watch this video originally uploaded to Youtube by Odinrok, as part of the “We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook” video series:

Youtube Video: “Sandy Hook Access To Records”. This video was uploaded to Bitchute by William Genske 3-8-2020. 

From Infowars: Sandy Hook Shooting: Active-Shooter Drill Confirmed by Law Enforcement Raises Suspicion of False Flag Operation. Article published 1-13-2013 by Shepard Ambellas & Alex Thomas . “Adding to the intrigue, Lt. Paul Vance of the Connecticut State Police (the man responsible for avoiding important questions to the press regarding the Sandy Hook shooting) has gotten a recent promotion (which he admitted himself on camera) for what he said he heard was going to be a “sold out show”. Vance has also trained on several occasions for mock school active-shooter drills. Vance is a seasoned spokesman and is well trained at talking with the press and members of the media”.

Also Here: Sandy Hook Shooting: Active-Shooter Drill Confirmed by Law Enforcement Raises Suspicion of False Flag Operation (Updated):

Video: “Lt. Paul Vance Sandy Hook Hoax”. Posted 1-8-2013 by Nimbeaux, originally Max Malone. Goes into some detail about the Connecticut State Police’s role in ‘disaster training’ and Lt. Vance’s ridiculous statements after the 12-14-2012 event. 

Video: “Sandy Hook Official Story Debunked Evidence Compiled”. Posted 1-2-2013 by newamerica2012. Goes into detail about the various anomalies discovered after the event.

Video: “Sandy Hook School Board Meeting With Wolfgang Halbig, Jim Fetzer,”. Posted 5-11-2014 by Donald Grahn. This meeting took place in 2013 or 2014. Notice the sincere words of both Wolfgang and James as they try to get to the bottom of what happened. Little did they know at the time, the school board itself was in on the hoax…and that is why nobody could get any information or a reasonable reaction out of them except ‘official statements’.

Video: “What You Need To Know About Sandy Hook”. Posted 7-3-2020 by Wolfgang Halbig. This was a repost of a video which was originally uploaded to Youtube. Mr. Halbig was eventually hounded by the actors involved in the Sandy Hook hoax from the fake parents to Connecticut state officials and their media sellouts, the results of which caused him after taking out a 2nd mortgage on his home in 2020 for the purposes of paying numerous legal bills, to go silent. 

It must be understood that all of the plaintiff’s in these cases have taken an oath, on the stand, to “Tell the truth and the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God”. After which they proceed to lie, obfuscate and deceive juries for the purposes of keeping their ‘money machine’ rolling. They have actually perjured themselves while on the stand…and that was highly illegal.

First Trial Held In Austin Texas

Banned Video: “Learn The Secrets Of The Alex Jones Sandy Hook Show Trial”. Posted 7-26-2022 by Viva Frei. A must-watch to see into the details of Jones’ first trial in Austin, TX.

Youtube Video: “Alex Jones Gets Fired Up While Discussing Free Speech and His Defamation Trial”. Posted 7-26-2022 by Law&Crime Network. “Guilty until proven guilty”.

Youtube Video: “Alex Jones and Fans go on Conspiratorial Rant about Sandy Hook School Shooting, Gun Control”. Posted 7-28-2022 by Law&Crime Network. The reality of what is shown in this video, are the numerous instances of people questioning the Sandy Hook event, WHICH EVERYONE HAS A PROTECTED RIGHT TO DO. As far as gun control the Connecticut State legislature passed what the HuffPost called at the time “The Nation’s Strictest Gun Law”.

Huffington Post article 4-4-2013: Connecticut Passes Nation’s Strictest Gun Law In Wake Of Sandy Hook Massacre.

Nobody Died at Sandy Hook: It was a FEMA Drill to Promote Gun Control by Jim Fetzer and Mike Palecek, Editors. Presents the Dec. 14th 2012 “mass shooting” at the (closed in 2008) Sandy Hook Elementary School for what it was: a staged media event with no bodies visible for the purposes of tightening restrictions on gun ownership in Connecticut.

Youtube Video: “Alex Jones Claims CNN Used ‘Blue Screen’ To Falsify News Reports, Mislead Viewers”. Posted 7-29-2022 by Law&Crime Network. If this doofus attorney had bothered to look, he would have found that the video of CNN reporters doing a few ‘takes’ prior to airing their piece (allegedly from outside Riyadh, Saudi Arabia but in reality on a set somewhere). IS STILL POSTED ON THE INTERNET as of 1-28-2013.

Youtube Video: “CNN FAKES IRAQ WAR WITH BLUE SCREEN – LEAKED FOOTAGE”. Posted 1-28-2013 by 1WARANDPEACE1. cnn fakes news story about gulf war. If this is just one that leaked how many other stories are false? *Note: the big media companies have been doing this for years, and in this particular case were caught because somebody captured the event using a satellite dish which doesn’t show the network ‘breaks’ but rather a continuing stream of video.

Youtube Video: “Alex Jones Says Father of Sandy Hook Victim Act Like He’s ‘on the Spectrum'”. Posted 8-2-2022 by Law&Crime Network. This was from a court appearance of Scarlett Lewis parent of Jessie Lewis, allegedly killed at Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012. Watch about the 00:43 mark of the video when the attorney remarks about what harm Alex Jones has done, see Scarlett NOD IN APPROVAL when she is called an “actor, controlled by other people”. This is what happens when people are confronted by the truth and unknowing or unconsciously react to it. The question then should be asked – why do the Sandy Hook hoaxers keep lying? An answer to that is simple. If they ever admit that the whole thing was a staged event, they will lose all of their credibility for the rest of their lives – and they will lose out on any opportunity to make $$$ from those they sue. It’s as simple as that. And that does NOT take into account whether the hoaxers were forced to sign NDA’s before the events took place.

Video: “The Sandy Hook Victims Were Never Born”. From 2015. Jessie Lewis appears to have never been born. 

Youtube Video: “Alex Jones Testifies in the Sandy Hook Defamation Trial (Part One)”. Posted 8-3-2022 by Law&Crime Network. Alex’s truthful testimony was one of the reasons that the jury in this case, aware no doubt to the defaming tricks used against Alex, awarded the plaintiffs such a low amount – far lower than the hundreds of millions that they were hoping to get.

Banned Video: “Attorney Analyzes Failed Justice System in Alex Jones Witch Hunt”. Posted 8-5-2022 by The Alex Jones Show. Features Robert Barnes critique of the trial. Worth watching.

Youtube Video: “Plaintiff’s Lawyer Urges Jury To Wipe Out Alex Jones’ Livelihood”. Posted 8-8-2022 by Law&Crime Network. This was from the closing arguments during the trial. This doofus attorney actually said the things you will hear. Sad.

Banned Video: “Guilty Until Proven Bankrupt – Attorney Exposes Rights Violations in Alex Jones Case”. Posted 8-4-2022 by The Alex Jones Show. Features Robert Barnes.  

Banned Video: “BREAKING EXCLUSIVE Alex Jones Responds to $4.2 Million Sandy Hook Verdict”. Posted 8-5-2022 by Infowars. WATCH and see the disappointed looks on the Judge’s and Plaintiff’s lawyers faces when the verdict is read in open court. According to Jones, they were seeking between $150 million and $3 billion dollars. They got $4.2 million with an additional $45 million tacked on by a snookered jury.

Banned Video: “Judicial Crime Alert Sandy Hook Jury Says Fraudulent Financial Info Led To $45 Million Dollar Verdict”. Posted 8-16-2022 by The Alex Jones Show.

The Second Trial Held In Connecticut Superior Court 20 Miles From Newtown

Youtube Video: “Sister Cries When Testifying About Looking for Sandy Hook Shooting Victim”. Posted 9-13-2022 by Law&CrimeNetwork. The sister of Victoria Soto who was allegedly shot and killed by Adam Lanza, testifies on the witness stand. This is Carlee Soto Parisi. Prosecuting attorneys will often call witnesses to try and demonize for the person being sued, in this case Alex Jones.

Video: “Multiple RIP Facebook Pages Created Sandy Hook Victim – Vicky Soto”. Posted 3-1-2019 by Louis James and Harold Saive. In this video Louis remarks on the fact that Facebook pages created 1 month, and 4 days respectively, in advance of the passing of Victoria Soto. Whether these pages were created in advance of her purported death or were repurposed afterwards, is not clear. However given the tendency of Sandy Hook “victims” to use aliases, fake names and fake profiles on social media, this remains highly suspect. “Evidence of foreknowledge when at least two R.I.P Facebook pages were created in the name of alleged Sandy Hook Victim – Victoria Leigh Soto. This incident is only one many examples of errors and foreknowledge in the unlawful execution of the Sandy Hook staged shooting in what competent investigators generally regard as a “Deep State” organized capstone event intended to undermine the First and Second amendments to the US constitution for the future realization of United Nations Agenda-21/2030″.

From Just Paste It: Sandy Hook Undead “Victoria Leigh Soto” Alive in Florida? Article published 3-4-2019 by Hsaive. Features photographs of “Victoria Soto” and a video (link unavailable, I have searched for it and cannot find it).

Video: “Unraveling Sandy Hook In 2,3,4 and 5 Dimensions”. Posted 2013 by Sofia Smallstorm. More of the odd pictures of “Victoria Soto” (begins around the 40:00 minute mark).

Youtube Video: “Ex-FBI Agent Gets Emotional on Stand While Recalling Search of Sandy Hook Classrooms”. Posted 9-13-2022 by Law&CrimeNetwork. Ex FBI agent William Aldenberg clearly looks uncomfortable on the stand, stuttering and seeming to “think out” how he should answer to questions in this second trial of Alex Jones. Prosecuting attorneys will often call witnesses to drum up emotional or empathetical support for their client’s benefit. This trial was NOT to determine Alex Jones’ guilt but rather to determine how much money he should pay to the “victim’s” families; another example of the mafia-style intimidation used against Alex Jones.

Youtube Video: “Top Moments of Alex Jones Sandy Hook Defamation Trial Day One”. Posted 9-13-2022 by Law&Crime Network. A breakdown of what happened in day one, includes a bit of a rant by Barbara Bellis, the Judge in this case.

Banned Video: “Judge Threatens Alex Jones With Contempt Of Court Before First Witness Testifies”. Posted 9-14-2022 by Hot Videos. Knowing what happened in the previous trial held earlier this year when the jury delivered a very sub-par monetary verdict, an agitated Connecticut Judge acts tough in her courtroom before trial commences. This trial seeks damages from Alex Jones over “defamatory” statements he made in 2012-2015. From a post left underneath this video: “She is highly agitated. Her pen clicking and strained voice ..her intense Karen stare…indicate high degrees of mental stress. Watch her hands, they just keep going, pulling that pen apart and putting it back together again”.

Banned Video: “Sandy Hook Lawyer Calls For Alex Jones And Infowars To Be Shut Down”. Posted 9-14-2022 by Alex Jones Kangaroo Court Watch. Watch as balding democrat operative Chris Mattei calls for Alex Jones to be shutdown in his opening statement, then objects when defense attorney Norm Pattis questioned an FBI agent if he was part of a group trying to censor the NBC Megyn Kelly interview featuring Alex. *Note: this trial is being built up in the media as a way to silence Alex Jones once and for all. That alone and by itself proves that the well-funded sources of this attack on Alex Jones have an agenda – to stop one of the most popular websites in the world, Infowars. They are using the Sandy Hook event which Alex himself has admitted actually happened, to try and bankrupt him and his company Free Speech Systems, LLC. As you watch this video you will see the almost rabid facial expressions of the judge and prosecuting attorney, as it is clear that they “have it in” for Alex Jones.   

Banned Video: “Judge Bans Mentioning MEGA Sandy Hook Purveyors Megyn Kelly And Hillary Clinton From Court”. Posted 9-14-2022 by Alex Jones Kangaroo Court Watch.

Earlier in 2016: “Hillary Clinton Calls Out Alex Jones And Conspiracy Theorists Worldwide FNN”. Posted 8-25-2016 by LiveNOW from FOX. Ol’ Hillary bashing another ‘deplorable’, in this case Alex Jones. Note: Hillary was part of both Obama-Biden administrations. She would be in the know on whether or not the Sandy Hook tragedy was hoaxed or real. If hoaxed then she has to go on the offensive to protect her superiors.

Bitchute Video: “WOLFGANG RESPONDS TO HILLARY CLINTON CONTROVERSY VIA SANDY HOOK AND ALEX JONES – AUGUST 25, 2016”. Posted 4-21-2022 by tailgunnerjim. On Episode 16 of the Sandy Hook Justice Report, we join host Wolfgang W. Halbig, who has lived a life of serving the public as a law enforcement officer, school official, and school safety expert. Mr. Halbig has been on a mission to expose the truth behind the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting ever since two homicide detectives appeared at his home; threatening him to stop asking questions. In this episode we cover Wolfgang’s upcoming FOIA hearing scheduled for 2:30 PM on August 26th, 2016 at 18-20 Trinity Street in Hartford, CT. We also discuss the recent comments made by the crooked Hillary Clinton about Radio Host Alex Jones and her elaborate fable known as Sandy Hook.

Youtube Video: “Alex Jones Trial Norman Pattis Stands His Ground & Judge Loses It! Day One Highlight”. Posted 9-15-2022 by Viva Frei. Barbara Bellis gets very…frustrated.

Youtube Video: “Former Infowars Contributor Blames Sandy Hook Mom For Sending Child To School”. Posted 9-15-2022 by Law&Crime Network. In a move to slander the former school safety officer Wolfgang Halbig, doofus plaintiffs attorney Chris Mattei actually has read in open court the very reasons why the Sandy Hook Elementary was closed in 2008! He let it out of the bag and nobody stopped him to question if the school was a toxic waste dump (as Wolfgang has alleged) why was it still “open”? Unbelievable stupidity in this courtroom. 

Youtube Video: “Alex Jones Trial Day 3 RECAP With Viva & Barnes”. Posted 9-15-2022 by Viva Frei.   

Banned Video: “FBI Agent Admits That People Were Right To Question His Appearance”. Posted 9-15-2022 by Alex Jones Kangaroo Court Watch. Ex-FBI agent William Aldenburg testifies at the trial.

Video: “Sandy Hook Another Parent Plays An FBI Agent”. Posted 7-31-2017. From a segment of an MSNBC interview. Ross Darden at the school 12-14-2012.

Banned Video: “FBI Sues Alex Jones To Destroy First Amendment”. Posted 9-16-2022 by Greg Reese.

Youtube Video: “Alex Jones’ Lawyer Challenges Judge, Claims Ruling Has No Legal Basis”. Posted 9-16-2022 by Law&Crime Network. 

Youtube Video: “Everything You Need To Know To Understand The Alex Jones Trial”. Posted 9-16-2022 by Viva Frei. The title of this video is an understatement… 

Youtube Video: “‘This Judge Is A Tyrant’, Alex Jones Declares When Arriving To Court”. Posted 9-20-2022 by Law&Crime Network.

Youtube Video: “Alex Jones Addresses Infowars Bankruptcy”. Posted 9-21-2022 by Law&Crime Network.

Youtube Video: “Alex Jones Defamation Trial Judge Threatens To Hold Attorneys In Contempt Of Court”. Posted 9-21-2022 by Law&Crime Network. Belligerent judge Barbara Bellis again acting out in her courtroom. If Alex Jones’ attorneys do not appeal this ‘kangaroo court’ then they are unprofessional, in my opinion.  

Youtube Video: “Sidebar with Christopher F. Rufo – Viva & Barnes LIVE!”. Posted 9-21-2022 by Viva Frei.

Youtube Video: “Sandy Hook families to speak to court in Alex Jones defamation case”. Posted 9-22-2022 by WFSB 3. Let them speak, if they perjure themselves on the stand then Jones can countersue.

Youtube Video: “‘I Don’t Think That It Is A Case’ Alex Jones, Sandy Hook Lawyer Immediately Clash At Trial”. Posted 9-22-2022. Alex Jones takes the stand in his own defense for the first time during the second trial, when he is asked by Plaintiff’s attorney Chris Mattis: “…brought this case against you to seek justice for what you did to them”. After which Jones replies: “I don’t think that it is a case”.

Youtube Video: “Sandy Hook Lawyer Grills Alex Jones On Calling Judge A ‘Tyrant'”. Posted 9-22-2022 by Law&Crime Network. Attorney Chris Mattis brings up Infowars calling Judge Bellis a ‘tyrant’. This is done to try and reduce Jones in the opinion of the jury, to try and make him out to be a rebel. The fact that Mattis is doing this demonstrates the depths to which they will go to try and demonize Jones in the eyes of the jury, and in public opinion.

Youtube Video: “‘I Don’t Apologize To You’ Alex Jones Snaps At Sandy Hook Lawyer”. Posted 9-22-2022 by Law&Crime Network. Finally, after being badgered by Plaintiff’s attorneys for months, Alex Jones goes off on Chris Mattis! Alex snaps at Chris Mattis over the objections of his own attorney! This was a classic example of a stressed man standing up for himself in this kangaroo court and putting his foot down!   

Video: “Sandy Hook Shooting Exposed As A Fraud – Actor Gets Into Character For Interview”. Posted 12-19-2012. A profile of Robbie Parker, whose child was ‘shot’ at the Elementary school. 

Youtube Video: “Sandy Hook Plaintiff Details Harassment From People, Called ‘Crisis Actress’ In Public”. Posted 9-21-2022 by Law&Crime Network. Plaintiff Erica Lafferty detailed how she was harassed by people online and called a “crisis actress” in public by people who believed Sandy Hook was a hoax. “I walked by and somebody would just say on the side oh crisis actress,” Lafferty said. “You never know who’s going to say what.”

Video: “Several Sandy Hook are literally actors”. Posted 10-13-2013 by Sandy Hook HOAXHello Nick. Profiles some of the actors involved.

Banned Video: “Leftist Lawyer Attempts To Get Alex Jones To Break His Gag Order”. Posted 9-23-2022 by Alex Jones Kangaroo Court Watch. Chris Mattei acting sneakily in court.  

Banned Video: “Alex Jones Show Trial Proves Leftist Double Standard in The Justice System”. Posted 9-23-2022 by The War Room. With Owen Shroyer.

Youtube Video: “‘There Is No Gag Order’ – Judge Addresses Alex Jones’ Unhinged Press Conferences”. Posted 9-23-2022 by Law&Crime Network.

Youtube Video: “Attorney Calls Out NY Times journalist tweet about Alex Jones defamation trial”. Posted 9-23-2022 by Fox 61. Attorney Norm Pattis exposes NY Times writer Elizabeth Williamson.  

Youtube Video: “‘I Do Not Want To Sanction An Attorney’ Judge Scolds Alex Jones’ Lawyer for Interrupting Her Again”. Posted 9-23-2022 by Law&Crime Network. Barbara Bellis being belligerent.

Youtube Video: “Why Alex Jones Didn’t Take The Stand For Cross Examination In Sandy Hook Trial – It’s The Right Move”. Posted 9-27-2022 by Rekieta Law.

Banned Video: “Abomination Of Justice”. Posted 9-24-2022 by Greg Reese. Features Robbie Parker, the fellow who smiled and joked with others near him before ‘getting into character’. The fact that Mattis would play in court the very video which people the world over have said exposed him as a crisis actor, shows just how dumbfoundingly desperate these plaintiff’s attorneys are to smear Alex.

Youtube Video: “‘I’m Done Saying I’m Sorry’ Alex Jones Gives Explosive Testimony”. Posted 9-24-2022 by Law&Crime Network. ‘Explosive’ is putting it mildly.

Rumble Video: “Alex Jones Trial One Of The Most Dramatic Court Room Scenes You’ll Ever See”. Posted 9-27-2022 by The Charlie Kirk Show.

Youtube Video: “Alex Jones Judge Denies Plaintiffs Motion To Protect Against Mistrial”. Posted 9-27-2022 by Law&Crime Network.

 Youtube Video: “Watch Live Alex Jones Defamation Trial Sandy Hook ‘Hoax’ Lawsuit – Connecticut Trial Day Nine”. Posted 9-28-2022 by Law&Crime Network. Some of the Sandy Hook hoaxers take the stand. One is Nicole Hockley who has stated that her son Dylan was killed at Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012.

 Video: “The Sandy Hook Victims Were Never Born”. From 2015. Dylan Hockley has no birth record either in England or the U.S.

 Banned Video: “Attorneys Reveal Who Is Really Profiting From Sandy Hook”. Posted 9-28-2022 with Viva Frei and Robert Barnes. Alex Jones Kangaroo Court Watch. In this segment Robert Barnes bring up the subject of exactly who – and its not just the $andy Hook actors, who are benefitting from the event.

Cover of a book written by NY Times contributor Elizabeth Williamson, “Sandy Hook: An American Tragedy And Search For The Truth”.  

What will happen to these people when the Sandy Hook Hoax is finally revealed? Will they publish retractions to their news articles? Or publish books outlining where they got their stories wrong? Doubtful to hope for any such a thing… 

Youtube Video: “Watch Live Alex Jones Defamation Trial Sandy Hook ‘Hoax’ Lawsuit Day 10”. Posted 9-28-2022 by Law&Crime Network. This features two of the principal actors in the Sandy Hook Hoax – William Sherlach and Robbie Parker. Watch both of their at times odd facial expressions (guilt? shame? somebody needs to analyze their behaviors) when called to testify against Alex Jones. Because Alex’s attorney Pattis is unable to properly cross-examine these dubious witnesses (as Alex was found guilty by default), he is unable to ‘break them’ on the stand which in any other trial would be easy to do.  

 Video: “Sandy Hook 2019 Mary Sherlach Fake Death Helped By Dead Mother”. Posted 2019 by VTI. More of the discrepancies involved with deaths from Sandy Hook.

 Youtube Video: “Sandy Hook Plaintiff Details Harassment From People, Called ‘Crisis Actress’ In Public”. Posted 9-21-2022 by Law&Crime Network. Plaintiff Erica Lafferty detailed how she was harassed by people online and called a “crisis actress” in public by people who believed Sandy Hook was a hoax. “I walked by and somebody would just say on the side oh crisis actress,” Lafferty said. “You never know who’s going to say what.”

 Video: “Several Sandy Hook are literally actors”. Posted 10-13-2013 by Sandy Hook HOAXHello Nick. Profiles some of the actors involved.

Youtube Video: “Watch Live Alex Jones Defamation Trial Sandy Hook ‘Hoax’ Lawsuit – Connecticut Trial Day Eleven”. Posted 10-2-2022 by Law&Crime Network. The plaintiff’s attorneys march Robbie Parker, Matthew Soto and Donna Soto out to lie about their experiences on the witness stand. Someone in the field of psychology should examine these witnesses to break down why they act on the stand like they do – Matthew Soto and Donna Soto smiling, Robbie Parker looking as guilty as hell.   

Banned Video: “Watch Alex Jones Exposes Attack On First Amendment Outside Sandy Hook Show Trial Courthouse”. Posted 10-4-2022 by Alex Jones Kangaroo Court Watch. THIS is one of the main reasons (that and pure pernicious vendettas against Mr. Jones) that this case is so significant. If they can railroad Alex Jones in court they can do it to anybody. This is the Biden-era judicial system on trial with this case, and not just the Connecticut system as Robert Barnes has said.       

Video: “Meet The Wheelers”. Posted 8-26-2013 by newamerica2012 (originally Stackpot Video). An examination of the Sandy Hook Jewish parents Francine and David Wheeler, as being actors. 

Video: “Sandy Hook Hoax Ultimate (Re-Upload)”. Posted 4-13-2013 by newamerica2012. A more comprehensive look at the whole hoax.

Banned Video: “Full Press Conference! Alex Jones To Boycott Sandy Hook Show Trial”. Posted 10-6-2022 by Alex Jones. Faced with a ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t’ prospect, Alex decides correctly to boycott the rest of the trial.

Video: “Sandy Hook Another Parent Plays An FBI Agent”. Posted 2015 or so. Mark Darden revealed as one of the crisis actors on-scene at Sandy Hook dressed as an FBI agent.

Youtube Video: “Alex Jones Lawyer Presents His Closing Argument in CT Defamation Trial”. Posted 10-6-2022 by Law&Crime Network. Norman Pattis tries to reason as best he can under the circumstances, with the jury.

Youtube Video: “Jury in Alex Jones trial near decision on settlement”. Posted 10-6-2022 by Fox 61.

Banned Video: “EXCLUSIVE Ambulance Chasers Ask For 7.8 Billion In Sandy Hook Kangaroo Court Case”. Posted 10-6-2022 by The Alex Jones Show. They can ask for all they want, but the reality is that Norm Pattis will probably appeal any verdict in this case. There is a big difference between compensatory and punitive damages. 

BREAKING Alex Jones On The Hook for Nearly $1 Billion in Damages to Sandy Hook Plaintiffs”. Posted 10-12-2022 by Law&Crime Network. This is what is calling ‘conviction according to public opinion’, where plaintiffs seek to demonize someone in the eyes of the public, in this case by any means necessary. That is the ‘weaponization’ of the judiciary in Obama and Biden’s America.

Youtube Video: “Alex Jones Attorney sounds off after verdict outside courtroom”. Posted 10-12-2022 by Fox 61. In 200 trials in my career I’ve never seen anything like this…

Youtube Video: “Bill Sherlach, husband of wife killed in Sandy Hook, reacts to Alex Jones verdict”. Posted 10-12-2022 by Fox 61. Listen to what this hoaxer says: “People like Alex Jones will have to rethink what they say, how they say it, how long they say it”, “this trial set a pretty high hurdle as to what the cost would be to them (Alex Jones wannabes), to enter into that realm of lies and deceit“. This was all for SIMPLY QUESTIONING AN EVENT? Unbelievable stupidity yes, but when you look at the agenda behind the takedown of Alex Jones it makes much more sense.

Banned Video: “EXCLUSIVE Alex Jones Responds To Billion Dollar Judgement”. Posted 10-12-2022 by The Alex Jones Show. Alex makes light of the jury’s verdict but the reality is that he must appeal.    

Youtube Video: “Sandy Hook father Robbie Parker emotional after Alex Jones verdict”. Posted 1013-2022 by Fox 61. WTH. Watch as an obvious condemned-conscience Robbie Parker declare outside of the courthouse in Connecticut that Alex Jones “lied” during his recent statements outside of the same courthouse. LIED?? And you haven’t lied and continue to lie this whole time??? Such a disgrace of a man.

Video: “The Sandy Hook Coverup – Full Movie”. Originally by Brendan Hunt, posted 1-13-2013 by newamerica2012.–FullMovie%20Originally%20Brendan%20Hunt%2C%20newamerica2012%201-12-2013.mp4?dl=0

Banned Video: “Exclusive Alex Jones Lawyer Responds To Billion Dollar Verdict In Historic Legal Case”. Posted 10-14-2022 by The War Room. Norman Pattis responds and explains the appeal he’s prepared to file.

Bitchute Video: “Jim Fetzer The Raw Deal”. Posted 10-14-2022 by Jim Fetzer. Began with an excellent Letter to the Editor of the WI State Journal outlining reasons why the Democrats do not deserve your vote, which I was surprised to see because WSJ has a very strong left-ward slant and such expressions of criticism are few and far between. The Alex Jones’ damage trail and gargantuan award of nearly $1b is calculated to make any skeptic of “official narratives” reconsider whether or not to express their opinions, which makes this (in effect) a massive assault upon the 1st Amendment. I doubt that it’s going to have the intended effect, however, because too much of this has smacked of a “show trial” to demonize him as the exemplar par excellence of the species conspiracy theorist. $1b for expressing an opinion! Nobody’s going to buy that. And there are so many excellent reasons for skepticism, one of which involved the FBI guy who pocketed some $16,000,000 for having his feelings hurt (which is what this is all about) but who appears (to me) to be receiving hush money for being used as the stand-in for David Wheeler, who was caught playing two roles at Sandy Hook: the grieving father and a SWAT team member, walking up and down Dickinson Drive carrying an AR-15 upside down by the magazine! Believe it or not, he turns out to be the lead investigator on the Durham Probe, which shakes my confidence even further in the ability of the government to investigate malfeasance by any of its organs. A nice new piece by Mary Maxwell, Ph.D., LL.B, “Thirteen Reasons Why I Reject The Official Sandy Hook Story”, can be found on my blog at Check it out. Calls from Bruce in TX, Brian in MO, and Paul in CA rounded out the show. Lots on Alex Jones and why this whole shebang is going to increase doubts about government accounts and not reinforce them.

Banned Video: “EXCLUSIVE: Alex Jones Demands New Trial in Powerful New Brief”. Posted 10-21-2022 by The Alex Jones Show. Legal scholars and experts have never before in US History seen such a Complete travesty of Justice. Attorney Norm Pattis Calls that this was a trial “itself is a hoax.”


Defendants Alex Jones and Free Speech Systems, LLC, herewith move, pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes section 52-228b and Practice Book Section 16-35, to set aside the verdict on grounds apparent in the record and on the basis of remittitur. A separate motion and brief are filed concurrently to address the remittitur claim. In short, the defendants contend that the cumulative weight of the court’s ruling on pre-trial motions and its evidentiary rulings resulted in a complete abdication of the trial court’s role in assuring a fair trial resulting in a substantial miscarriage of justice. Jurors were presented with half-truths and led to believe that facts had been established where no such thing had occurred; a disciplinary default for discovery non-compliance permitted the plaintiffs’ counsel to mislead the jury. Additionally, the amount of the compensatory damages award exceeds any rational relationship to the evidence offered at trial. The defendants seek a new trial. The verdict in the instant case is both unjust and against the weight of the evidence. I. Nature of the Proceedings On December 14, 2012, Adam Lanza murdered 20 school children and 6 adults at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Five and one-half years later, the parents of several of the students killed, and the adult family members of several of the adults killed, together with an FBI officer who arrived at the scene shortly after the murders – some sixteen in all, sued Alex Jones and related defendants. In three-lengthy complaints, the plaintiffs raised a series of claims: defamation per se, negligent infliction of emotional distress, intentional infliction of emotional distress, false light breach of privacy, and a violation of the Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act. On the eve of trial, the plaintiffs dropped their claim of negligent infliction of emotional distress. The trial was limited to damages, as a result of a disciplinary default after repeated motions by the plaintiffs requesting such spanning several years. Despite the defendants having turned over tens of thousands of emails and documents, having employees sit through dozens of depositions, and responding to both written discovery requests and requests for admissions, the court entered a default, finding a willful failure to substantially comply with discovery obligations, The jury was left to decide damages alone. At trial, the court construed the default in such a manner as to eliminate any need for the plaintiffs to demonstrate that the harm they suffered was caused by Mr. Jones. The trial record is replete with claims of harassment that are unattributed to a declarant, lack any demonstrable nexus to the defendants and, in may instances, fail to meet even minimal indicia of reliability. One plaintiff, for example, reported hearing through a third party that some other person had urinated on the grave of their deceased child. This, too, without more, was attributed to the defendants. After several weeks of trial, the jury returned a unanimous verdict of approximately $1 billion. Pending before the Court are the matters of common law punitive damages in the amount of attorneys’ fees and costs, and punitive damages arising under CUTPA. A briefing schedule is in place to address these issues, dates set for evidentiary hearings, if such hearings are necessary, and an argument date of November 7 for unresolved questions. Presumably, judgment will enter shortly after argument.

Read full doc here:

Bitchute Video: “Sandy Hook Families Seek 2.75 Trillion Dollars From Alex Jones”. Posted 10-22-2022 by The Salty Cracker.

Banned Video: “EXCLUSIVE Alex Jones Lawyer Responds To Additional $473 Million Judgement”. Posted 11-10-2022 by The Alex Jones Show.

Some Miscellaneous Videos And Documents Concerning The Sandy Hook Hoax

*Note: As will be discovered by examining the following, it should be obvious as to why I haven’t posted this material in the American Empire 2 page. There is some questionable material here and as of 10-2022 when I created this page, I felt shouldn’t be posted elsewhere. I deal only with the facts…

From (allegedly) The State of Connecticut, Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection. Dec 14, 2012 FEMA L-366 Planning for the Needs of Children in Disasters. This document appears to be photoshopped, and is allegedly dated to 12-14-2012. There actually WAS a second drill set to occur on Dec. 14th, 2012, in Bridgeport Connecticut.

Sandy Hook 3rd Anniversary – 33 Unanswered Questions. “As the Sandy Hook 3rd anniversary rolls around this December 14th, 2015, it is well worth remembering what a strange, unique, manipulative and horrific event occurred on December 14th, 2012. When I say horrific, I am not referring to what you may think was the horrific aspect of the event: the gunning down of 20 innocent children and 6 innocent adults. That is unquestionably horrific, but to date there has hardly been enough evidence to prove
beyond all doubt that actual people were gunned down. Sandy Hook has become colloquially known as the Sandy Hook Hoax or Sandy Hoax, the first false flag in recent history to be exposed as an entirely fabricated event, replete with a fake setting (a fake school) and fake victims. It marks the first in a series of false flag hoaxes where fake victims and fake victims’ families (crisis actors) have been used. Since the majority of people still cannot fathom that Sandy Hook was a staged event, the template of using crisis actors has been used again and again (e.g. at the Boston Marathon)”.

31 QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF… 1. As yet, we have not seen any concrete evidence that any child died.
2. As yet, parents have not been allowed to see their children. (Photoshopped pictures
do not count).
3. As of now, I have seen only one unambiguous statement from a grieving parent
(Robbie Parker).
4. According to the official story, Adam Lanza was found with his older brother’s ID, and
it was not stolen. However, older brother Ryan–who officials say is very cooperative–
claims not to have even seen his brother since 2010. Where would Adam get this ID?
And why does such use not qualify as a theft?


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Video: “Adam Lanza Today”. Originally uploaded to Youtube some time in 2017 or so, this copy of the video by Santrece13 was reuploaded to with a changed title. I had seen this video back when it was originally uploaded to Youtube and never bothered saving it to my PC, which is sad because at that time the title did NOT have the ‘blocked out’ letters that this copy does. Santrece13 states that the ‘real’ Adam Lanza was given a new name and then put into witness protection by the FBI. His name is there, only now the letters are blocked out. This is one of the reasons that “Adam Lanza dropped off the face of the earth” prior to the Sandy Hook shootings. Add to that is the death record for Adam Lanza in Massachusetts from 12-13-2012, meaning that somebody wanted him to go “dark” before the event in Newtown. I remember somebody posting a video about Lanza under his new alias actually posting on social media (not sure which, may have been Instagram or Myspace or some such).

Video: “Sandy Hook Shooting Fraud Gene Rosen Audition Tape – Different Takes”. Posted 2012 or so. If I remember correctly this was from a CNN news crew. There was a longer video back then in which the news crew ‘coached’ Rosen. Reviewer: RealJennyGirl – favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite – August 22, 2021: Subject: Gene Rosen Lies and Veronique was 52 at the time of the Shooting not 43.
Gene Rosen never had those 6 kids at his house, he was spotted at the firehouse from around 10:00AM until 5:00PM were he wandered around for a few hours then began giving his scripted interview. The bus driver found the kids running to the firehouse and took them on her bus. His story of how he cared for these kids is bullocks. I remember one interview he said it was 5 kids not 6 and why would a random parent show up at his house when the kids were inside, how would she know anyone was there, what happened to the yelling man, who was he and were did he go? Gene was the absolute downfall of this hoax. How they hired him is beyond me . Also I wanted to state that Veronique Pozner was actually 52 at the time of this hoax not 43. I looked her up on Intellius under all 3 of her last names, Vabner, Haller and Pozner, and she was born in 1960. How does a 52 yr old woman have two healthy twin kids at that at the age 47? At 37 a woman is automatically put at a high risk pregnancy, at 40 yrs old there is a high risk of complications like birth defects especially heart defects, deformities like club foot and cleft pallet and a high risk of Down Syndrome and being on the Autism spectrum. These risk increase drastically the older you get and having Twins makes your even more high risk.. Yet she managed to have two healthy TWINS at age 47. Menopause starts in your mid 40’s to early 50’s. I don’t believe Noah and Ariel are their kids. I remember a college friend of half sister Danielle Vabner who made a YT vid saying he was with her the day she found out Noah died and she was emotionless then stated she wasn’t close with Noah, he asked how do you think his twin Ariel will handle it and she said what twin? Remember the Greenberg/Sexton photo album that showed at least 3 of the so called SH kids and Noah was one of them, yet I can’t find any relation to the with the Pozners. Parents Laura and Nick Phelps look remarkably like Jennifer Greenberg Sexton and Richard Sexton. Jennifer Greenberg Sexton is a professional actress who is on Stars Color, a site for actors and actresses, She has other “acting” credits in a play called “Never Tears” and she is also a member of the Screen Actors Guild, they both work for Homeland Security and are proactive advocates for gun restrictions and impeding on the 2nd amendment rights. On the Greenberg albums Victoria Soros brother Carlos is shown as the son of Leon Greenberg who is the brother of Jennifer Sexton Aka SH parent Laura Phelps. Carlee Soto, Victoria’s sister is said to really be the daughter of Jennifer Sexton and Richard Sexton. Vicky Soto was photographed with Michael Greenberg, Jennifer Sextons dad in a very loving way. Back to Crisis actor parents Laura and Nick Phelps aka Jennifer & Richard Sexton. Attorney for the Aurora Batman Shooting with MKUltra induced patsy James Holmes, his attorney Lisa Damiani is identical to Jennifer Sexton/Laura Phelps. The have the exact same features, hair style & voice. The Aurora shooting has been link to Sandy Hook so I’m not surprised and then Laura/Jennifer came out again claiming she lost a daughter at the Parkland shooting in Florida which Jennifer Sexton resides.  



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