The Continuing “Mafia-Style Shakedown” Of Alex Jones For $$$

The Dec. 14th 2012 “mass shooting” at the closed in 2008 Sandy Hook Elementary School was a sloppily staged event with sometimes inept crisis actors who stumbled through interviews and created anomaly after anomaly which at the time blew up the internet. However badly as this event was staged, what has followed afterwards have been a legion of primarily Jewish attorneys who have run rampant suing any and everybody involved with calling the Dec. 14th hoax into question. This has been done with support from the highest levels of the Democratic regimes of both Barack Obama and now, Joseph Biden. It should come as NO SURPRISE that Alex Jones has been targeted, as he has been a constant “Thorn in the Ass” of every corrupt politician for years. My exposure of the Sandy Hook event can be found further down the page, here:

For a prerequisite on the cases which follow, see this Truth Factory video from 8-9-2018 “The Takedown of Alex Jones and Why This Matters”:

First Trial Held In Austin Texas

Banned Video: “Learn The Secrets Of The Alex Jones Sandy Hook Show Trial”. Posted 7-26-2022 by Viva Frei. A must-watch to see into the details of Jones’ first trial in Austin, TX.

Youtube Video: “Alex Jones Gets Fired Up While Discussing Free Speech and His Defamation Trial”. Posted 7-26-2022 by Law&Crime Network. “Guilty until proven guilty”.

Youtube Video: “Alex Jones and Fans go on Conspiratorial Rant about Sandy Hook School Shooting, Gun Control”. Posted 7-28-2022 by Law&Crime Network. The reality of what is shown in this video, are the numerous instances of people questioning the Sandy Hook event, WHICH EVERYONE HAS A PROTECTED RIGHT TO DO. As far as gun control the Connecticut State legislature passed what the HuffPost called at the time “The Nation’s Strictest Gun Law”.

Huffington Post article 4-4-2013: Connecticut Passes Nation’s Strictest Gun Law In Wake Of Sandy Hook Massacre.

Nobody Died at Sandy Hook: It was a FEMA Drill to Promote Gun Control by Jim Fetzer and Mike Palecek, Editors. Presents the Dec. 14th 2012 “mass shooting” at the (closed in 2008) Sandy Hook Elementary School for what it was: a staged media event with no bodies visible for the purposes of tightening restrictions on gun ownership in Connecticut.

Youtube Video: “Alex Jones Claims CNN Used ‘Blue Screen’ To Falsify News Reports, Mislead Viewers”. Posted 7-29-2022 by Law&Crime Network. If this doofus attorney had bothered to look, he would have found that the video of CNN reporters doing a few ‘takes’ prior to airing their piece (allegedly from outside Riyadh, Saudi Arabia but in reality on a set somewhere). IS STILL POSTED ON THE INTERNET as of 1-28-2013.

Youtube Video: “CNN FAKES IRAQ WAR WITH BLUE SCREEN – LEAKED FOOTAGE”. Posted 1-28-2013 by 1WARANDPEACE1. cnn fakes news story about gulf war. If this is just one that leaked how many other stories are false? *Note: the big media companies have been doing this for years, and in this particular case were caught because somebody captured the event using a satellite dish which doesn’t show the network ‘breaks’ but rather a continuing stream of video.

Youtube Video: “Alex Jones Says Father of Sandy Hook Victim Act Like He’s ‘on the Spectrum'”. Posted 8-2-2022 by Law&Crime Network. This was from a court appearance of Scarlett Lewis parent of Jessie Lewis, allegedly killed at Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012. Watch about the 00:43 mark of the video when the attorney remarks about what harm Alex Jones has done, see Scarlett NOD IN APPROVAL when she is called an “actor, controlled by other people”. This is what happens when people are confronted by the truth and unknowing or unconsciously react to it. The question then should be asked – why do the Sandy Hook hoaxers keep lying? An answer to that is simple. If they ever admit that the whole thing was a staged event, they will lose all of their credibility for the rest of their lives – and they will lose out on any opportunity to make $$$ from those they sue. It’s as simple as that.

Video: “The Sandy Hook Victims Were Never Born”. From 2015. Jessie Lewis appears to have never been born. 

Youtube Video: “Alex Jones Testifies in the Sandy Hook Defamation Trial (Part One)”. Posted 8-3-2022 by Law&Crime Network. Alex’s truthful testimony was one of the reasons that the jury in this case, aware no doubt to the defaming tricks used against Alex, awarded the plaintiffs such a low amount – far lower than the hundreds of millions that they were hoping to get.

Banned Video: “Attorney Analyzes Failed Justice System in Alex Jones Witch Hunt”. Posted 8-5-2022 by The Alex Jones Show. Features Robert Barnes critique of the trial. Worth watching.

Youtube Video: “Plaintiff’s Lawyer Urges Jury To Wipe Out Alex Jones’ Livelihood”. Posted 8-8-2022 by Law&Crime Network. This was from the closing arguments during the trial. This doofus attorney actually said the things you will hear. Sad.

Banned Video: “Guilty Until Proven Bankrupt – Attorney Exposes Rights Violations in Alex Jones Case”. Posted 8-4-2022 by The Alex Jones Show. Features Robert Barnes.  

Banned Video: “BREAKING EXCLUSIVE Alex Jones Responds to $4.2 Million Sandy Hook Verdict”. Posted 8-5-2022 by Infowars. WATCH and see the disappointed looks on the Judge’s and Plaintiff’s lawyers faces when the verdict is read in open court. According to Jones, they were seeking between $150 million and $3 billion dollars. They got $4.2 million with an additional $45 million tacked on by a snookered jury.

Banned Video: “Judicial Crime Alert Sandy Hook Jury Says Fraudulent Financial Info Led To $45 Million Dollar Verdict”. Posted 8-16-2022 by The Alex Jones Show.

The Second Trial Held In Connecticut Superior Court 20 Miles From Newtown

Youtube Video: “Sister Cries When Testifying About Looking for Sandy Hook Shooting Victim”. Posted 9-13-2022 by Law&CrimeNetwork. The sister of Victoria Soto who was allegedly shot and killed by Adam Lanza, testifies on the witness stand. This is Carlee Soto Parisi. Prosecuting attorneys will often call witnesses to try and demonize for the person being sued, in this case Alex Jones.

Video: “Multiple RIP Facebook Pages Created Sandy Hook Victim – Vicky Soto”. Posted 3-1-2019 by Louis James and Harold Saive. In this video Louis remarks on the fact that Facebook pages created 1 month, and 4 days respectively, in advance of the passing of Victoria Soto. Whether these pages were created in advance of her purported death or were repurposed afterwards, is not clear. However given the tendency of Sandy Hook “victims” to use aliases, fake names and fake profiles on social media, this remains highly suspect. “Evidence of foreknowledge when at least two R.I.P Facebook pages were created in the name of alleged Sandy Hook Victim – Victoria Leigh Soto. This incident is only one many examples of errors and foreknowledge in the unlawful execution of the Sandy Hook staged shooting in what competent investigators generally regard as a “Deep State” organized capstone event intended to undermine the First and Second amendments to the US constitution for the future realization of United Nations Agenda-21/2030″.

From Just Paste It: Sandy Hook Undead “Victoria Leigh Soto” Alive in Florida? Article published 3-4-2019 by Hsaive. Features photographs of “Victoria Soto” and a video (link unavailable, I have searched for it and cannot find it).

Video: “Unraveling Sandy Hook In 2,3,4 and 5 Dimensions”. Posted 2013 by Sofia Smallstorm. More of the odd pictures of “Victoria Soto” (begins around the 40:00 minute mark).

Youtube Video: “Ex-FBI Agent Gets Emotional on Stand While Recalling Search of Sandy Hook Classrooms”. Posted 9-13-2022 by Law&CrimeNetwork. Ex FBI agent William Aldenberg clearly looks uncomfortable on the stand, stuttering and seeming to “think out” how he should answer to questions in this second trial of Alex Jones. Prosecuting attorneys will often call witnesses to drum up emotional or empathetical support for their client’s benefit. This trial was NOT to determine Alex Jones’ guilt but rather to determine how much money he should pay to the “victim’s” families; another example of the mafia-style intimidation used against Alex Jones.

Banned Video: “Judge Threatens Alex Jones With Contempt Of Court Before First Witness Testifies”. Posted 9-14-2022 by Hot Videos. Knowing what happened in the previous trial held earlier this year when the jury delivered a very sub-par monetary verdict, an agitated Connecticut Judge acts tough in her courtroom before trial commences. This trial seeks damages from Alex Jones over “defamatory” statements he made in 2012-2015. From a post left underneath this video: “She is highly agitated. Her pen clicking and strained voice ..her intense Karen stare…indicate high degrees of mental stress. Watch her hands, they just keep going, pulling that pen apart and putting it back together again”.

Banned Video: “Sandy Hook Lawyer Calls For Alex Jones And Infowars To Be Shut Down”. Posted 9-14-2022 by Alex Jones Kangaroo Court Watch. Watch as balding democrat operative Chris Mattei calls for Alex Jones to be shutdown in his opening statement, then objects when defense attorney Norm Pattis questioned an FBI agent if he was part of a group trying to censor the NBC Megyn Kelly interview featuring Alex. *Note: this trial is being built up in the media as a way to silence Alex Jones once and for all. That alone and by itself proves that the well-funded sources of this attack on Alex Jones have an agenda – to stop one of the most respected websites in the world, Infowars. They are using the Sandy Hook event which Alex himself has admitted actually happened, to try and bankrupt him and his company Free Speech Systems, LLC. As you watch this video you will see the almost rabid facial expressions of the judge and prosecuting attorney, as it is clear that they “have it in” for Alex Jones.   

Banned Video: “Judge Bans Mentioning MEGA Sandy Hook Purveyors Megyn Kelly And Hillary Clinton From Court”. Posted 9-14-2022 by Alex Jones Kangaroo Court Watch.

Earlier in 2016: “Hillary Clinton Calls Out Alex Jones And Conspiracy Theorists Worldwide FNN”. Posted 8-25-2016 by LiveNOW from FOX. Ol’ Hillary bashing another ‘deplorable’, in this case Alex Jones. Note: Hillary was part of both Obama-Biden administrations. She would be in the know on whether or not the Sandy Hook tragedy was hoaxed or real. If hoaxed then she has to go on the offensive to protect her superiors.

Bitchute Video: “WOLFGANG RESPONDS TO HILLARY CLINTON CONTROVERSY VIA SANDY HOOK AND ALEX JONES – AUGUST 25, 2016”. Posted 4-21-2022 by tailgunnerjim. On Episode 16 of the Sandy Hook Justice Report, we join host Wolfgang W. Halbig, who has lived a life of serving the public as a law enforcement officer, school official, and school safety expert. Mr. Halbig has been on a mission to expose the truth behind the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting ever since two homicide detectives appeared at his home; threatening him to stop asking questions. In this episode we cover Wolfgang’s upcoming FOIA hearing scheduled for 2:30 PM on August 26th, 2016 at 18-20 Trinity Street in Hartford, CT. We also discuss the recent comments made by the crooked Hillary Clinton about Radio Host Alex Jones and her elaborate fable known as Sandy Hook.



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